dinsdag 30 september 2014

Lego 2015 sneak peaks update for september

Well, the images are starting to appear over the internet for the boxes of the new Lego sets 2015, so here is the list of `known` sets so far, with pictures where I could find some of them...

I`m going to be planning on doing an updated version of this list about one or two times a month, depending on just how many new images find their way to the public, so keep an eye peeled...

1. Lego Architecture

#21022 LEGO Architecture Lincoln Memorial
#21023 LEGO Architecture Flatiron Building

2. Lego Bionicle

#70778 LEGO BIONICLE Guardian of Jungle
#70779 LEGO BIONICLE Guardian of Stone 
#70780 LEGO BIONICLE Guardian of Water 
#70781 LEGO BIONICLE Guardian of Earth 
#70782 LEGO BIONICLE Guardian of Ice 
#70783 LEGO BIONICLE Guardian of Fire 
#70784 LEGO BIONICLE Lewa Master of Jungle 

#70785 LEGO BIONICLE Pohatu Master of Stone 

#70786 LEGO BIONICLE Gali Master of Water 

#70787 LEGO BIONICLE Tahu Master of Fire 

#70788 LEGO BIONICLE Kopaka Master of Ice 

#70789 LEGO BIONICLE Onua Master of Earth 
#70790 LEGO BIONICLE Lord of Skull Spiders

3. Lego Simpsons Collectible Minifigs series 2

Please let there be a Comic Book Store Guy.  He`s like THE Simpsons character I`d really like

4. #71008 Lego Minifigures series 13  

Of course I`ll be hunting the cool models I can use for my MoCs, and try to get a full set for the Smurf together

5. Lego CITY

 #60065 LEGO City ATV Patrol 
#60066 LEGO City Swamp Police Starter set 
#60067 LEGO City Helicopter Pursuit 
#60068 LEGO City Crooks Hideout 
#60069 LEGO City Swamp Police Station 
#60071 LEGO City Police Hovercraft 
#60072 LEGO City Demolition Starter Kit 
#60073 LEGO City Construction Truck 
#60074 LEGO City Bulldozer 
#60075 LEGO City Excavator & Truck 
#60076 LEGO City Demolition Site 
#60081 LEGO City Pickup Tow Truck 
#60082 LEGO City Dune Buggy Trailer 
#60083 LEGO City Snowplow Truck 
#60084 LEGO City Racing Bike Transporter 
#60085 LEGO City 4×4 with Powerboat 
#60088 LEGO City Fire Starter Kit

6. Lego Creator

#31027 LEGO Creator Blue Racer 
#31028 LEGO Creator Sea Plane 
#31029 LEGO Creator Cargo Helicopter 
#31030 LEGO Creator Red Go-Kart 
#31031 LEGO Rainforest Animals 
#31032 LEGO Red Creatures 
#31033 LEGO Creator Vehicle Transporter 
#31034 LEGO Creator Future Flyer 
#31035 LEGO Creator Beach Hut 
#31036 LEGO Creator Toy & Grocery Shop

7. Lego DC Superheroes
#76025 LEGO Super Heroes Green Lantern vs. Sinestro 

#76026 LEGO Super Heroes Gorilla Grodd Goes Bananas 

#76027 LEGO Super Heroes Black Manta Deep Sea Strike 

#76028 LEGO Super Heroes Darkseid Invasion 

#76040 LEGO Super Heroes Brainiac Attack

I`m so definitly going to get the Green Lantern set!!!!  And MOC with it!!!!

