zaterdag 7 december 2019

On the Painting Desk 121

More preparations for the AHPC this week, though I did manage to finish a couple of 6mm models as you could see earlier this week.

But at the moment, my biggest friends, while awaiting a paint desk, are glue and clippers to start the serious painting work in 3 weeks.

So that gives me heaps of time still to assemble and undercoat a trainload of models still...

vrijdag 6 december 2019

Ipsqueek's Adventures: the first Saint Nicolas visit...

Greetings all!

Though I refuse to yet reveal my true face and name, you can all adress me as Ipsqueek, the little miracle.

And let me tell you a short adventure I had today.  While comfortably lounging in my mommy's belly this morning I had this great visit.  Apparently, the holy Saint Nicolas has broken into my house (no, not her belly, the bigger house) and brought me gifts.

Delicious, yummy, gifts.  Now I must force mommy to eat them all though, so that I can taste all that yumness inside here, while I keep practicing my Flying Kick Kung-Fu!

But first, time for another nappy...

donderdag 5 december 2019

This ain't Farmville

But it is the farmer and his lifestock!

Produced by Perfect Six Miniatures, I finished a lot of small livestock and the farmer scatter terrain.

Granted, the farmer model is a renaissance style figure, but at this scale, and with rather generic clothing none the less as a paint job, he fits in just as well in some rural areas.

While his faithfull border collie accompanies him, the sheep and cows graze around the fields of his lands.

And yes, that's the Milka cow :-p

woensdag 4 december 2019

Solo wargaming in 2020

As part of the renewed and refreshed YouTube channel in 2020, one of the plans I'm forming in the dusty recesses of my mind is uploading solo wargaming reports.

This is a bit due to a two fold reason, namely it's a good way to learn and improve editing YouTube videos, as well getting some games done I like, but can't find opponents regularly for.

This will be a selection of small scale games, either in points or in actual scale (hello 6mm) and it will be a way for me to learn the rules (or master them better) as well that way, plus a good way to spend some time when I'm alone on babysitter duty for example.  Now, real life calendar obliged, this will be the project for the second half of the year though, as with Ipsqueek on the way the first part of the year will be totally devoted to him.

Looking at my collection, but also at figures I "well, I just might" get, these will be on the one hand 6mm games of Future War Commander and Blitzkrieg Commander, but also some other systems and periods.  Hordes of the Things comes to mind, as do the Polemos rules by Baccus 6mm once I get round painting up some obscure forces or periods.  My beloved ACW will definitly be in there, as will the Risorgimento, a period that always caught my eye but is so limited here in Belgium on an intrest level...

In larger scale figures, I'm looking at games like Shadespire, MESBG Battle Companies, Burrows and Badgers, Kill Team... those kinds of small scale Skirmish games that I can field on the tabletop of a living room table.  But it allows me to play the games more regularly and prevent me from when I do play them, having to look up rules all the time once I got them under the knee.  It also adds the benefit of "focussed painting" that way.

Another benefit is that it will be countering my withdrawal symptons from clublife and gaming.  Ever since buying the appartement and Noshi getting pregnant, club life is going slow and I'm managing to barely get a game a month in.  Which isn' to good for my "work mood" as I don't have my blow of steam vent opened as much, and believe me, my job (which I love) does bring stress with it as well. But this way, I can get games in on the weekends I can't get there, and document them, which is one part of the hobby I love doing: brabbling.

The way I'll be running the games themselves is something I'm actually studying right now, by looking at certain YouTube channels and see how they play their solo games, like TheSoloWargamingShow for one, and I guess I'll be going down the road of writing up "plans" for both sides as well as target priorities, and see how it goes from there once the fickle finger of fate starts throwing them in the garbage can.

So to that end, I'm just as curious as you guys and gals how it will all turn out, because I have no idea myself at the moment on how to make those lovely documentaries for YouTube ;-)

Dia de Muertos

The most recent movie I watched together with Noshi is this recently released 2019 Mexican animation movie, made in 2019.

In the same style of story as Disney`s Coco, it visits the mexican Day of the Dead festival, or Dia de Muertos, for a story filled with magic and some humour.

