zondag 3 december 2017

Dark Apostle

The first model to be completed from the huge Chaos batch on my desk (just check saturday`s on the painting desk post), the Dark Apostle is a very handy character for any force.

Giving a good skill bubble AND command range, these guys are perfect to boost your firebase and masses of cultists, making them into mini-marines.

The model is one of the Chosen from the Dark Vengeance box, with a small hand swap to replace the hand carrying his helmet with one holding a bolt pistol, his standard equipment that comes with his Power maul.

I also added a book on his armour, to show his pious side a bit better. 

The model's armour was painted black to better reflect him being a DARK apostle, with the edging done in purple as he is of course part of my Emperor's Children force.  To that end, his cloak was done in the same pink manner as I do my marines, to tie them nicely together.

Now, let`s see what he is worth the coming friday when I`ll be facing the greenskins on the field of battle...

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