dinsdag 31 januari 2023

January 2023 Loot: time for another year

 The first loot overview of the year, and it is already a rather big one.

With especially a lot of manga in this edition, as you will see in the video below.

And of course, all the links to where the items where found and obtained from:

Lot of 45 manga: this came from a Facebook group for anime and manga sales.
Gigant: from the monthly Archonia shipment
Four Quintuplet promo and regular cards: grabbed these through Cardmarket.
Gigi Andalucia: a prize won over at TokyoCatch.

So this has been a good start of the year, and reading material for weeks if not months!

maandag 30 januari 2023

Taste test: Gistgeest beers

 Brewery Gistgeest is a local brewery here in Deurne, Antwerp, and when I was chosen to make the office's end of year gift packs, I went the beer-y road.

As if they couldn't expect that...

To that end, I came into contact with Steven, the owner of Gistgeest, to put together a nice gift set to go into our presents, and with the added design of a sticker to go on the thank you sets, a selection of three of his beers was put together.

Weiss Weiss Baby (4.5%, IBU 22)

Okay, let's start with the one I`ll probably like least, as I am not a fan of white beers (there is an epic tale of to much Hoegaarden somewhere to be told about that).  But I was VERY pleasantly suprised by this hoppy white one, both fresh and citrusy in taste.

IPA Bakkes (7.5%, IBU 70)

I just had to begin with this one, the 70 IBU hugely piquet my intrest.  It turned out to be a huge punch in a good way, not overly bitter or hoppy but with a good taste.

Nonkel Hop (6.5%, IBU 50)

Sharing this one with a beerbuddy on New Year's Eve, this was very, very much to my liking!  As the name implies, this has a nice strong hoppy taste!

But there is MORE!

We also received a special Thanks set for our rather big order, and I received the set as residential beer lover and taster.

So that meant two more beers to taste, specially brewn for the end of the year.

Merci (8%, IBU 48)

Made with the famous chocolates, this especially peaked Noshi's intrest.  It wasn`t really my thing, but she liked it a lot, the sweet aftertaste in the heavy stout playing along nicely with it's bitterness.

Hoppy Ending (5.5%, 55 IBU)

A dark hop Black IPA.  Strong, hoppy and bitter, I really loved this one, the best of the class for me personally.

So there we have it, 5 beers of a microbrewery near my door (about 10 minutes by bike).  Except for the Merci stout, which wasn`t my thing but wasn`t bad per se, I discovered 4 awesome beers and I will definitly be trying out the other ones he sells, as well as stock up on some of the above!

zondag 29 januari 2023

Jung E

 Released last week on netflix, Noshi and me sat down to watch this newest high budget Korean sci-fi movie.

Because often, those are actually better in story then most of the rubbish Hollywood is producing the last years... especially in the "yet another Marvel movie" segment.

In the 22nd century, Earth is a desolate place no longer habitable.  Global warming has risen the water levels, flooding the cities and mankind has migrated to space shelters in orbit.  However, three of the around 80 shelters declare themselves independant as the Adrian Republic, instigating a civil war.

Captain Yun Jung-yi is a mercenary captain and hero who led her team on countless succesful missions, and has a little daughter suffering from lung cancer.  On the day of her surgery, the captain sorties on an ill-fated mission that puts her in a coma.  At Kronoid, an institute specialising in AI for war, called KI units, clone her brain and promise to take care of the daughter Seo-Hyun.

Thirty-five years later, her codes are used to make the ultimate combat android, Jung E, but for some reason it keeps failing in the final part of the testing simulation.  The daughter has become the head of development at the institute now, watching over the use of her mother's data.  

But she learns her childhood cancer has returned and has only three months left.  The work on combat Jung E ceases as a peace has been reached, and they want to develop her into a sextoy instead.  Seo-Hyun decides to break out her mother, as there is an uncharted part in her brain developping, and she learns this has to do with the fact she fights for her little girl.  They escape the facility on a train, but the director of the instute assault them.  he is shot, and revealed to be an android himself, intensifying his combat skills.

Jung E overcomes him as he falls down with a part of the train, as Seo-Hyun tells her to abandon her and be free.  To her amazement, the android shows affection before taking her leave into the wild mountains that are left on Earth...

A lovely tale about daughter and mother love, this was maybe not the most spectacular science-fiction movies but definitly one of the more beautiful, well worth the watch, giving of a feel between Terminator and Blade Runner.