In the Mexican town of Santa Clara, lives Salma, a 16 year-old orphan who never got to meet her biological parents. The only story she's been told her whole life is that they abandoned her. Salma has spent most of her life dedicated to searching out clues for her parents' identity and their whereabouts with little to no luck, until she discovers a special book that is filled with stories of Santa Clara and the history of their people. With this new special book, Salma sets off onto an adventure with her two brave and heart-warming foster brothers, Jorge and Pedro, to find the missing links to her family's heritage in hopes to finally get to meet her long lost parents.

It's not to bad a movie, even if it is not the greatest around.  The animation levels are okay and it has the usual "oh that's cute" inhabitants, but it also draws perhaps a bit to much from other movies and builds that into the atmosphere of the movie (for example, you can spot references to Beauty and the Beast, Lord of the Rings, ...).

A good saturday night television movie to wacth with kids, but nothing extraordinary.

dinsdag 3 december 2019

Flames of War... again

Okay, the flesh is weak.  Or the mind.  Or maybe one can blame lack of resistance...

But yeah, years after I sold my Flames of War italians... I bought Flames of War italians, as you could see passing by in the haul reports from the previous weeks.

I don't actually know how it came to be.  Either when looking at the tournament calender on T3, or if it was due to painting them up in 6mm recently, but for some reason I decided for myself I had to go back and play the now 4th edition of the game.

So I hopped over to my favorite online dealer, Wayland Games, and bought the Avanti Savoia book (and "some" models), in order to get started with the Mid War period again.  Granted, it seems most tournaments these days are Late War, but there where no italians in the war anymore by then.  Nevertheless, I don't doubt mid war events will be popping up left and right as well, so it gives me ample time to paint and prepare my Compagnia Carri.

Because what is more heroic after all then going to battle with a collection of L6/40s and M14/41s "tanks".  It's like playing Halflings in Blood Bowl, defeats are normal and victories become epic stories.

Add to that that Battlefront changed from the resin and metal of the time I played to more and more plastic kits, and on the contrary to "that big industry giant" has caused to actually decrease the price of the models, and it is rather cheap to get back going in the game with a limited budget to spend on it.

So while not a goal, expect to see that force growing slowly over the coming months as I'll be painting them up as in betweeners from the more regular projects.

Avanti Savoia!

maandag 2 december 2019

The AHPC10 Map is unveiled

Curt revealed all the locations and the requirements for the map of the AHPC10 today, and it looks like this:

So that`s a nice and varied set of options, and now I`ll have to ponder which route to take.

While I do have some ideas already, I am going to be using the Balloon quite a lot I think, to hop around the place and try to tangle with some varied themes.

But I`ll also be needing to paint up a "prize" figure to join this challenge, and that is something I am going to do as soon as the contest starts, to become my first entry.

At first look, I think I am going to go the "Path of the New Shiney" in all probability, though "The Path of History" is also a strong contender...

Time to do some research (and mail orders!) for the challenge, and get those brushes fired up, though the map won`t be distracting me to much (I hope) from the projects I want to do this challenge.

Time to go on an adventure!


Was there ever any doubt I wouldn't be going to the theatre to watch this newest Roland Emmerich epos?

This war movie, in the style of Pearl Harbor, tells about the attack on the island, and the resulting largest naval battle in the history of America, and turning point of the war in the Pacific.  

The battle for a small and insignificant airstrip called Midway...

A few years before the start of World War II the US Naval attaché in Tokyo and his counterpart discuss the US and Japanese positions in the Pacific Ocean during a state function. Isoroku Yamamoto quietly informs intelligence officer Edwin T. Layton that they will take action if their oil supplies are threatened. On the morning of December 7, 1941, the Japanese use their carrier fleet to strike at Pearl Harbor.

