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What I painted in July 2018

By : Tomsche69
Well, a lot of pink and purple dominates this month of paintworks...

Because well, those Emperor's Children ranks need to be boosted, don`t they xD

In a bout of Nostalgia, I painted up one of the old laser turrets and 2 chaos marine crew from the ancient Space Crusade boardgame, which was licensed out to GW.  It`ll serve as a Rapier Laser Destroyer, but it's to me just fun to have one of these true relics in the force.

On the other hand, this Primaris is from the brand new range, and he was the testmodel of a small unit of Chosen I`ll be building using these fellas.

Another reinforcement to the Emperor's Children legion is a kitbash of a Sonic Dreadnought, who can now be fielded again in the armies thanks to the Forge World FAQ.  A handy machine, and so fluffy to Slaanesh forces, I just need to have one while keeping an eye out for the old resin Forge World one.

Ow, and I made this little objective marker to "diss" a buddy of mine to bring his Iron Hands to the table...

One of the things, call it "essentials" if you like, I finished this month are a heap of Rhino's in 6mm.  These 11 brave little chariots will serve to bring my infantry to the enemy, where they can really shine... hopefully.

From a box of old miniatures, I already managed to patch up a heap of "scatter terrain" in 28mm to litter around the battlefield, including a lady with some chickens, but also a bunch of walls, trees and more of those small things.

So, that makes a nice amount of 28 models painted this month, not to shabby for such a busy month at work with very few paint hours.

And the next months won`t be much better, but that`s because I`ll be holiday travelling :-)
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WIP The Altar of Slaanesh

By : Tomsche69
Well, this is something I did in some form ages ago for my Chaos Dwarfs, a sort of "relic" that will continually be adding stuff should I win games with my 3rd Legion, the Emperor's Children.

Back then, it was a slave unit with models of all sorts in it... now I`m going for an evergrowing pile of stuff.

The idea is very simple.  The base will be an old compact disc, which I`ll be painting the same style as my 40k bases, the white and jade marble looking stuff.  In the center is a pillar of worship, with a statuette on top, dedicated to the Prince of Pleasure, Slaanesh.

Scattered over the floor around the pillar will be relics of the opponents I fought, being heads, weapons, arms, banners, whatever or icons glued to the pillar itself... in as much as possible their colour scheme they used during said battle (or artist impression in case of unpainted *booh hiss* opponents).  Every time I win a battle, I`ll be adding a piece of gear to the monument as such.

The chained poles on the metal pieces I`ve added are for "very special" achievement trophies, like should I ever rejoin the tournament scene and actually win something, the opponent of the finale will be honored on of those various poles.

Every once in a while, I`ll be showing off the "loot" again as it gets added, but the altar itself will be updated and posted on the Battle Stats slot of this blog once it is "ready to go".

I hope over the years this will keep growing as such to an impressive stack of painted bits, that will tell the tale of victory from the Emperor's finest legion to have ever existed as such.

The Haul Report 144

By : Tomsche69
Totally absolutely nothing again this week...

I really am steadying my hand (and wallet) until I got through the large EC lot.

Though soonish I`ll be ordering some sonic weaponry for them though, probably after my holidays in august.
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So much to see still...

By : Tomsche69
Well, I was sitting with Noshi in the couch earlier this week, and we talked about series we still have to watch, both regular and anime wise.

And the list is pretty impressive truth to be told... especially adding in the fact a lot is still coming out, and series I have on my own 'to watch' list as well...


We are currently watching Date a Live, the first season, and are episode 6.  So that means that together with the season 1 OVA, this series will be finished in the not so far future.

But our list is pretty immense of anime series we want to watch on top of that together.  Tokyo Ghoul, RBWY, Overlord, The Devil is a Part-Timer, Strike the Blood, Date A Live season 2, Re Zero, Hirugashi, Another, the whole Fate franchise, Stein's Gate and Basilisk... that's a pretty damn long list.

Add to that the third series of Hero Academia, of which before that I have to go through series 1 and 2 first (the same goes for Attack on Titan)... as well as series I want to finish on my own.  Gundam Origins now had the final episode just released, so that will be seen soonish.  But then there is still Gundam Build Divers, Kuromukuro, Starship Operators, Battleship Yamato 2199 and Blassreiter high on my list... together with 6 others from my "let's watch 10 random anime series this year" idea.

Regular Series

This list is in essence shorter, but taking into account that the episodes last double as long as an anime one, it will be a lot of watching time as well.

Zoo seasons 2 and 3, Musketeers season 3, Constantine, The Shannara Chronicles season 2, ... that's naming just a few while there are some good series on the way like Discovery, Vikings second part, the new RR Martin series.