The Quest

 A remake of the 2014 series, this 2022 Disney+ series can best be thought of as Sword Art Online meets Expedition Robinson in my opinion.

Now, it isn`t a series per se, neither is it a game show, but a mixture of the two as the paladin`s are real life participants and as such all challenges are real, while it is all dressed up exquisetly as a fantasy series with the traditional backstory.

Eight teenargers are summoned to the Kingdom of Oona, the next target of the dark forces that overran the Kingdom of Sanctum.  Through various challenges they must restore the divine crown.  If they fail, not only this, but also their own realm will fall to the forces of Devora.

As the paladins solve various challenges, the machinations of evil keep turning.  The king's councilman is seduced by the promise of more magical abilities by Devora, while the three heirs of Sanctum argue amongst themselves who would inherit the Divine Crown.

But right before the crown is completed, the wizard turns it over to Devora, leaving the paladin's in dire need to be able to raise the One True Hero from amongst their ranks.  As the hero steps forward, he can gather the King's Stone and with the power of the Divine Crown banishes Devora and restoring piece to the kingdoms.

This was quite fun for a gaming show / fantasy series hybrid to be honest.  Though I guess it must be awesome if you where one of the teenagers actually selected to participate in this show.

zaterdag 28 januari 2023

On the Painting Desk 222

 Work continues on the Arthur kit from Super Mecha Champions in this instalment.

And with the addition of the Sky Grey second layer on the armour, he is starting to look "as he should be" slowly but steadily.

The rest of the second layer was also added later on, making him ready for the final layer.

I hope to do this in one of the coming weeks, rounding out this kit and then starting on the third one of the range, the Hurricane.

vrijdag 27 januari 2023

86 Special Edition

 As I started the second season of the excellent 86, I found out there was a Special Edition that was released between the two seasons.

A special recap episode of the first season it turned out, but from the viewpoint of Lena.
As the handler of the squad, she is the first one actually concerned with the people inside the so-called unmanned fighting machines.  As she grows closer to them all the time, she starts to get to know them more and more, but also the pain as members of the squad die.
But some of them survive the hardships, and move towards the border and a hopefully free life, setting up the story for the second season.  Will "Undertaker" and the rest of the Spearhead squad survive their flight, or are they lured back to the field of battle?
It was a good refresher, though not really necessary to link both seasons together as nothing new happened in the special.

donderdag 26 januari 2023


 Often you see those "articles" (aka clickbait) about how this is the best thing on Netflix at the moment, only to find a complete bugger movie.

But I must say, not so for this Norwegian monster movie, it is quite enjoyable (though okay, not the best thing ever as mentioned above).
As a young Nora tidemann and her father Tobias roam the mountains to look for the mythology of the area, he tells her various stories and she "sees" in her imagination trolls being turned into mountains.  Years later, a drilling operation through the Dovre mountains results in an eruption with a lot of casualties.
Desperate for finding out what happened, the Norwegian government recruits scientists from various fields of expertise, ranging from sinkholes to methane bubbles.  But Nora sees a humanoid, huge shape in the videos, and dentures in the area that can be interpreted as footprints.  Together with government employee Andreas and captain Kris of the military, they go to meet her father to learn more about his troll theory.  When they find the troll in the mountains, her father is killed when gunfire startles the creature, which goes on a rampage as a result.

An unconventional plan with church bells fails, and the troll starts heading towards Oslo, which is ordered to evacuate.  With her father's notes, Nora learns the truth about trolls in Norway, and how the Royal Palace is build upon their own palace of old, concluding the creature is heading home.  Learning it can`t stand direct sunlight, she traps it using UV tanning beds, but a last minute change of heart makes her wanting to set it free so it can return to the mountains.  However, the sun rises and the monster dies as a result... but are there more trolls in Norway now they learned the truth behind the myth?

An highly enjoyable monster rampage movie with some nice special effects and a believable plot to be honest if you are into all things myth and folklore.  So yeah, this is worth checking out on Netflix. And the Greta inside joke was hilarious!

woensdag 25 januari 2023

The Guardians of Time

 Lazy sunday, so it is time for an easy on the mind fantasy flick, and this time it was The Guardians of Time.

Based on the young adult trilogy (which has now four books btw), this is a coming of age story with some fantastical elements to it.