The attack leads the US to enter World War II. Shortly thereafter, a command shake-up occurs at Pearl Harbor as Admiral Chester Nimitz assumes command of the badly damaged US Pacific Fleet. Layton speaks with Nimitz over his failure to convince Washington of the impending attack on Pearl Harbor. Nimitz instructs him to stick to his guns in the next battle with Washington so as to avoid a repeat of the surprise attack at Pearl Harbor.
In April 1942, following the Doolittle Raid, the Japanese turn their attention to the Coral Sea. Meanwhile, Joseph Rochefort and his cryptology team begins intercepting messages concerning a location the Japanese identify as "AF". Layton speaks with Nimitz, who informs him that Washington believes "AF" to be a target in the Aleutians. Layton disagrees, believing the intended target to be Midway Atoll. After meeting with Rochefort, Nimitz instructs the team to find a way to definitively prove that "AF” is Midway. After Layton instructs Midway to telegraph in the clear (unencrypted) that they are suffering a water shortage, cryptologists working for Rochefort intercept Japanese communications concerning water shortages on “AF” - thus confirming that "AF" is Midway. In preparation for an ambush of the Japanese fleet, Nimitz orders carriers Hornet and Enterprise recalled from the Coral Sea and demands that the damaged Yorktown be made ready for combat operations within 72 hours.

On June 4, the Japanese launch an air attack against Midway. Initial attempts by US land-based aircraft to strike at the Japanese fleet carriers fail and no aircraft succeeds in striking a carrier. Nautilus, a US submarine, successfully locates and attacks an enemy carrier but the torpedo misses its target. Admiral Chūichi Nagumo orders the Arashi to keep the submarine pinned down so that the carriers can escape. Meanwhile, US carrier planes are launched in an effort to destroy the Japanese carriers. After reaching the last known location of the Japanese fleet the US forces discover that the carriers have moved. Upon spotting the Arashi, the Commander of the Air Group (CAG) of the Enterprise, C. Wade McClusky, correctly infers the Japanese destroyer is rushing back to the main Japanese fleet and leads his planes to follow its course.
Meanwhile, Admiral Nagumo learns of the presence of the US fleet and orders his men to rearm his planes for the anti-ship attack. As his personnel switch out the aircraft ordnance, US carrier-based planes abruptly appear. Anti-aircraft fire from ships and Japanese planes combined with evasive maneuvers initially keeps the carriers safe. However, Enterprise squadron commanders C. Wade McClusky and Richard Halsey Best successfully lead their planes through the anti-aircraft fire and destroy the Japanese carriers Kaga and Akagi, and squadrons from the Yorktown destroy the Sōryū. Attempting to salvage the battle, Hiryū commanded by Tamon Yamaguchi attempts to rally the remaining Japanese aircraft for an assault against the US carriers. Locating Yorktown, the Japanese bomb and disable the carrier.

Upon returning to the Enterprise, Best receives word that about half of his squadron is either missing or destroyed. Informed that there is a surviving Japanese carrier, Best rallies what pilots he can and sets off to attack the Hiryu. Japanese anti-aircraft fire fails to stop the attack, and Best scores a critical hit that destroys the Hiryu. Raymond Spruance, informed of the destruction of the last Japanese carrier, decides to withdraw for the night rather than press his luck. Informed of the loss of his carriers in battle, Admiral Yamamoto orders his fleet to withdraw from the battle rather than risk his battleships without sufficient air cover, thus bringing the Battle of Midway to a close. In Pearl Harbor, Rochefort intercepts the Japanese order to withdraw and passes it to Layton, who then informs Nimitz and his staff of Yamamoto's decision to withdraw, and by extension the US victory in the Battle of Midway, followed by a coda depicting the fate of the various participants as well as Japanese reprisals after the battle.

The only thing for me missing in this movie, compared to other epos like war movies, is an accompanying epic soundtrack.  You know, the kind that keeps sounding in your head even long after leaving the theatre.

But the movie is awesomely made and entertaining, not turning into a drag at any point as the action follows smoothly.  Not using a heap of A-list movie stars also helps, as this means it doesn`t turn into a big star fanaddoration film, but actual emotion with the viewer.

But Noshi, who doesn't really like the genre, thought it a good movie, and that is saying something!

zondag 1 december 2019


Based on the novella and short stories by George RR Martin, this sci-fi horror series was produced by SyFy and aired on Netflix.

It's a visual appealing series with some weird plots and twists, good ideas... but falls down in the end resulting in it being cancelled for a second season, so ending in a cliffhanger.

With Earth being ravaged by pollution and sickness, a team is assembled aboard the special ship Nightflyer to contact an alien race known as the Volcryn and save humanity.