On top of that, I got some Netflix series to watch myself, like Altered Carbon or La Casa de Papel, together with a heap in the back log still like DaVinci's Demons season 3... this really means a couple of hundreds of hours to watch.

Somehow, I am pretty sure I won't get it all done this year hehehehe...

And that's not even mentioning movies...

Unboxing Hot and Dangerous Clara

By : Tomsche69
A range of 28mm and 54mm pin up models produced by polish company Wargamer Games Studio LTD (the guys from the 15mm By Fire and Sword range) that I backed on Kickstarter, I'm opening the sets and making short unbox video's on them.

Half of a set of two matching figures, the other one being Southern Dixie, I couldn't resist taking Clara for a sort of mascotte to my Union force.

Thanks for watching, and feel free to subscribe to my little YouTube channel for totally amateurish, irregular schemed content now and then x-D
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Burrows and Badgers scatter terrain

By : Tomsche69
More of that large box of old stuff has been touched up and repaired, this time a heap of small scatter terrain pieces.

They will be used in games of Burrows and Badgers once I got our warbands painted up and Noshi finishes the houses, so that we can fill a nice 24 by 24 area.

The first thing I got done where the most essential pieces, being wall sections.  Because we all need those a lot on whatever battlefield we fight over, don`t we.

I also have some tree trunks ready, old resin models from a french company from 8+ years ago called guthey.  No idea to be honest if they are still around, I always shopped at their stand at the Lille show in France.

This little rock piece is actually a piece of soft plastic from an old BanDai gashapon kit.

I also finished the waterwell, another little model I have no idea where or when I originally obtained it from...

The final piece done for now is a large pile of treasure, which is handy because of certain scenario's including it.

So, that is it for now on the small pieces, nice little 28mm stuff to fill up the tabletop a bit more...

The Lady and the Chickens

By : Tomsche69
One of the first things I recuperated and retouched from this weeks impressive old stuff I dug up, is this nice 28mm lady.

It`s an old figure of which I don`t even have the slightest clue where I once had gotten her though.

But with a bit of touching up, she was once again ready to serve on the tabletop as some bit of "scatter terrain", to make the scene that bit more lively.

Next up from that whole pile will be the retouching of more generic terrain pieces, mostly for 30mm gaming in Burrows and Badgers.

TSA Clubevening of the 20th of June 2018

By : Tomsche69
While I was battling it out myself the past friday, a report on that can be seen a few days ago, there where of course a lot of other games being played as well.

And as such, let's take a look at the various games taking place on yet another damn hot friday...

Apart from my own battle of 40k, a second one took place between the Custodes and the Harlequins.  Both nasty armies, the golden boys where victorious in the end.

A four player Spectre Operations game in full swing.

The Men Who Would be King was present again this evening.

More paper figure battles, as the AWI was now on the table.  I really like the look of these things to be honest, even though I`ll never dabble into it myself I fear.

The Heroquest campaign saw action once again.

The Empires of the Void boardgame was put through it`s paces again this week as well.

While more space combat was taking place in this game of X-Wing.

A large 15mm What a Tanker game, with half a dozen players.

The homebrewn English Civil War rules where being fought with as they still have to decide who will rule england, the Crown or the Parliament...

More movements took place Beyond the Rhein.

While finally, some people are preparing their 40k forces...

So another week of nice games and varied battling going on!

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Haul Report 143: Digging up Old Stuff Special

By : Tomsche69
Last saturday I was with the nephews, who long ago inherited my wargame paints and some figures, and never gotten into it in the end.

So the paints I got back when I started again, but they told me the figures where there as well still. 

I had no clue what I had given to them, so I expected like a plastic bag.  Big was the suprise when they came back with a big red box and a bag full of more boxes.

Inside was a treasure trove of old, including limited edition figures, like Other Partizan show ones, the 2012 Salute Mayan King, but also the ancient GW Norse, Chaos Dwarfs and much more.

Sealed blisters of 15mm HOTT?  Check.  Old painted figures that need a touch up?  Check.  Semi undressed ladies?  Check.

Even my old flocking material, including  the infamous pink sand of 20 years ago that I got when Nemesis still worked at GiFi...

And even a whole heap of unpainted and painted resin scenery that will be recuperated for Burrows and Badgers.

But also a heap of scatter terrain was still in there, which I'll be retouching and then redistribute amongst either aforementioned Burrows and Badgers, as well as for my 40k forces as objective markers for example.

Now, they indeed didn't do much with all the stuff, because the brand new brushes I gave years ago now returned... still brand new.

Yeap, this is big "getting back" for sure...

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Emperor's Children vs Tau: 1000 pts battle report

By : Tomsche69
This friday I faced Ivan and his Tau forces on the battle field, in what would become a weather the storm type of battle in all probability.

Now, there are some things about the Tau...