Two sisters and their two nieces are in a manor or their bit eccentric uncle, when they discover a secret door.  This door brings them to the Kingdom of Keoherus, where they are heralded as the legendary heroes, The Guardians of Time.  This turns out to be in a book which the younger sister, Alex, had received from her uncle after finding his secret office, including a strange four armed clock.

In the mysterious lands, they meet Agot, a strange little creature that wants to act as their guide.  But soon after, Alex is split up from her siblings with Agot, and goes to the sorceress Greya.  The others meet the soldier Pamphilos, and both parties learn on how they must retrieve magical crystals to return home.

Asb they work towards that goal, it turns out Agot and Greya have a double agenda, and with the power of the stone she recovered, Alex turns to an adult version of herself, while Greya becomes a dragon.  The siblings reunite and try to make Alex see the error of her ways, and as she comes to realise her mistakes they must overcome Agot, who is actually the enemy titan Deimos.

With the help of their time travelling powers, they overcome him and get to return home, but it seems Pamphilos played a double role all the time...

It's a typical low budget fantasy flick.  The acting is rather cardboard, the CGI is poor and you see they have been standing before greenscreens almost all the film, so I doubt anything was made on location.  Yet, the story in itself in fine, of a young sister trying to live up to her older sister's model, but to be honest, I doubt there will be more instalments in this series...

dinsdag 24 januari 2023

Blue Period volume 1 - Tsubasa Yamaguchi

 When I saw this anime on Netflix, I was immediatly hooked to it, and even think for me personally it was the best one of 2022.

So of course I wanted to read the manga now as well.  I can relate to the main character Yatora and the story for it's cheer artistic value, even though personally I never went to art school unfortunatly.

My parents didn't believe in arts being a viable future choice, but none the less even on my amateuristic level I can enjoy painting and the likes immensely to calm the brain.
Yatora Yaguchi is a slacker punk, but also a very good student ranking constantly in the top of his class. One day he runs into the art project, an angelic painting, from one of his fellow students, and immediatly is captivated by it.  It keeps chasing his thoughts, and when he gets high praise for a painting he made in art class, a blue view of the city, he feels like for the first time he had a real conversation.  Art school is starting to trickle into his toughts as such for a career plan.
But a talk with the art teacher makes him decide, he is going to aim to get into Tokyo University of Arts, the only non-private university and as such affordable for his family's budget. He starts his journey by joining the art club at his school. Here, he learns the basics of drawing through still life pieces, before going into summer break with a heap of tasks.  he finishes them though, making progress in his skills.  While he fears his mother might not condone his career choice, when she comes into his room when he is sleeping on his desk she sees his pieces and decides to support him.

In order to start training for the entrance exams, he decides to attend prep school over the winter break.  Here, various students come to hone their art, and having to make a choice of which form of art he wants to pursue, he chooses oil painting.  He goes out shopping with his classmate and friend Yuka, a boy who dresses up as a gorgeous girl and who is also in the art class.  In the preparation course, he meets Takahashi, albeit an asocial boy he has a huge natural talent.

And so the first volume ends, and it did indeed spark the discussion here at home about chasing dreams.  I can tell that if all things permitting, I will probably on my old age still go and attend art school for the year 2024-25, but that is a story for another time in the future...

maandag 23 januari 2023

Hi Score Girl

 Time for an innocent looking anime on Netflix this time round, and so me and Noshi sat down for Hi Score Girl.

Which, as it takes place in 1991, features some melancholy for me I must say.

Arcade games are the latest craze, and Street Fighter II in particular is having a high.  Sixth grader Haruo wants to become a professional gamer, which back then was a farsought idea.  But at the local arcade, a young girl named Akira Oono defeats him time and time again.  One day, they hear about a myth, an arcade that charges only 10 yen per game.  They cycle there, but suddenly as they are out, the arcade has disappeared and is apparently gone for 4 years already...
She experiences a lapse in focus that reflects on her games as she has been invited to the flower garden with classmates.  But she quickly elopes with Haruo into an arcade where they spend the whole trip playing games, before they go try some rides with the two of them.  But then he hears at school Ono is seemingly moving overseas due to her parents divorcing.  Haruo races to the airport to give her a ring, and she falls into his arms crying.

In class, another girl, Hidaka, starts showing intrest in videogames, Haruo starting to initiate her into the hobby.  Her grandfather has a liquor store that just placed some arcades, and she wants to learn more about the attraction of them.  But while she finds him a total idiot, she still has a crush on him and tries to get into his world.  