But soon they learn the ship is sort of possessed, as an entity aboard the ship seems to work against them.  This is revealed to be the conscious of the previous captain and creator of the Nightflyer, Cynthia Eris and mother of the strange and reclusive current captain Roy Eris.  Think this series of being aboard the Event Horizon, but with the corridors from Alien, being run by Hal2000 during meno-pauze.

As the crew manage to lock the entity away in the computer matrix crystal, they travel ever closer to the Volcrys, but this starts to bring with it all sorts of strange phenomena and the deaths of several crew members (both main and side characters mind you).  In a desperate attempt to overtake the ship's control again, Cynthia possesses Lommy's, the computer expert on board, body in order to have the Nightflyer self-destruct and prevent contact with the alien species...

Not to bad a series, but it isn`t the kind of sci-fi you might be looking around for for some easy RnR.  It is complicated at times to keep track of the whole motivations of the various crew members, and due to the open ending, some answers remain out of our reach.

I liked it, even though it wasn`t "up there" with the greatest of series on television though, so let's say a good average series in the end.

The Haul Report 206

Don`t judge me... or maybe a little...

Okay, so I did bite into FoW again, and yes, Italians.

From Wayland I grabbed not only the army book and the "essentials" like dice and tokens, but also the Lorenzo`s Rams boxed set (which if I read correctly, also has the rulebook inside).

And to round that order out, I also grabbed a unit for By Fire and Sword...

The AHPC will see some 15mm action hehehe

Another great set of loot where my custom made MESBG dice, a group order set up by the Great British Hobbit League, so I ordered one of each available design back in august.

The final loot that arrived this week is one nice doormat for our new place...

A good week for sure this time round once more!

zaterdag 30 november 2019

Attack on Titan season 1

Okay, so it might be time I catch up with the "cool kids" and this very popular series.

The first season, compremising of 25 episodes, bundles four arcs from the original magna in a series of "linked sub-arcs" to the overal plot.

Just a word of warning first: don't get attached to any characters outside the main cast, they end up dead rather quickly, making Game of Thrones look like a fairy tail.

Humanity has been hurdled back into one giant city, ringed by three huge walls.  Assailed by all sides by gigantic monsters called Titans, Eren wants to join the Scouts as they come outside this lifestock like existence.
But Wall Maria is breached and his parents killed, so Eren vows revenge together with his childhood friends Armin and Mikasa.  He seemingly falls after completing his training, but reappears as a Titan himself, attacking the others.

Eren and his friends are subsequently recruited in the elite scout regiment of captain Levi, but when faced with a strange female Titan who apparently also possesses the ability to transform, the scout squad gets decimated. But this Titan is suspected to be one of the scouts, and when the remnants of the regiment returns home, she reveals herself and wreaks havoc in the city...

Okay, so it isn`t a bad series indeed, and both entry musics (especially the one from the first part of the season) are epical pieces.  But the one thing I didn`t like though was the style in which the Titans themselves are drawn and animated, they look so out of place.

Never the less, over time I`ll check out the remaining seasons as well...

vrijdag 29 november 2019

On the Painting Desk 120

Or better, At the Assembly Line...

As my painting spot isn't set up yet and it is still a bit of helping out where possible, I have been glueing together models at full speed instead.

That way, the glueing (and undercoating) will be ready by the time the AHPC starts at the 21st of december, and so will I in a bid to score no less then 1.000 points this year.

And that will include a heap of 6mm, as both my Belgians and my Neo-Soviets for respectively Blitzkrieg and Future War Commander are build up.

Until next week!

donderdag 28 november 2019

What I painted in November 2019

We've moved!

And that also means this is a bit of an iconic month, as it features the very last figures finished in the old appartment.

Unfortunatly, the mancave isn't just set up, BUT I have been painting in the new place!  And the glorious first models completed in the Hobbit Hole (a picture and video report on the place will follow once it is all done and ready) arrrrrrrre:

6mm Haystacks from Perfect Six Miniatures, 9 of them to be precise.

Yup, nothing big or spectacular, as it is mostly journeying between hobby room in progress and the dining able for the moment. Not ideal for serious paint projects as my paint lamp isn't installed yet, but good enough for all sorts of small scatter terrain and the likes.

