zondag 28 februari 2021

The Haul Report 268

 Paints this week!

Though not of the regular variety.

As you could see on the Painting Desk post yesterday, and in a post coming this week, I have finally decided to start doing actual painting instead of miniatures, something I wanted to do for ages.

So I needed some more acrylics...

zaterdag 27 februari 2021

On the Painting Desk 184

 The powers that be have spoken, and my final challenge entry will be...

The Dread Pageant slaanesh warband for Warhammer Underworlds.

Once I finish those, I will have succeeded once more on everything for this year's challenge, albeit I will be trying to get some more stuff done still.

Even though those will end up at the Crisis BnB should that ever take place again...

Like the dacians

So the last stretch of pressure and deadline these weeks, after that it is game over in time-forced painting.

vrijdag 26 februari 2021

What I painted in February 2021

 The AHPC continues, and entries are being worked on an rolled out at a steady pace.

And this second month of the challenge saw some very good progress made towards my target number, with a couple of bigger points hauling entries.

The first of those being this 6mm force of Neo-Soviets.

Next, Goldberry was completed.

A large heap of Orcs lead by Gorbag was the next entry on the map. 

Morgwaeth's Blade-Coven also joined the fray this month
For the Obliette, a challenge quest of projects long forgotten, a heap of Baccus AWI british where done.
 A small Mausoleum was also painted up this month.
After more then a year, I painted the remaining 4 Gondor knights that stood in my closet, joined by a captain on foot.

I also got round to painting up (at last) one of my many Relic Knights models.

While not having any plans for an undead army, these mantic models where painted for use in games like Nightwatch and Rangers of Shadow Deep.

More hobbits bolstered the ranks as well this month, with a splattering of characters.

The final step of the Challenge before the finale was completed when I finished the Fomoroid Crusher this month.

The final entry for the AHPC this month wasn't for a special location, with this model of the silver Sagitta saint.

So that means a very impressive 182 models saved from Lead Mountain this shortest month of the year, though I admit 2 forces of 6mm models goes a long way to bumping those numbers up!

donderdag 25 februari 2021

AHPC11: Ptolemy, Silver Saint of Sagitta

 For those who follow my blog, it will be no suprise that I like anime perhaps even more since wargaming.

And that all started back in 1986 with Les Chevaliers du Zodiaque on the french channel TF1, a series known even better perhaps under it's japanese name Saint Seiya.

It's also on Netflix btw now, just ignore that crap 3D monstorsity Netflix made, that is just horrible and in no way representative of both the story and the mythos of this mythology inspired series.

Now recently, a spanish company named Nonsense Miniatures started to make resin 3d printed "Constellation Warriors" models, well, the Saints actually, and one of their first 4 figures is this one, Ptolemy, Silver Saint of Sagitta, scaled at about 36mm.  They also have a free to download beta ruleset for them on their website.

So I painted up him as the first one, don`t ask me why because even if his appearance in the anime was rather short, he was the one that mortally wounded Athena, instigating the race across the twelve Houses of the Zodiac up to the Grand Pope's palace.
And just for reference, here is his anime version...  

woensdag 24 februari 2021

AHPC11: Lair of the Beast: Fomoroid Crusher

 And so our descent through the Chambers of Challenge comes through an end, as we stand before the sealed door to the final challenge.

But in order to get there, one must first face this last quest, the Lair of the Spider (well, it became Beasts).

I decided to go for the Fomoroid Crusher from the WarCry range by Games Workshop, a game I read a lot of good things about, but which I haven`t gotten round to play yet, let alone finish a warband.  But I really liked the model, and it is also your protagonist in the Underworlds solo game mode, though as I only completed him now, he has been stand in by a Mordor Troll when my Zarbag Gitz faced the challenge.

It's actually quite a tall model, about twice the size of a GW Ogre, and slightly smaller then the old giant, and it is full of details.  I really liked painting this guy up, and of course being me I couldn`t resist from giving him a slightly Slaanesh influence with the pastels for his clothing and hair, providing just that hint of following the god of Excess as such.

And now it is time to enter the Altar of the Snow Lord, and face the final challenge that will be set before me!