Ono has returned to Japan though, but she keeps Haruo at arms length in the arcade.  But after a local tournament they get into a little brawl, and console the fact they missed each other.  During a game of Virtua Fighter, their old rivalry in gaming starts growing again.  As they hang out more, Haruo realises he just wants to be with her and tries his best even to study more, in order to get in the same high requirement high school as her.

Oono's butler and Haruo's mom run into eacht other, and together they bring them together in the arcade to make sure that their connection doesn't water down.  He ultiately doesn't get into the school, but as he can now focus back on games and his new Sega Saturn, he starts doing a part-time job as well to pay for the games.  Hidaka on the other hand got the other newly released console, the Playstation.  They go to the arcade for Street Fighter 2... and she soundly defeats him as he seems out of touch with the current arcade games.

But as her mother wants to have her isolated in intrests to solely focussing on school and her career later in life, Oono elopes.  Haruo goes looking gor her and finds her, and they go to a hotel to stay and play console games.  But as they get back home, Hidaka tells him her feelings...

A fun little series with some good laughs, and the nostalgia of the games was something I fondly remember as well giving it an extra dimension for me personally.

I was there readers, I was there at the very beginning of the console wars...

Akiba Maid War

 Time for the next installment of the alphabet challenge, and that is for the letter A - Akiba Maid War.

A fairly recent series from the winter 2022 season, I heard so many good things about it, I decided to slot this one in on the letter.
 Nagomi always wanted to work in one of those Maid cafe's and to that end moves to Akihabara, finding a job at the Oinky Doink cafe.  But as soon as on her first day, she learns the rivalries between maid cafe's are pretty intense, up to gun- and knifefights!  Oh, and the first bloodbath, sorry, no other way to call it, to the maid's cafe song was hilarious.
But there is more going on behind the scenes, as the manager has put the cafe in debt and now they are out to collect.  They enter the Maid Casino, trying to increase their funds. She looses all the money though, and the cafe faces closure.  They pledge their maid futures as collateral to enter a poker game, but one of the maids, Yumechi, noticed there is cheating going on.  And then the shooting starts...

The girls are as such send on a variety of missions, like a boxing match to get a rare figurine, resulting in Zoya, a russian girl, joining the crew after being defeated by Ranko.  They are send to a creature drill camp, to hone their skills in the various maid parts of the job, but the rivalries continue as Ranko is the target of being killed for having the same birthday as a maid of the sheep club.

But then the Crimson Supernova, a violent maid and rival of Ranko, is returning to Akiba as well.  In the meantime, Nagomi is trying to form bonds of sister / maid hood with other cafe's.  But the girl she befriends, Nerula, is shot down by the Crimson Supernova.  Nagomi can't take this anymore and goes to work for another cafe, where she is approached by Ranko.  But the Crimson Supernova launches a raid on the Oinky Doink cafe, but Nagomi comes to the rescue, rejoining the team.  The Crimson Supernova in turn is executed by the girls she led on the raid...

But when the girls win a the annual maid contest against all agreements, they get the anger of the Creatureland commitee pointed at them.  But Ranko learns the secret of their panda collegue, and how they have been connected since the beginning, and that puts her straight against her handler.

The other maid groups make sure their cafe has no business as they broke the arrangement, in return taking over the cafe of the Lions, the leading creatures.  And then the shooting starts, which I just mention casually as I didn`t include it in every paragraph above.

Ranko and Nagomi meet with the Creatureland head of maids, Uzuko, who had ordered the assassination of her old master as well, and they do reach an agreement in the end.  And the shooting stops!  But Ranko is stabbed on the street when at a market, dying in Nagomi's arms.  This tips her over, and she goes out for revenge, trying to figure out who made the hit but ending beaten up. 

As the rival gangs and Uzuko all come to the Oinky Doink cafe, they are treated to a maid performance instead.  Nagomi is shot by Uzuko in the end, before being killed herself.  Years later, tourists come to the new Oinky Doink cafe, where it turns out Nagomi suvived, but is wheelchair bound.

I can get why it was so popular, as this is basically a bunny girl (or piglet, or whatever) show, but it basically always dwindles down in a gunfight finale in the beginning.  It's violent, I`ll give that, as it is called "War" after all, but to be honest I wasn't over the roof for this series in the end.

zondag 22 januari 2023

His Dark Materials season 2

 So finally Noshi and me have gotten around to watching this loveable series based on the books of the same name by Philip Pullman.