8. Lego Disney Princess 

#41060 LEGO Disney Princess Aurora’s Bedroom 
#41061 LEGO Disney Princess Jasmine’s Exotic Adventure 
#41062 LEGO Disney Princess Elsa’s Glittering Ice Palace 
#41063 LEGO Disney Princess Ariel’s Undersea Castle

9. `Elves` (apparently Friends line style, beuh)

#41071 LEGO Elves Aria’s Creative Workshop 
#41072 LEGO Elves Naida’s Spa Secret 
#41073 LEGO Elves Naida’s Adventure Ship 
#41074 LEGO Elves Azari & The Magic Bakery 
#41075 LEGO Elves Treetop Hideaway 
#41076 LEGO Elves Farran & The Crystal Hollow

It`ll all depend on the parts and how `Friends` the line turns out to be

10. Lego Friends

#41085 LEGO Friends Animal Care Clinic 
#41086 LEGO Friends Mobile Pet Care 
#41087 LEGO Friends Rabbit Mother with Babies 
#41088 LEGO Friends Puppy Training 
#41089 LEGO Friends Foal Care Stable 
#41090 LEGO Friends Olivia’s Garden Pool 
#41091 LEGO Friends Mia’s Sports Car 
#41092 LEGO Friends Stephanie’s Pizzeria 
#41093 LEGO Friends Heartlake Hair Salon 
#41094 LEGO Friends Heartlake Lighthouse 
#41095 LEGO Friends Emma’s Family House 
#41097 LEGO Friends Heartlake Hot Air Balloon 
#41162 LEGO Friends Animals Series 6

The animal series are always nice for cheap polybags with good usable beasties and parts, so i`ll be on the look out what it`ll be this series.

11. Lego Juniors

 LEGO Juniors Beach Trip 
LEGO Juniors Pirate Treasure Hunt 
LEGO Juniors Garbage Truck 
LEGO Juniors Fire Suitcase 
LEGO Juniors Supermarket Suitcase

This line actually has some great sets, like the First Princess set I got from this year.  I`m looking out what the pirates set will turn out to be as a potential shopping target for MoC parts.

12. Lego Jurassic World

A 5 set release, which will be based on the movies, and dino`s are always cool!

13. Lego Chima

 #70220 LEGO Legends of Chima Strainor’s Saber Cycle 
#70221 LEGO Legends of Chima Flinx’s Ultimate Phoenix 
#70222 LEGO Legends of Chima Tormak’s Shadow Blazer 
#70223 LEGO Legends of Chima Icebite’s Claw Driller 
#70224 LEGO Legends of Chima Tiger’s Mobile Command 
#70225 LEGO Legends of Chima Crocodile Tribe Pack 
#70226 LEGO Legends of Chima Ice Bear Tribe Pack 
#70227 LEGO Legends of Chima Saber-tooth Tiger Tribe Pack 
#70229 LEGO Legends of Chima Lion Tribe Pack

I always loved Chima since it came out, putting a good fantasy mix for my GoH builds.  Judging by the names, I`m getting the Ice Bear pack for sure, and look into the other sets for cool usuable models (for example, I bought vardy`s glider from this summers release thrice just for the parts).

14. Lego Marvel Superheroes

Not much is known yet, bar that it will be 6 sets.  I`m pretty sure some will involve Marvel`s big movie next year, Ant-Man

15. The Lego Movie

#70817 The LEGO Movie Batman & Super-Angry Kitty 

#70818 The LEGO Movie Double-Decker Couch

#70819 The LEGO Movie Bad Cop’s Police Car

I initially planned on getting the couch set, but seeing it now, it basically consists of the bench from the SeaCow set and the car from the instore event with some minifigs, I`ll probably be holding off from it unless it pops up in a discount somewhere

16. Ninjago

 #70745 LEGO Ninjago Anacondrai Crusher 
#70746 LEGO Ninjago Anacondrai Copter Attack 
#70747 LEGO Ninjago Cole’s Rock Crusher 
#70748 LEGO Ninjago Titanium Dragon 
#70749 LEGO Ninjago Temple of Anacondrai 
#70750 LEGO Ninjago Mobile Ninja Base 
#70752 LEGO Ninjago Jungle Trap 
#70753 LEGO Ninjago Lava Falls 
#70754 LEGO Ninjago Jay’s Electro-Mech 
#70755 LEGO Ninjago Lloyd’s Jungle Raider

Like with Chima, my `wants` for this oriental fantasy style range will heavily depend on how much `tech` is actually involved in them.