Points wise I have no actual idea on this beast, it is a big bloke standing about two and a half times in height of a stormcast, and I guess it takes about as much plastic volume as for example a 40k attack bike or the likes.  Better safe then sorry, I aim at 10 points for it?  Together with the room that means 30 points total, AND putting me over my 1k goal for this year, huzzaaaah!

dinsdag 23 februari 2021

AHPC11: Hall of Heroes: Fatty Bolger

 As I slowly and steadily, like a true Hobbit, will be painting up models for the Scouring campaign book, I arrived at the Hall of Heroes.

And so it is only fitting to paint up one of the most unsung heroes in the Lord of the Rings: brave Fredegar "Fatty" Bolger.

Best friend to Frodo, it was Fatty who in the end stayed behind at Bag's End, to keep the appearance up of the place being inhabited.  And had to ran for his life when the Black Rider came knocking down the door.

Fatty was also instrumental in the uprising against Sharkey and Worm in the scouring of the Shire, and all these heroic deeds resulted in... no screentime booh hiss.  Luckily, GW did a model of the brave little guy years ago, and I selected him to be my hero to feast in the hall.  

Because after all, feasting is even more suited to a Hobbit then heroics...

maandag 22 februari 2021

AHPC11: The Graveyard Beach: Zombie Horde

Well, I`m not really planning on building any 9th age or WFB Vampires army anytime soon, but these zombies, an old set from Mantic, would have been perfect for that.

Instead, I grabbed the box at a discount bargain, with the sole purpose of having "fodder" for games of Dungeons and Dragons or Rangers of Shadow Deep.

In that regard, I painted them in a fleshy, not to gory, colour scheme, because that way I can use them as crzed starved fanatical villagers or something as well, forming wave after wave of low hp and unskilled masses to throw at the heroes.

An added bonus is that it paints up really smooth as well, so a couple of hours later I had a nice heap of 30 zombies, ready to claw their way towards the unwilling opponents!


So that makes an excellent 150 points for the models, and a nice boost to my tally as it becomes 170 points due to the 20 point location bonus...

zondag 21 februari 2021

Unboxing Banpresto Saint Cosmo Memoir Seiya

 In today's unboxing, I`m having a look at my valentine's gift from Noshi, which you saw earlier on the day in the Haul Report.

Produced by the BanDai sublabel Banpresto, this is a version of Seiya as he burns his cosmo to new heights.

The box features the model seen from almost every angle, and with artwork of the Pegasus constellation on the background, together with a heap of text at the back I don`t even want to start to read, aka the disclaimers of the set.

Opening it up, the model is protected by a sturdy cardboard inlet, as well as an plastic bag to prevent paint rubbing off inside the box.

The bag, dividided in two compartments, houses the two parts of the model: Seiya as well as the footpiece to keep him stable when displayed.

It has a great finish, the paint job being nice and equal without any mistakes or smears in them.  Nothing less to be expected from BanDai's QQ, but something you can encounter with cheaper knock offs though.  As you can see, the eyes are incredibly well done!

The ripped clothing shows the energy peeping through, and give the impression of the force blowing it upwards as he gets ready to strike.

Measuring about 15cm in height, he looks very suited on display, about the size of the Myth cloth line in proportion to the Gold Saints and such from that series. 

A great gift for sure, and one that proudly stands in my display cabinet now.

Which is about to get a LOT bigger during this year, but more on that in a later, maybe shocking to some, post...

The Haul Report 267

 It seems this ain't a weekly column anymore, darn you Brexit!

But, there has been haulage, as the second try-out for alternatives came in, as could be read earlier this week.

But far more importantly, first of all this awesome Valentine's gift from my dolly 😍
Some essentials for the hobby, including much needed varnish, as I was about to ration the remainder of my bottle...


My third order for the project also arrived, after some ultra speedy delivery

But yeah, for the rest it has been quiet at the ordering front so far...

zaterdag 20 februari 2021

The Brexit Alternative: Battlefield Berlin

 In the third instalment of trying out various european retailers, I ordered from Battlefield Berlin.

