woensdag 6 december 2017

The Cult of the Snake

The fourth Cultist unit, and the third I painted the past week, has rolled off the painting desk.

From the lot of models I got from Patrick, it featured some nice conversions which I of course kept for my force...

The Imperium is full of poor souls born with mutations every day, and often they are relegated to a live in underhives and dark corners of a planet, scraping a living and waiting for the inevitable bullet from some Inquisitorial servant.

But those born with serpentine features on the hiveworld of Nestalius decided otherwise.  They banded together and try to force themselves a sort of safe zone in the belly of the hive.  With their prayers answered by Slaanesh, who favours the snake in some ways as you look at Fulgrim, they feel confident enough to actually achieve this goal...

The unit is the regular mix and match of static autoguns versus advancing pistols and close combat weapons.  The Hevay Stubber model, whom I called La CroCro Grande, is actually a Nurgle model and a sponson weapon combined, so I painted him an olive green to represent the scaly nature of his skin.

The same was done for the hand of the unit champion, and the upper torso of a model Patrick converted with a snake head.

This is also the third and last of the smaller 10 man units of cultists I planned to build, allowing me even in extreme situations to field a battalion under 1000 points, with the three smaller units suitable to fill up the required 3 Troop slots for a fraction of the available points, and get some juicy character or heavy weapon slash tank in as well.

But now, I`m definitly going to paint something not rabbleish...

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