17. Pirates

 LEGO Pirates Shipwreck Defense 
LEGO Pirates Soldiers’ Outpost 
LEGO Pirates Treasure Island 
LEGO Pirates Soldiers’ Fort 
LEGO Pirates The Brick Bounty

This is going to be more to the Smurf`s liking then mine I guess...

18. Star Wars

#75072 LEGO Star Wars MicroFighters ARC-170 Starfighter 
#75073 LEGO Star Wars MicroFighters Vulture Droid 
#75074 LEGO Star Wars MicroFighters Snowspeeder 
#75075 LEGO Star MicroFighters Wars AT-AT 
#75076 LEGO Star Wars MicroFighters Republic Gunship 
#75077 LEGO Star Wars MicroFighters Homing Spider Droid 
#75078 LEGO Star Wars Imperial Troop Transport 
#75079 LEGO Star Wars Shadow Troopers 
#75080 LEGO Star Wars AAT 
#75081 LEGO Star Wars T-16 Skyhopper 
#75082 LEGO Star Wars TIE Advanced Prototype 
#75083 LEGO Star Wars AT-DP 
#75084 LEGO Star Wars Wookie Gunship 

#75085 LEGO Star Wars Hailfire Droid 
#75087 LEGO Star Wars Anakin’s Custom Jedi Starfighter 
#75089 LEGO Star Wars Geonosis Troopers 
#75090 LEGO Star Wars Ezra’s Speeder Bike

19. Lego Supercars

#75899 LEGO Supercars LaFerrari 

#75908 LEGO Supercars 458 Italia GT2 

#75909 LEGO Supercars McLaren P1 

#75910 LEGO Supercars Porsche 918 Spyder 

#75911 LEGO Supercars McLaren Mercedes Pitstop 

#75912 LEGO Supercars Porsche 911 GT Finish 

#75913 LEGO Supercars F14 & Scuderia Ferrari

Compared to the older Ferrari Michael Schumacher set I have, these are a strong disappointment.  I`m not getting those F1 sets, it would have been better if they had licensed drivers helmets for one, but I`m not overly impressed by how they look now.

20. Technic

#42032 LEGO Technic Compact Track Loader 
#42033 LEGO Technic Rocket Car 
#42034 LEGO Technic Quad Bike 
#42035 LEGO Technic Dump Truck 
#42036 LEGO Technic Street Motorcycle 
#42037 LEGO Technic Formula Off-Roader 
#42038 LEGO Technic Arctic Tracked Vehicle 
#42039 LEGO Technic Long-Distance Race Car

21. Ultra Agents

#70166 LEGO Ultra Agents Spyclops Infiltration 
#70167 LEGO Ultra Agents Hidden Gold Robbery 
#70168 LEGO Ultra Agents Drillex Diamond Theft 
#70169 LEGO Ultra Agents Secret Agents Secret Use 
#70170 LEGO Ultra Agents UltraCopter vs. AntiMatter

The First Summoning

The Staff of the Fire-Heart Cobra... the ancient perkamentus scrolls told of it`s mystical powers of being able to `breath fire in those where it had been extinguished`.  She had learned of it`s tales, the tales that would allow her to raise the rulers and their armies of a time long gone and bend them to her will.

Surely, like with all heirlooms, there must be a catch, but she hadn`t found anything about that in the old texts, nor heard any stories.  Maybe it was indeed safe to use?

Standing on a small dune, Princess Cleobricktra sang the ancient incantations of awakening.  The gem on the staff started to flare up, and she felt mystical powers course through her body.  Pointing her hand at the sands, a blue strike of energy shot out, and the sands started burning with an occult, blueish fire.

