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The Haul Report 218: Midway and more

By : Tomsche69
So, my pre-order arrived from Wayland Games, giving me the beautiful new Shadowsun and the Psychic Awakening book.

As well as my first Legion models.

I also received a parcel from Awesome Books, giving me some reading to do while in the maternity ward as Noshi and Baby Ipsqueek will be napping...

My brother in law, who works in a cinema complex, has provided us with the movie posters of Midway and Malificent, but also these awesome promo pictures of Midway (those you tend to find in the glass displays in theatres).

Talking world war 2, I obtained this large collection of GHQ british for the amazing price of 40 euro, so that is going to give me a very strong force to the tabletop.

Apart from those, my printer has been turning good hours once again.

The first thing to come out was a 28mm tree stump, always handy.

Next up, a stalagmite throne, to add some royalty to the table.

For Underworlds, another blocked hex tile was printed up.

This is a pretty cool little thingy, a bone obelisk it's called, but is a sort of water or gore spewing pillar.

I also printed up a small Bait pile, always good to have lying around in a fantasy game as an objective or the likes.

The next print was a bit bigger in size, as this tree trunk was created.

This one was a print that really looks fantastic for your dungeon crawl adventures, the Forbidden Tome.

Just watch out for the falling rock if you try to grab it...

More sci-fi scatter was done as well, as one can never have enough barricades.

Something that took a bit longer to print was this Star Wars Imperial Landing Pad for 6mm gaming, incl a peghole to "hover" a ship above it.

An archery target, good to place in a Rohan encampment.

Another small piece of scatter is this leaking barrel.

And an open grave to add around the tables as well.

Of course, every villain needs his nightstand...

And, like barricades, one can never have enough rocks for the table as well.

As always, all the prints came from Thingiverse, so just scour around there if you like them and want to print them yourselves.

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On the Painting Desk 132

By : Tomsche69
The baby is coming any day now, as at the uttermost he will be arriving next wednesday.

So that also means my painting is going to take a temporary hit.

From all the things that are now on my desk, those Elementals, and one of the various female figures, needs to be completed for the AHPC in order to have the Challenge Island center reached, so I hope to get that done in the coming weekend.  Combined with whatever task I will then receive to finalise the challenge quest, I should reach my mark as well.

Unless Ipsqueek decides on an early entrance...

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What I Painted in February 2020

By : Tomsche69
A short month, and the second full month of the AHPC.

And with the baby due any moment now, this was the month I needed to complete as many bonus challenges as possible.

The first one done this month is this viking civilian, great for a standerby in Rohan, to pay the airmiles to the next location on the challenge map.

Arriving there, I completed it with the help of these guys.

Next was the nostalgia entry for Millsy's Millpond, and what better then painting up one of my greatest GW loves.

The next entry consisted out of a female "scrying pool spirit".

Moving onwards, the Thorns of the Briar Queen warband was painted for Noshi to whoopie my ass with.

Not for any specific location though, I completed a heap of 6mm Neo Soviets for my FWC "Gundam" force, as well as two mobile suits.

The final model this month was a mage for my still budding Oriental Empire army, giving of a good Chun Li vibe.

So that means another good 41 figures painted this month, not bad for a short(er) month.
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An A-Z of JRR Tolkien's The Hobbit - Sarah Oliver

By : Tomsche69
An unedorsed colourful and critical guide celebrating the movies.

In this lovely 250 page 'facts book', you can discover a whole plethora of "did you know's" and other details about the production of the The Hobbit trilogy.

A is for... auditions.  Find out which pop star auditioned to play an elf and who impressed Peter Jackson the most.

B is for... Bilbo.  Martin Freeman had reservations about playing Bilbo at first - discover why.   He had great fun on set with his fellow actors, find out who he loved working with and who he didn't.  Uncover why the movie Bilbo is different from the book Bilbo too.

C is for... CinemaCon.  For fans of The Hobbit, 2012 was an extra-special year for CinemaCon.  Find out why 3D glasses were needed, what was in the exclusive preview and why 48-frames-per-second is important.

All this and more including... all the behind-the-scenes set secrets, why Elijah Wood had to be involved, and what to expect from the other Hobbit movies.

Published right before the first theatrical release of There and Back Again, this little companion book tells some great insights in the casting choices of the various characters, the story of Del Toro having to leave, causing PJ to step up as a director, and more of the little knick-knacks any fan loves surrounding the movie trilogy as it is produced.

An enjoyable read for sure!

AHPC10: Sarah's Balloon: Journey to Cook's Crevasse

By : Tomsche69
Once more we board the balloon, as our journey leaves The Path of History, and takes us towards The Path of the Forgotten.

And more precisely, we will set down at Cook's Crevasse.