But before everything was packed up on the paint desk and moved to this new place, some figures had also been completed, most notably at last the batch of 18 Morannon Orcs.  These guys have officially become the last miniatures painted on the trusty paint desk...

As well as this minor level hero, a Mordor shaman.

Another small thing I completed was a few models to test the paint scheme for my Zeon forces in 6mm.

So, 31 models got rounded out for the month, but I plan on finishing the year with a bang though...

The Middle-Earth Hobby Bingo update 5

About one more month to go before the year, and this bingo effort, ends, so let's see how far we are for the final sprint.

Because well, dwarves are lethal on short distances after all...

But oops, in update 4 I actually forgot to post the image of my card, so this time it seems like a lot of fields had been scratched off...

What is actually new are the Morannon orcs, resulting in the marking of "Finish a model that has been in your to-do pile for over a year".

I realise I won't be able to finish all the squares for the Bingo by a long shot, but for december and the AHPC I am going to be aiming for some final markings first before entering other items into the challenge...

woensdag 27 november 2019

Vixen: The Movie

And that's it, number 30 and meaning I reached this years goal of movies to watch.

Unfortunatly, this "made for CW" DC movie isn't one of the stronger DC animated movies though...

Released in 2017, the film is a compilation of season 1 and 2 of the animated webseries, with new scenes linking them together into one story.  The cool part about this movie though, is that all the CW alumi like Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin voice act their characters from the various series on the channel's Arrowverse.

Mari McCabe is a young girl who comes into possession of her families totem, allowing her to summong the powers of animals into her.  Unfortunatly, she is beset by at first her sister, who wants to bring it back to Zambesi to restore the destroyed nation for the wrong reasons, and later on the warlord that destroyed it, who wants to get all the totems in his control.

During these trials, Vixen must learn on how to control the powers and help her in fighting crime in her city, aided at times by members of the Arrowverse.

But unfortunatly, the story is at times a bit incoherent due to it being seperate episodes glued together, and while it doesn't show as such at first glance, you get the feeling during the watching that something is not quite in order.

While well animated like all DC movies, I would say this is more for the Arrowverse fan then a casual superhero movie watcher though...

dinsdag 26 november 2019

The Belgian Army for BKC

A small side project I had planned for Blitzkrieg Commander, to go along all my Italians, is the Belgian army.

Now, that army list only cover may 40, as we collapsed fairly quickly against the Blitzkrieg, but did you know that at the interwar period, in september 1939, Belgium was actually the 7th most armoured army in Europe?

Well, the problems lay elsewhere, but that doesn't stop me from feeling a little patriotic and start building a small 1000 points force for them anyways.  With Scotia Grendel having packs of both infantry, the T-13 and T-15 light tanks and the ecellent 47mm at gun, it won't be to hard to get the force actually build up, nor expensive.  For the "heavier" Renault tanks, their french range gives all that is needed as well, so for less then 20 GBP I was able to get the full army list I had written up.

Standing at only 1000 points, this force as such is good enough for a short game (about 2 - 3 hours tops) which can be played on a small surface and allows me to possibly even film our battles if we get round to it for YouTube!

The planned army for now (I still have left overs from the packs above for MMGs, AT guns, ;ore regular infantry, etc...) though will consists of the following:

CO and an HQ (7)
Infantry Recce Platoon

3 Infantry Platoons
81mm Mortar Support
47mm AT Gun
105mm Artillery Field Gun

3 AMC35 Tanks
3 FT-17 Tanks
3 T-13 Tank Hunters
3 T-15 Tankettes

That is also the COMPLETE armoured might the Belgian list can take in BKC4, no matter how big or small the force would be hehehe...

Now to get those painted up once the AHPC starts end of december...

I`ll keep you posted as the army progresses!

maandag 25 november 2019

Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge 10: we're in!!!

Ready for a third year of painting in the Challenge, I once again gaze upon my unpainted models to decide which models I'll hopefully get done during it's course.

Taking into account that during the closing stages Little Ipsqueek will be arriving, that means I'll have to start strong, then slowly fizzle out to be honest.

I've set myself a goal of 1000 points for this edition, and while it won't be "pure" Middle Earth like last year, it will never the less be heavy on that department, but with some added flavours of various things to go along.