Though most probably know it by the title of the movie that was based on them, The Golden Compass.

Having gone through the crack at the end of the first season, Lyra finds herself in another world, and stumbles upon a city.  Seemingly abandoned, she runs into a boy named Will.  he also came there from another world (ours), and soon they find other young children.  It turns out a curse is over the city, as spectres take down all the adults and turn them into zombie like beings.

Meanwhile, Ms Coulter, having struck an alliance with the Magistarium, tortures a witch to find out where Lyra went.  The Witch Queen interferes, resulting in the Cardinal being killed.  As a result, a shift in power happens in the ranks of the Magistarium and the new leader has the lands of the Witches bombed.

Lyra and Will go away from the city, stepping through a portal to arrive in Will's world version of Oxford.  She tells him she has learned his secret that he killed someone, but that she understands why he had to do it.  Chased there by the police, the compass is stolen by mrs Coulter's associate.  Lee is looking for answers, and caught by the Magisterium but he can escape, vowing to look for a professor Grumman who can tell more about the Southern Knife.

Will and Lyra see a strange figure now and then in the locked, doorless Tower of Angels in the center of the city.  They find a passage into it though, and learn he is the Knife Bearer, a role that passes on to Will as he needs to protect Lyra.  With the knife, they can open windows into another world.  As Mary, a professor in our Oxford, makes sentient contact with the Dust aka dark matter, she learns that it are actually angels, out for vengeance.

The witches led by Seraphina and Lee, who has made contact with a mysterious Shaman and who is hinted at being Will's father, both break through the blockade the Magisterium has put around the portal to converge in the city and ally with Lyra, who together with Will has retrieved the Golden Compass with a daring plan into our world.

But as their paths start to converge and battle with the Magisterium ensues, some of them fall in the line of faith and duty.  Will is reunited with his father, who was indeed the shaman, but his dad passes on woon afterwards, leaving Will a boy now driven by vengeance.  Mrs Coulter takes Lyra along, while Seraphina finds Lee, who fell holding off the enemy to have Will's dad escape...

And so the series ends this season with a lot of tragedy, now to wait until we get to see the third (and final?) season of the book trilogy, as I really like this series.

The Haul Report 350

 Here we are with a fresh haul report, even though it is a very modest one this time round.

The My Box from Archonia arrived, but it was actually for Noshi this month, as it contained her Komi Nendoroid.

I did "sneak in" a little something for myself though, with the 10th and final volume of Gigant having come out this month.

So now I can wrap up this series, a bit sad though as I liked it (or, liked Chiho a lot) even though it did have his flaws, but that is for a review in the future when I`ll do a video on the whole series.

zaterdag 21 januari 2023

Build report: Duplo 10967 Police Motorcycle

 Okay, let's do something fun over the coming weeks.

Years ago, when I was still addicted to small toy bricks produced in Denmark, I often featured build reports of sets on this blog page.

I got better, but now the next generation is discovering the toy, and of course for little Thorin it is all about Duplo.  Daddy still needs to assemble the sets for him the first time round before he starts playing with them, but I though, as he received quite a few sets over the holiday period, why not make some nostalgia and post the builds as reports like in the old days?

So starting off, it is a (very simple, it is Duplo after all) set, the Police Motorcycle.  This small set comes in stores at around the 8 euro mark, and makes great sock fillers or Saint Nicolas gifts to go along the various candy.

Opening the little cardboard box, you get a few pieces and two Duplo figures: the police officer and a cute dog.

Assembly is pretty simple, as you only need to attach the officer to his one piece motorcycle, and stack the two bricks, one with the missing dog pictured on it, together.

But it gives your little one a cool police bike to race around the living room with, and those Duplo animals really are all to cute!

FLCL volume 2 - Hajime Ueda and Gainax

 So, after the for me rather disappointing first volume, let's see if this series redeems itself to my personal tastes.

Because if you see who wrote it, one should have high expectations, but I felt a bit unfulfilled by it though.
One day, after a run in with the class president, she starts manifesting a robot from her forehead as well.  Thinking she is dreaming, she engages with Naota, who merges with his robot maid in response. They talk it out, and together they run as they see themselves now as outlaws, taking refuge in a hotel near the border.
Haruto returns them home where his friend takes refuge, but as they try and settle for something of a life at the moment, Haruto has to report to the Galactic Police, her employers.  In the meantime, his brother's ex, Mamimi, keeps descending further into madness and suspected arsony. 

