zondag 31 mei 2020

The Haul Report 231: Project Far Side is a go

As you could read earlier this week on my blog, I am starting to switch out and update my 6mm scenery from plaster like stuff for ww2 / modern to PLA printed scifi material.

And as as such, little Ender here has been doing a lot of work...

During the week, all these goodies where printed up as a result:

The Star Wars and Freelancer vessels are to "park" on various landing pads and airfields I printed months ago (Pinkie marines for scale).

In between, I finally got round to printing the one remaining 1x3 dungeon tile I needed for a lay out.

As well as my beloved Nova class for some Star Trek gaming

Talking printing, Dark Realms Forge really delivered this week, adding 5 more "normal" stores to the Harry Potter themed month, as well as "Quirky" store versions

I received a parcel from Oathsworn this week, and Michael delivered as usual with the new Warren Percy campaign book as well as some loose models.

This was a great find on a local Facebook page: 3 boxes of Adeptus Titanicus Knights (RRP: 27.5 euro each over here) for... 25 euro total plus shipping.  That's a full lance for my Emperor's Children, as I already have 3, while the left over box will be passed on to Nemesis.

From Firestorm Games, my core set for Star Wars X-Wing arrived,

while Tabletopper NL brought even more Star Wars goodies to the party!

The Instagram giveaway I won for two Baribusa miniatures from DnDdaily also safely arrived this week.

So yeas, one could say this was an epic sized haul...

zaterdag 30 mei 2020

On the Painting Desk 145

Project Far Side... so yeah, that means it was all painting 6mm this week, and most of the coming weeks.

The only planned "detour" for now being that I will be painting up my Star Wars Legion models for the Skirmish campaign at TSA in between.

But for the rest, it will be a whole lot of small pieces, and some not so small, to fill that immens amount of tables that I have planned.  And that is one plan I plan (pun inteded) to get completed.

But now, painting time, see you all in a week!

vrijdag 29 mei 2020

What I painted in May 2020

Already another month has gone by, and I managed to get some things done again this time around.

Starting, at last one can say, by completing my printed Frostgrave warband with these motley crew of henchmen and the Apprentice.

For the DnD campaign, a heap of baddies where painted up this month, of all sorts and sizes as I need to cater both for solo and for group quests.

Giant Weasels

Kobolds, your poor reptilian punching bags...

Giant Spiders

A mighty Chuul

The vicious Green hag was also readied for service.

Which also means a lot of scatter terrain and furniture got finished.  Stuff like chairs, doors, ... the regular stuff you find in dungeons.

On a larger scenery note, two ruins have been completed as well.

Another bigger piece of scenery compared to all the recent scatter terrain I finished, was Salvor's Burrow from the Burrows and Badgers range.

Talking BnB, this lovely Barn Owl was also finished this month.

For Middle-Earth, I finished 2 wild Warg's for the Warg Rider battle company

Next in the "larger terrain things finished" is the Malefic Circle.

Then I went to finally paint the big Death Star Turbo Laser for Star Wars Legion
As well as the remainder of the Rebel box I started a while ago, together with some printed crates.

While for Star Trek I painted up the NX-class

So that makes another lovely 48 models painted for this month!


donderdag 28 mei 2020

Warhammer Adventures Free Extract Novella

During Black Library day 2018, all customers of the Games Workshop stores received, in addition to the novella with short stories, this book containing the first chapters of the new young audience orientated novels.

And I finally finished it, the Age of Sigmar part was read to the pregnant belly of Noshi, the 40k one was finished a few evenings ago.

The book contains as I said the first chapters of two books.  The Age of Sigmar one, City of Lifestone by Tom Huddleston, was highly enjoyable to be honest and I can imagine a young girl escaping slavery and exploring the world.

The 40k one though... Attack of the Necron is something I don`t see happening with a bunch of kids, that old school Terminator would just splatter them in seconds.

But all in all, for a freebie it gave some joy to read, and maybe I`ll pick up the full version fantasy one in a clearance sale or something one day.

woensdag 27 mei 2020

Lord Ipsqueek's Adventures: Field tripping

Okay, before we proceed, let me make on thing clear...

Right, so now that we settled the hierarchy, welcome to my adventures from this week.

I`m now 12 weeks old, and almost at 6 kilo's, as I`m growing into a healthy boy.  So I decided I wanted to go exploring the outside world this week, yupyup.

My first short expedition meant I could observe the trees in the local park, as well as a few days later the local wild animals.  They looked dangerous and ferocious (I think those are those T-Rexes daddy talks about), but fear not reader, I protected mommy as the hero that I am.

With my fist of steel, here seen smacking over a hairy gorilla!

Just kidding, me and daddy are great friends, always in for some "conneries" when mommy isn`t watching ;-)

Though I think daddy is abusing my exercising armshakes a bit, as he has me hold his little paint bottles when I do.  he says it's for my finger coordination, but I suspect he is just to lazy to shake them himself.

I also went out for a BIG expedition this week, so I put on my explorer's hat and marched off to discover the world.

It was a very tiring trip mind you!

But there I found my own personal bed and could enjoy the outdoor air while playing.

Yes, it is always great fun with the family, and I know they love me so much, just look at our most recent family photo.

I also did something very, very cool, I went swimming!  In the Baby Spa, where I first got a massage and then could go swim in the hot tub, how awesome was that!

But now, I`m gonna hug my favorite doo-doo a bit and then I`m off for the week, as it's time for another nappie!

See you next time, when I will be 3 months old officially!!!!