Like some 40k, some scenery, a heap of anime game figures... mainly stuff from the various game systems I did keep after the moving of places.  But still, most will be Tolkien though, and scenery...

The rules are once again to be found on the AHPC blog, HERE.

Some things I want to get finished during the challenge?  A couple of MESBG Battle Companies for certain to begin with, and some additional rank and file rabble for larger armies.  High on the list here are the Rohirrim (prepped for last year's!!!! challenge, and just didn't get round to them the past year), battle companies for Arnor, Lothlorien, Rangers, Easterlings and The Shire, and if time given, more rank and file Uruk-hai and Mordor orcs.

On the scenery side, I'm looking mostly to get my small plastic Renedra houses and such done, to fill the table in a more Middle-Earth style, and if my Ender should arrive before the challenge, a whole battery of printed scenery as well...

I will also need to do some serious work on getting my "The Great Wall" inspired Empire army for the 9th Age of the ground, including the necessary converions and such to make it a worthy tournament force.  So that'll mean a LOT of resin cleaning the coming days to prepare them.

I'm also aiming to get some Tau done perhaps and then especially the ones I wanted to make as a Kill team (when that game came out, go figure...), and a bunch of the still to paint Crisis figures (see The Vault tab at the top of this blog) so I can finally show them all off in their painted glory.  For the Tau in addition, and if I have the time, this will be hopefully my SEED Destiny inspired bodyguard unit of ZAFT suits next to the above mentioned unit.

Other "side projects" I'd like to tackle during this challenge are our bands for the Underworlds game system, a bunch of 6mm Gundams for both Future War Commander and Mobile Suit Skirmish and some dribs and drabs for other boardgames like Arcadia Quest... and those Amazons from 2 challenges ago really should be dusted off and painted up for Blood Bowl as we are having a league again this year at TSA... what you mean, slacking???

Now, the big change this year is that there aren't any bi-weekly bonus challenges, but instead there will be a treasure map with themed bonuses as you go.  So I'm going to aim at finishing those, and even maybe reach the famed X which marks the spot!

So that should give me a nice tally when the challenge ends of completed figures, if all goes well and my little Hobbit keeps to his schedule to emerge from his Hobbit Hole...

Haystacks 6mm scatter terrain

And here they are, the glorious, very first miniatures I painted in the new place.

Okay, so it is something simple, as the mancave isn't ready yet, so it was dining table work...

But never the less, it's some nicely sculpted, metal haystacks to litter my BKC table during games, big enough to provide some cover on the open fields.

The models themselves are by Perfect Six, and took about an hour to paint the whole set with some drybrushing over a light brown undercoat.

Hope you like the little tikes.

zondag 24 november 2019

Review: Brigade Models 6mm Neo-Soviet Molotok SP Gun

If you like huge guns, this is your tank!

Hailing from the Neo-Soviet range and found HERE, this thing just screams indirect firing.

I will be reducing the opponents lines to crater heaven!

zaterdag 23 november 2019

The Haul Report 205

Another week dribbled by, and some new shineys arrived this week.

Namely this awesome Limited Edition figure.

Captain Flint (yeah, I'm a fan) now graces my collection of figures, and I obtained number 82 / 500 from these Wargames Illustrated limited models, sculpted by Kevin Dallimore.

Because we`re all monsters to someone...

vrijdag 22 november 2019

On the Painting Desk 119

Okay, so this is faster then expected!

The move went well, and while still not optimised for dedicated painting, I did manage to get actual work done while the kitchen was delivered and installation was in progress.

Okay, painting is saying much, mostly assembling figures though as I still need to get a table for painting, so it was moving to the dining room for now.  But once the mancave if fully set up, expect the return to video format to show weekly progress.

The good thing though is that I now can assemble and prime already a lot of figures for when / if the AHPC returns this year, skipping that time consuming preparation work already.

So, off we go in a new chapter of hobbying as we build up forces for the weeks to come...

donderdag 21 november 2019

Review: Perfect Six 6mm Haystacks

With my CSIR preparing to invade Russia, I went on the look out for some suitable scatter terrain.

And that search brought me to the Perfect Six Miniatures range, who make some great models for cheap prices.