Nothing seemed to happen at first, but then amidst the flames the sands shifted, and slowly a bandaged hand appeared.  As the energies kept flaring, she saw how a mummified body appeared and slowly crept out of it`s old sandy restingplace...

Like Guilds of Historica on Eurobricks and Eras of War on MOCPages, Chronicles of Old is the second `roleplay build game` I have been invited to join over on MOCPages.

There are five `lands` in this setting, Tolmost, which is a mainly human `medieval` faction, Algeirim which consists of the more barbarian style of fierce warriors, Folbiorn, a green island with men and dwarves as it`s main population, Whintham, a magician led land of dark things, and the faction I choose, Oain-Dul, the desert lands.

The choice for this is partly due to my choice for Mitgardia in Guilds of Historica.  There I was torn between choosing either the icy lands of my guild, or the sandy lands of Kaliphlin, finally settling on the former.  But now I had the chance to get building with my tan bricks and suitable minifigs.

Now I plan to build the faction for my entries with a twist, settling more on a `The Mummy` style of land (I have all those Pharoah`s Quest bricks and figs after all), so I`m planning on going by a mixture of undead and the living gathered together towards the goals of Oain-Dul.  Whatever those might become, because as in EoW the group is still young and starting out exploring it`s angles.

But of course, the first thing one needs is a sigfig for the game, so in the end I picked the Egyptian Queen from the Collectible Minifigures series (Cleopatra for the friends) to lead my region of the land.

I wanted to have her at the start of her newly discovered route, recently having come in possession of a mythical relic and now using her newfound powers to literally raise herself an army.

Now to the drawing board to get inspiration I have conferred to actual builds...

maandag 29 september 2014

Kwik - Spartacus: the Korfball MoC

To `celebrate` my return to the pitch after nearly a decennia of hiatus, I went out and build a small Korfball pitch to celebrate this.

The antagonists?  In the yellow jerseys and black pants, Kwik KC, the team I played for for actually almost all my `career`.  In the red jerseys with the green pants?  Spartacus, where my Nemesis`s GF plays.

zondag 28 september 2014

Sidonia no Kishi anime review

Okay, let`s kick open the door on this one, just listen to the opening theme music and your already halfway hooked.

Sidonia no Kishi, or Knights of Sidonia, is a 12 episode long mecha series, with a very sweet and soft drawn animation style, in the trend of Studio Ghibli style drawings.

Humanity now lives aboard `seed ships` after Earth had been destroyed by a race called the Gauna thousand years ago.  One of these seed ships is the Sidonia, which looks as a large rectangle vessel apparently sculpted right out of our moon.

Almost all people on board are clones, and a third gender has been created over time.  Through genetic modifications, they can now photosynthesize, as such requiring only a single meal a week. 

Enter Tanikaze Nagate, a 14 year old boy that has lived in the deep confines of the ship and is apparently a normal human like me and you.  As such, he has a more natural flair to pilot one of the older generations Gardes (the name the mobile suits are called in the series), as he was trained by his grandfather on a simulator representing the older type 17 compared to the newer, more automated type 18`s.

But there are odd things going on with Tanikaze as well.  During a first mining sortie, the Gauna reappear and a 100 year old peace is broken.  Tanikaze is apparently killed in this engagement... only to suddenly revive and take on the Gauna single handed allowing his copilots bar one to escape.

When Akai and his team of ace pilots are killed by the Gauna, Tanikaze, piloting the legendary type 17 Gardes Tsugomori of an hero of the Defense War 100 years ago (a bare 2 Gauna managed to gain entrance back then to Sidonia and nearly wiped out all the population, starting the genetical manipulation process), Hiroki, are set out to recover the spears able to defeat the Gauna.

Tanikaze snatches up the spear and kills the Gauna single handedly, becoming the hero Sidonia looks for in this heavily Gauna populated region of space.

