zondag 27 maart 2011

TSA First Bull Run: The Aftermath

And so the battle of First Bull Run ended, and history has been rewritten. The Union scored a Major victory, bordering even on Decisive.
The Confederacy rebellion has been beaten down even before it really could take off, and the `war` would last no longer then 30 days.

A refelction of the losses, with the `named tag stands` being actual destroyed regiments tell a bitter tale for the southerners:

As to be expected, the center line at Chinn Ridge collapsed, only a few surviving small regiments where still in the woods, because the Union decided not to push further and settling with having full control of 2/3rds of the gaming table.
The arrival of the Army of the Shenandoah did put the south in the fight a bit, but the Union forces kept any possible break out`s in check resulting in them not having a real part in the result, though the fighting was very heavy.
My division and it`s neighbours build a line running from the base of Chinn Ridge all the way past Henry`s House... with two fresh brigades advancing behind to reinforce them when the counter attack would come.. and which never came, locking the whole battlefield in place.

A highly enjoyable weekend, and I will definitly be back last year to fight for Liberty again!

The Heroes of the Union where: Willem, Patrick S, Dirk, Bart, Richard, Peter, Liam, Alexis and myself.

The Southern not so belles anymore: Willie, Karim, Erwin, Francois, Barend, Eddy, Patrick VO, Johan, Kevin, Wim and Guy.

But the real heroes, who made it all possible as organisers, caterers, toilet ladies, cameramen, umpires and jack-of-all-trades: Johan, Andre, Patrick R, Christophe, Dirk and Ronny. Thanks guys, without you, no ACW weekend!!!!

The Tale of a Lone Man and his Gun

As an aftermath, each year I can be relied on to do something extremely odd from a tactical viewpoint. This year, I found myself in command of a single section of Dahlgren NLs, which didn`t ven had limbers to transport it around. Expected for this unit was to be left behind swiftly in order to support any possible behind the line scouting parties.


I manhandled the gun over roads for 18 turns, much to the amusement of the umpire Dirk, who couldn`t really believe that. The gun set up in turn 18 right next to Henry`s House, and then finally loosened it`s first and only shot of the battle. People playing JR3 know that a single green section of guns at normal range don`t do squad... yet I managed to roll so high it actually killed a southerner. it would have been hilarious on top if would have panicked the southern unit on tops, but one cannot expect TO much.

And so it concludes, a huge success once more and more of the same please!

TSA First Bull Run: Day 2

And so we moved to the second day fighting out the battle, here are the pictures from all over the field...

The army of the Shenandoah arrives and starts reinforcing the quavering lines, even pressing on to Henry`s Hill to form a fresh frontline right behind Henry`s House.

However, the huge amount of already present Union forces press forth the advantage, pushing back the Confederate units in a bottleneck.

Deciding to lock the battlefield, the Union forms a line at the base of Chinn Ridge, effectively locking the whole sector from Chinn House to New Market in a mexican stand off which would cost the Confederates very greatly if they would decide to mount an attack.

With the two front lines now on either side of Henry`s Hill, the centre of the battle has effectively ended.

The Shanandoah`s march onwards through New Market in a vain effort to break out over the flank.

Look at Jackson, standing there like a Stonewall.

Slowly, the battleline stabilizes to be able to receive any effort of break outs, causing the opposing Confederate commander to doubt wether or not to charge in gallantly with his cavalry.

In the meantime, more Union divisions move up behind the blue curtain towards the battle near Henry`s House.

Shots are changing sides, but apart from the odd casualty no units are forced out of the battle.

More and more troops get pulled into the battle near Jackson`s and Johnson`s positions, locking them down completely.

As the gridlock closes around the Confederates, they realise it is all over as the blue tide is to large, and has way more space to deploy then the holed up Confederacy.

Next up, the aftermath...

zaterdag 26 maart 2011

TSA First Bull Run: Day 1

And the pictures of the first day of battle, I`m refraining myself from commentaries as a picture says more then a thousand words, but as the battle stands at the moment after 12 turns, the Union, in part due to better luck with the arrival rolls for the reinforcements, currently hold the higher hand, with the Confederate line about to collapse in the Warrenton Turnpike sector (where my division is currently one of the four Union brigades opposing only two Confederate ones) and throwing open as such the entire left flank of the table to move forward and intercept the Army of Shenandoah which is busy of entering the fray.

On a side note, the red and blue blocks you see here and there on the table are the markers we`re using for hidden movement.

While the first Union forces arrive near Red Ridge Farm, Stone Bridge is held by a small Confederate force.

Gradually, reinforcements start to arrive as the first brigade crosses the Bull Run

Caught in the flank and surrounded, the Confederates are forced to yield the Stone Bridge and her fieldworks.

More Union troops poor over from Matthew`s Hill, while the southerners start a retrieting battle towards their baselines.

With Stone Bridge lost, the Confederates bring in fresh forces to block the ridge between Henry`s House and Chinn Ridge

The Union army under Hunter starts to assemble on the Warrenton Turnpike, gathering together no less then 4 brigades opposing one and a half Confederate brigades as the Union reinforcements arrive en masse from a flanking move.

The first Union troops advance on Chinn House as the Confederates, sensing the hopelessness of the situation there, start a withdrawal and leaving only small units to act as speedbumps.

Tomorrow the conclusion and to see if history has been rewritten...