Now, I came to this particular store as I was going to shop "aimed" for this third experiment, in that I wanted a store that could provide me with both a Frostgrave wizard, as well as some 15mm fantasy models for use in Nightwatch.

And so Battlefield Berlin ticked most boxes, and an order was made on the 15th of february.

This also brought in soething I don't really like: there is no instant cart checkout.  After making your order, you get a note that you will receive an e-mail from them with your total, including adjusted shipping (the site listed DHL 10 euro for my order), as well as any discounts.

You see, there are no regular discounts on the webstore, nor a loyalty program (this really seems to be a UK thing, as this is now the third store in a row lacking this) or free shipping outside of Germany.

Anyways, that e-mail came on the 15th, about an hour later, and with the mention everything was in stock.  I do think if you order outside "humane hours" like on a sunday at midnight, this might take a bit longer for obvious reasons.

My order initially totalled 46.90 euro and 10 euro shipping, with payment through Paypal.  The total became 53.90, as the shipping was three euro less actually then the estimate.  AND it was send the same day, talk about speedy!!!!

The order arrived the 19th, nicely packed and with the added bonus of two bags of Haribo gummy bears, which Noshi duly claimed.

The order I placed contained some skeletons and vampires for Nightwatch, which I`m planning to do in 15mil as said earlier, and they distribute Demonworld, now produced by Ral Partha Europe.  I also ordered a cannon for my T9A force, and a blister with a Frostgrave Thaumaturge.

So, the verdict

+ Ultra fast shipping
+ Good selection of ranges

- The fact you don`t see the shipping cost at checkout.

But a very positive experience in the end, and a store I will certainly be using again in the future!

vrijdag 19 februari 2021

On the Painting Desk 183

 So, few days of sitting still after a small surgery, surely a lot has been worked on.

Well, nope... as I wasn`t allowed to bend forwards.

I did start and do some rough work on a 15mm castle (actually, an aquarium decoration), but for the rest only some small work on things pre-surgery day.

Hopefully next week some of those things have progressed a good deal!

AHPC11: Lady Sarah: Fiametta

 As I stand at the Knight's Solar, I invoke once more the Lady Sarah on her sorcerous powers to transport me to Graveyard Beach.

And for the required tribute, I painted up Fiametta, sorceress of the Shattered Sword.

A model from the CMON range for Relic Knights, she comes in a cute school uniform (she is from the limited run of "cosplay" variants of some characters) but still toting around her staff for protective magics and barriers.

I really like the range, even though I never played the game, though I might actually look into some small affair solo-wise for it.  

The model needed two things painted that I hate: yellows, and eyes.  But it turned out in the end rather okay, AND I had the joy of painting undies hehehe

donderdag 18 februari 2021

AHPC11: Knight's Solar: Knights of Gondor

 Ride for wrath, for ruin!  Ride for Ro.... errrrrr... GONDOORR!

As I enter the Knight's Solar on the third level, ever drawing closer to the Altar of the Snowlord, the next entry required a knightly theme.

So what better to finally finish the unit of 6 Gondor knights, of which the first two where painted... 2 editions ago.  What do you mean, slacking?

But now I got round to painting the other 4 of the armed lancers, to storm across the fields and drive forth bloody retribution against the foes of the White City.

To add some more Might points to my Gondorian force, I also painted up a captain on foot, to lead the ranks of warriors on the battlefield.

So even though a bit overdue, they can finally be fielded... should Covid-19 finally stop ruining all the gaming plans this year.

So that means 4 cavalry and 1 infantry for this entry, totalling 45 points.  Together with the room bonus, that makes as such 65 points to the tally, woohoo!

woensdag 17 februari 2021

AHPC11: The Tomb: Mausoleum

 For the entry of the next room in this epic quest through the Chambers of Challenge, I literally went for what the quest says: a tomb.

A perfect chamber to get some scenery piece done, I printed up a small mausoleum and accompanying graves to build a piece of CD terrain (am I a year late here?).

The model has been scaled to fit the Shire games I`m planning, because unfortunatly Hobbits don`t live for ever either, even though they have long lifespans.

And now onwards to the third level!