Slowly it gets revealed that all the clones have memory implants of previous occupants, and Tanikaze was indeed intended to become a new host for Hiroki.  He didn`t want this however and stole the baby to disappear in the depths of the ship.  A first generation `grown` baby, he didn`t have the ability to photosynthesise, but did heal at an increased rate.

Here, Hiroki took upon him the role of grandfather and trained Tanikaze in the conventional ways, passing on his warrior skills while allowing the boy to grow and develop his own personality.  When Tanikaze`s growing love intrest falls in battle, she is copied by the Gauna and a idea comes up that perhaps the two races might be able to communicate with each other, but before this can be exploited a Gauna Hive Ship turns up.

The Knights set out and manage to defeat it, but the captured Gauna apparently has escaped during these trials, setting up the premises for the announced series 2: The Ninth Planet Crusade, set out to be released around the year`s switch.

The series has a big Battlestar Galactica feel to it, with the last remnants of humanity fleeing from an overwhelming alien menance, including the death of characters you expected to never die, in-ship intruiges and politics, hidden agenda`s and a sweet drum style music when the Gardes go out to battle.

A very entertaining and `raw` series, and if I where you: GRAB IT!

vrijdag 26 september 2014

STUDS series one: opening my boxes

This morning the mailman brought a very nice parcel to the door (okay, so I had to pay import duties, but that was expected), as my order of two boxes of the new STUDS trading cards and the binder had arrived.

STUDS is a series that originated from Kickstarter and details the life of (stateside based) AFOLs and their various gorgeous creations.

Now, I bought two Hobby Boxes, and a single box is said to be guaranteed at least a full base set of 96 cards and the 9 card Lowel Spehere inserts.

Every pack also contains a BrickForge custom piece, uniquely made for the series.  Autographed cards (90 out of the 96 card set has an autographed version, this is going to be a pain to collect them all) are inserted at random ratios.

So off we go, and ritually open the very first pack of the series:

Great looking, solid artwork cards, and a blue transparant Tomahawk element. The cards are of a good quality like all the current day trading cards, this is going to be the set I`ll be drooling over A LOT.  I did decide though to get a second binder from my own stacks to include the alternate Autograph series and any promo cards I might still be able to get, as the `official` binder is a bit thin for that.  The basic checklist contains the base set, the Lowell inserts and the 5 piece smaller minifig series, so that`s what I`m putting in the official binder, and all the rest (IF I can get them) in the other one.

Slowly I start filling up the base set.

He, cool, I just reviewed that book last week!

My first autograph!  The great thing is these come in a seperate `penny sleeve` for additional protection.

This is probably the most touching MoC for myself.  I so hope to get the creator, Ian Heath, his autograph card somewhere.

More cards get added, including the awesome EXO suit that caused such a ruckus on Ideas lately as sales soar for that set.  And yes, that is indeed the Serenity in Lego bricks...

The Lowell Sphere insert completed.  At the front a MOC of a billiard table, at the back an instruction leaflet on how to make a sphere.

Inserting card number 36, from the penultimate pack of the first box, and indeed, I now have a FULL base set, FULL Lowell Sphere and indeed also the full series of 5 smaller Minifig cards.  I did carefully taped the opening of the sheets for them, to avoid the small cards from slipping out.

I can`t say every box has a full set in all honesty.  Box 2 was ripped through for any possible autographs and the BrickForge elements.  In the end I scored 6 autographs (3 per box, but I can`t say if that is meant to be), including ironically and awesomely the Cult of Lego card signed by Joe Meno.

This also results of course in `some` doubles, which I can hopefully get traded away.

And a large number of custom elements.  Now, the scifi guns and medieval suitable weaponry I`m keeping, but those with `modern day` appliances and weapons will end in the for trade maps, as I have zilch use for those in my MoC`s and intrest areas.

All in all, I LOVE these cards, and will be scouring the net over my regular sources often in the hopes of finding all those missing autograph and promo cards.

And in the meantime, I`ll be looking out for series 2, rumoured for 2015, as I`ll definitly will be getting those as well!