zaterdag 2 december 2017

On the Painting Desk 23 - It`s Chaos overhere

Hey all and welcome to a radically changed painting desk of projects this week.

I benched some models for a while in order to get myself "all done" for the big battle event in May.  

I know, that`s still 6 months away, but I prefer to have my forces over the now 3000 instead of 4000 points needed and be all "safe and sound" to play, just like I rounded out my Dux army to the fullest past week. 

So past sunday I`ve been glueing together a lot of models, to fully fill the painting desk, and now the paintworks on them has begun.  And after all these are done... I probably do it again once more before being "ready".

So expect lots of pinks and purples to show up the coming weeks...

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