zondag 3 december 2017

The Haul Report 110

Hello all and welcome to another haul report episode.

And a mighty modest one this week, it`s not christmas or Crisis everyday after all.

No, I only got a cheap, bare essential this week, in the form of this:

A set of cheap, not really suited for real painting, but good enough to trash with undercoats and varnishing (I do both by hand and not with spraycans) brushes, you know, the kind you find in eurostores and the likes.

And that`s it basically...

I`m currently saving up budget to get a Wayland order in to fill out a heap of units, as well as gather materials to start building a cosplay set for FACTS this year.  Add to that the pile of figures I still want to paint and well, it`s going to be calm on these reports the coming weeks...

Until the next one!

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