When a giant robot starts wreaking havoc, the Galactic Police prepare their superweapon.  This weapon would kill everyone though, and Naota tries to prevent this.  He even goes so far as confessing to Haruko he loves her, but she blatantly replies she only means to kill him as he lacks the power she seeks.  Hijacking the robot, he goes into outer space destroying her spaceship, and as he falls back to Earth reaches a state of omnipotence as he sees the truth.

Back on Earth, he is kidnapped, but saved at the last moment by Haruko's superior.  She kisses him after explaining Haruko is on the run from the corps, and leaves him her Vespa, with which he sets off...
 Well, I must admit I didn`t really like this series in the end.  The second volume was a bit better to my liking then the first, but the artstyle keeps bothering me to hard to look favorably on this title.  It`ll end up somewhere at the back of the read shelves I`m afraid...

vrijdag 20 januari 2023

Unboxing Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway's Flash Gigi Andalucia

 Aaaaah, the classy lady from Hathaway's Flash, whom I won over at TokyoCatch has arrived.

Miss Gigi Andalucia herself, produced in the Banpresto Glitter and Glamours line.

I always love when they get Gundam figurines in the crane games, as that is not something that happens frequently, and then try my best to get one, like last year with Lala Sunue, and now with Miss Gigi.

So, without further ado, let's open those seals and have a look at the figure!


And that is a winner to start the year with for sure.  Gorgeous figure, excellent detailing for a prize figure, I`m one happy camper with this one for sure!

donderdag 19 januari 2023

Super Mecha Champions Caramel (mini-kit)

 After running a poll on my Instagram, the public chose Caramel to be the first kit of the Super Mecha Champions line I obtained to be build and painted.

So I duly obliged, and sat down to building first and foremost this mini-kit, containing three small sprues as you could see on the unboxing of the set I did a while ago on YouTube.

Of course, after studying the instructions and the parts first to get a rough idea of how it would assemble, the clipping and occasional glueing (I always do that for joints etc, as I don`t repose afterwards anyways) began.

The set is build in a series of sequences, and then at the end put together.  So first we had the top section, the main body, the arms and the legs.

These are then put together to form our cute little teddybear mecha.

So, that being done, it is time to get painting.  As usual for things I paint, I went for my three tone style, starting dark and lining colours upwards.  Note, I also based him already on a round base, which will be build on in due time onto a MechaTop suitable base.  
With Caramel being a beige yellow in colour as such, that meant I would start with a darkish beige basecolous, Dark Sand from Coat D'Arms.

Next the grey and brown areas where put in their first layer, respectively with Black from Vallejo Game Colour and Oak Brown from Army Painter.

The final basecolours are for the head, as well as some small details like lamps and such.  The head began with Orange Fire from Vallejo and Cold Grey from Vallejo, while the lamps had a bit of Intense Blue from Vallejo and Red Brown from Coat D'Arms, concluding as such the first layer of the model.

So on to layer two, and the colour I dread most: yellow!  And the torture device in question is Gold Yellow from Vallejo.

Once this was done, the other sections where also provided with a second coat.  This was done using Black Grey from Vallejo, Hairy Brown from Coat D'Arms, Blood Red from Coat D'Arms and Heavy Orange, Sky Grey and Magic Blue, all from Vallejo as well.

With it's second layer done as such, he is starting to look the part, and a gazillion timer better already then the flat plastic colouring he came with originally.
Onwards then to the third and final layer!  This was of course started with more yellow, in particular Sun Yellow from Vallejo.

For the other areas, this was all third toned with the following colours: Necromancer Cloak by Army Painter for the dark grey areas, the brown was done with Vallejo Flat Erath, and the detail parts with Gold Yellow for the head, Electric Blue for the lamp, both by Vallejo, and finally Coat D'Arms British scarlet for the fist guns.

All that remained now was using black and orange, both from Vallejo, to add the Kuma on the belly plate as I didn`t want to use the sticker.

With the paintwork now complete and the model varnished, it is time to go to work on a base. For now, I'm basing them on smaller round bases, but as I learned on their sote, the second Kickstarter will come with smaller scaled bases (apparently even the 5cm size I use for my gachapon models), so that will be revisited in the future for sure.

But here is Caramel, in all his cute teddybear glory:

These little kits are actually great fun to build and paint, also because I really enjoy that game for more then a year now.  I just hope they will bring out the other mecha as well eventually!