Fact 1: for some reason, over all of the editions, I never faced them myself before, so this was a first experience
Fact 2: I fielded an army made to battle Space Marines, so not optimal for battling a shooty force with barely any close combat troops.
Fact 3: Luckily, I knew he is a battlesuit style player, so no ranks of pulse rifles at least to decimate my lines.

And with that knowledge, I was ready to face them in my first game after the huge battle from the end of May...

The Tau forces opposing me consisted of a Coldstar Commander, two Ghostkeel suits, a squad of 6 markerdrones and 2 units of 3 battlesuits each, one with burst cannons and one with plasma rifles.

My force was led by a winged demon princess, a sorcerer, a squad of noise marines, two units of cultists, a havoc squad with 2 autcannons and 2 heavy bolters, a rapier Laser Destroyer and a Helbrute with plasma cannon and missile launcher.

The scenario rolled was Contact Lost, in which we would get a fresh objective card every turn, and the table was set up, objectives placed.  As I couldn't seize the intititative, the Tau went first.

The plasma squad of battlesuits was in orbit in their manta, so the rest of the force used the Farsight skill that they could advance and shoot normally, coming forward just a little bit.  The Ghostkeel on the left opened up on the helbrute but only caused a single wound, while the cultists in the centre lost 8 of their number to burst fire, while the Havoc squad was decimated to a single autocannon marine.  And that was it as the Tau had a rather average round of shooting.

I responed by sending the demon princess forward to take on his commander.  My firing eliminated the burst cannon team first, reducing his greater good ability for the upcoming charge.  The rest of my firing wasn't that effective, doing a few wounds on one of the ghostkeels.  But the first VP was scored as First Blood was drawn.
Under the influence of the Diabolic Strength the princess charged into the commander, and ripped him to pieces.  This scored me another point, but the Kingslayer roll came up on a 5, netting me 3 more points.

At the end of the first turn, it stood 5 - 0 for the Emperor's Children as such.

His second turn saw the arrival of the other Crisis suits behind my lines.  His firing hurt the second cultist squad, as well as the Noise Marines a good deal.  The right Ghostkeel, flying out of the consolidation from the demon, fired his flamers on the cultists and his raker hurt but not finish the Rapier.  The left Ghostkeel reduced the Helbrute to a single wound.  Ivan scored his first point as such for having troops in my deployment zone.

My second turn saw me pull out the demon princess and camp her on objective 5, which would give me 2 points should she stay there for 2 turns.  The rest of the force moved into combat range for those pesky fusion suits, while the cultists surrounded the Ghostkeel.  In a not so effective psychic phase, the only thing of note was that the demon princess smited three drones.
My firing didn't do that much, some wounds of the Ghostkeel and reducing the battlesuit squad a bit. The Noise Marines charged in on them next, just as all the cultists, who saw a unit almost wiped due to overwatch charged one Ghostkeel, and the ramshackle wreck of a Helbrute the other one.
Combat went as suspected, as the Noise Marines made short work of the battlesuits bar one, while the cultists achieved nothing, as did the Helbrute.

And so the second round ended at a 5 - 1 score.

Turn three would turn out to become the last one, as all his suits moved out of combat.  He finished off the last Havoc in his shooting phase, while the other Ghostkeel finished my Helbrute.  With his two remaining suits on the left flank back to back, and the Ghostkeel on the other side more or less okay and running around, this might not be as easy in the bag as I hoped.

My third turn saw the Noise Marines advanced to the two suits, while the Sorcerer went to camp on an objective to defend it for the next two turns.  The cultists parked on one as well, but this one only needed to be held for a single turn.
Boosted by Prescience and using the Endless Cacaphony stratagem, the Nosie Marines finished off the battlesuit first, and the Ghostkeel, who after a smite was down to one wound, afterwards.  The Noises charged the lone Stealthdrone as well in a sadistic display of ripsy-a-partsy...

This resulted in me scoring two points for the demon princess and one for the cultists on their respective objectives, and bringing the score to 8-1.

At this point Ivan yielded, as he now had a single Ghostkeel with 6 wounds left, ready to be chased by a demon princess and two smite casting characters, while two extra points would be added by my sorcerer should we play a fourth turn.

So we added a point each for being in each others deployment zone, and the end result became 9 - 2, victory to the pink phalanx!

Now what I learned is that Ghostkeels, with their stealth drones, are damn irritating buggers.  For man of the match I'm torn between on the one hand the demon princess, who managed to score 7 out of the 9 points I gathered on her own, or the Noise Marines for the sheer amount of firepower they throw out.  And if there is one thing I love, it's lots of firepower...

Unless I manage to arrange a game the 10th, my next opponent will be Mike and his Orks near the end of august, so time to overthrow the list and build it in a totally different direction...

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