For 2.25 GBP, I obtained 9 haystacks, 3 each in 3 different sizes.

Order them HERE if you want some for yourselves!

Justice League Dark

A memorable animated movie this is, as it is the first one I watched in the new house while unpacking the hobby room.

In this 2017 movie from the DC brand, whom long time have been better then their theatre counterparts, we get to meet "another" Justice League.

All over the States, violent murders are committed by people halucinating that they see demonic entities all round.  The League thinks it is magic at the source, but Batman is skeptical.  However, he is briefly possessed by Deadman who tells him to find Constantine.

Looking up Zatanna, they search out Constantine, and together with Black Orchid and Deadman they look up Ritchie Simpson, a friend of Constantine and Zatanna whose days are limited due to cancer.  Their search leads to Jason Blood and he tells them about the sorcerer Destiny, planning to make a return after centuries into this world, and grouping up with Swamp Thing the hunt is on...

It is a great movie, showing "that other" Justice League in action at last, based on their comic book adventures.  The working ethos of these more sinister members is slightly different then their goodie-two-shoes counterparts, and they are way colder in their resolve of situations (especially John Constantine).

Really worth the watch!

woensdag 20 november 2019


Where The Croods was the final movie we watched in our place in Antwerp, this american sci-fi film closed the era of Merksem binging.

Because after writing this, my trusty computer was packed up and made ready for the move of places.

A-X-L (Attack, eXploration and Logistics) is a robotic dog made by cutting edge military technology.  After escaping by an experiment gone wrong, he is discovered by Miles in an abandoned scrapyard.  Miles himself is a kid wanting to become a motorracer, and is left in the wilds after being set up by his biggest rival.

A-X-L helps rebuilding Miles's lacking confidence, while he in turn, together with a girl named Sara, go to length to protect their new robotic friend, realising what is at stake should he be discovered.  But when his rival tries to burn A-X-L with his flamethrower, the dog goes after him after a self-repair cycle to get revenge.  Miles and Sara can stop him, but this results in their friend being recaptured by the scientist that created him.  He threatens to kill Sara if Miles doesn't hand over the control key, but A-X-L remembers his friends and together they escape, pursued by the military, and having the puppy bring the ultimate sacrifice in order to protect Miles...

It's a movie we originally intended to watch in theatre, but never got round to, and sort of glad we did.  While it isn't bad for a "late night in the couch", I would have felt bad should we have payed the 17 euro each for a movie ticket.

But if you have an hour or two to spare, it's okay to spend those at watching A-X-L...

dinsdag 19 november 2019

SBG issue 7 - Summer 2018

Slowly and surely I`m catching up enjoying all these lovely produced fanzines, and this time we are at the summer of 2018, nearing the end of the previous edition of the game.

And it is all centered about a year in the making, awesome piece of terrain, the Stone Giants from the The Hobbit movie.

The issue starts with the snippets from the SBG Towers, including some facts about the above mentioned piece of very impressive terrain.

The first big article is the continuation of How to Win a Golden Demon, and Dave's diorama of charging elves and dwarves.

In the Dr's Corner, Damian looks back at his first attempts of designing a game, called Warfleet, which was a 28mm scale game of naval warfare for Warhammer Fantasy Battles, including scratchbuild vessels.

While in the Dr's Mother, a new column, his mom looks back on how she has seen her son being formed into a wargaming lover.

The second part of the Iron Hill's Tactica this month takes a look at the war machines Dain brings along with his forces, the Ballista's and the mighty Chariot.

In the first of two Battle reports this month, Thorin's Company tries to escape the ambush of Goblin Town as the Stone Giants battle it out amongst each other in a huge thunderstorm.

An article detailing the build and converting of the Champions of Erebor chariot is next in this issue.

In Painting Masterclass Bilbo is given the treatment, while there is also a short converting guide about making Gundabad Warg Riders.

In the second Battle Report, the chariot that was seen above is put through her paces, as it tries to race to Raven Hill while the forces of Gundabad ambush it at every stretch.

And we round out the issue with the Hobby Blog, to see what the whole studio crew has been up to the past weeks and months.

Another finely produced issue of the Middle Earth fanzine to be, and be sure to check the magazine out and order your backcopies if you would like to know more!