zaterdag 9 december 2017

Stranger Things season 2

Building further on the 80s venerating sci-fi series, season 2 of Stranger Things picks up where we left, with a seemingly okay Will and a disappeared El.

And it adds some names to the cast, with Sean Astin (Samwise) and Paul Reiser (Aliens' Burke) as most iconic figureheads.

But not everyhting is actually alright with Will, as we saw in the closing moments of the first season.  And let it be Dustin who finds the little beast his friend coughed up and keep it as a pet he names Dart.

In the meantime, a new girl arrives in town, Max, while it turns out that Chief Hopper is actually hiding Eleven for her own sake.  In the nearby Hawkins lab, scientists and military are trying to keep the portal to the upside down under control.  And the fate of Barbara Holland still remains a mystery.

The scene as such is set for another 9 episodes of hommage and action, the greatest for me having been episode 7 that goes totally Aliens and the cooling tower scene from there, including beasts not showing up on infrared and motion trackers.  Just bloody awesome as you know Burke is in this season...

But neither me, nor Noshi, do actually get the whole hype around the series.  Yes, it is enjoyable and yes, it is not for the braindead, but the final 30 seconds bothered me even before season 3 was announced.  I mean, this series now has a height, and they should have ended it there, what can they do.  Have Will getting possessed YET again?  Have Eleven go over her current power level and seal the portal once more? 

I think the story has been told, the loose ends have been wrapped in season 2s finale, and they should have just let it be there tbh...

But I distress, because for the purpose of this little piece of opinion, I actually liked season 2 MORE then season 1... but that is probably because nostalgia is a strong mistress...

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