In order to pay the fair for the use of the balloon, I went to paint one of those excellent Bushido models I have lying around, for a 9th Age project I just don`t seem to get of the ground.  Maybe a "commitment project" for the AHPC 11 or so...

But the lady, who sports a cool pose and has a strong "Chun-Li" feel from the Streetfighter game (and hence why I went for the blue and white colour scheme as well) at least can be added to the not so growing numbers of a fantasy samurai force.

And jolts another 5 points on my tally.

Now, to go and explore those depths of the Crevasse...

Lord Ipsqueek's Adventures: Any Day Now!

By : Tomsche69
Hey everyone!

Today I went with mommy and daddy to see the nice gyneacologist lady... and she could already assure that I`ll be arriving from this journey at the 4th of March... at the latest!

Because I have seen light at the other end of the dark corridor in front of me, and now that I know every square milimeter of mommy's womb, I am so curious what is outside there!

I heard daddy talking about things called "animals" and "trees" and "ice cream"... and some weird thing I don`t really comprehend yet, a "Pokemon", but apparantly daddy is going to learn me all about all those things!

I also received some lovely gifts again this time. From moeke and voke I got this lovely crib to put next to mommy and daddy's bed, so they will definitly hear me when I summon them to me.  You never can be certain enough these days!

Like, say, that I want to take a bath, in my lovely tub I got from great aunt Mie, so I can splish and splash like I always do with mommy in her large tub.

Well, until next time... when we will be meeting for real perhaps.  Because now I am making myself very, very ready to say "hi" to mommy and daddy at last!

AHPC10: O'Grady's Gulch: Dolly's Shadespire

By : Tomsche69
The next location on the AHPC map to visit, and to that end we needed to paint figures for a friend in order to score the points.

Well, what better then to actually paint figures for the pregnant girlfriend then!

While she likes playing the occassional game, she isn`t into the painting side of things.  But she likes Warhammer Underworlds and has all the starter boxes, so it comes to me to paint them in order to have them face my Zarbag's Gitz (seen earlier in the challenge)... or enable me to borrow them once in a while to take along to a tournament.

Now, which of the six bands to paint up first?  Well, she decided it had to be the Thorns of the Briar Queen one, the ghosts being magnificent sculpts, and well, they are just a damn good warband in the game as well.

So we set out to paint them, and as such have them ready for this challenge entry, netting me some decent points.  For starters, there are the 7 models at 5 each, good for 35 points, and then add the 30 points for the challenge for a nice 65 points to the tally.

And Dolly now has a painted warband to whoopie my rearside with as well!

Queen's Blade Rebellion Specials

By : Tomsche69
The whole Queen's Blade sequel, called rebellion, is a 12 episode series I gave my idea about earlier, but it also comes with 8 OVA's for the story.

The first 2 are preludes, the other 6 are character featurettes...

In the two sequels, we get introduced to the setting of the series, as we follow both Claudette and Sigui and how they came to their positions as shown during the series.

In the 6 featurettes, we follow one of the characters in each one, as they show and teach us some of their special skills and talents during the short anime's.

It's a fun collection mostly of BluRay extra's. with the first two perhaps essential to the series but the other 6 just being some fun entertainment with the characters...
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AHPC10: Sieg Zeon!

By : Tomsche69
In an AHPC where I`m trying to paint up as many 6mm forces to "battle readiness', it`s time for some Science Fiction forces.

Hailing from the Brigade Models Neo-Soviet range, these vehicles will instead double as Zeon forces for my Gundam heavy force in Future War Commander.

Though for game purposes, that is actually the "Cav Open Market" book in the rulebook...

And so 2 Bison Support Tanks, 4 Rosomakha Light Tanks, 3 Molotok SP Guns, 2 Volk Assault Guns, 2 Shershen AA,4 Laska tankettes and 4 Bison MBT's,

Of course, if it's a force made to represent Gundam's, one needs to add a couple of Mobile Suits in the entry, and to that end I painted up three of these 1/400th scale gasaphon prepaint models.  Standing still about the height of 30mm, the Acguy and Zock are general aquatic production suits of the Principality of Zeon, making up the backbone of their forces for war on and in the seas.

To that end, the whole armoured company I painted up this entry consists of 21 armoured vehicles and 2 "28mm scale" infantry models, which makes 21 x 2 points and 2 x 5 points, totalling 52 points.

Sieg Zeon!

The Haul Report 217: all prints this time round...

By : Tomsche69
A fresh week, and some goodies found it's way to the collection

And that printer has been running again this week...

With an Imperial Aerodome printed first, suitable for the Future War Commander table.

Another small print was completed in the form of a normal tent, always handy to scatter around the table.

As are some sci-fi suited barricades!

I also printed a piece for shadespire, making a nice two hex blocker with the ghostly smoke emanating between both Katophrane nodes.

Another small print was made in the form of this log bench.

That printer really is a blessing!

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