donderdag 23 februari 2012

A quickie, for closure

Just the first thingie I painted last night (as if I could sleep anyways lol) for a new old project between me and my Arch Nemesis for now.

Model by Tumbling Dice, sea by Games Workshop (it`s the Dreadfleet mat)

woensdag 22 februari 2012

Old Abe

This small piece is my most recent addition to my Union `army`, from Northstar`s Menagerie, a model of an American Eagle plunging in the water and clutching a fish in it`s talons.

Old Abe was the mascot of the 8th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, and was noted for flying over the ranks letting out a mournful cry.

And being a symbol of the Union, I just had the have one to stand along my armies in battle, now officially becomming the mascot of my force as well.

As for the 8th itself, they will join my ranks eventually, but first I really should get going on the Lead Painter`s League works, so expect the regiment later on in the spring somewhere ;)

This`ll be probably my last Blog post for a few days, as friday I`m returning to the hospital for surgery, and have no idea whatsoever about the revalidation, ability to paint etc etc etc... so see you in a few!

Ciao ciao

Rise of the Silver Surfer

When Galactus first neared earth, he had sent forth his herald Norin Rad, better known as the Silver Surfer.

Undaunted, Reed Richards aka Mr Fantastic, his wife Susan Storm aka The Invisible Woman, her brother Johnny aka the Human Torch and their lifelong friend Ben Grimm, The Thing, squared off to face the Herald and eventually defeat the galactic hungerer.

dinsdag 21 februari 2012

* Reconversion... Completed *

Okay, it went a tat smoother then I taught, but thanks to Fran of The Angry Lurker my blogroll, or better said now, blogrolls, are active again.

Instead of one big one, they are now divided as said earlier in three, a mainly historical one, an otaku one (which is japanese for Geek, but doesn`t handle about japanese stuff alone, more of all those hobby things aside wargames I got going) and a fantasy one.

To help in seperating the various rolls, I also moved the Network buttons that where on top of the blog in between the seperate blogs, making it all look a bit more orderly.

And finally, about 30 more that I often looked at have been added to the respective rolls, as well as (in some cases finally) signing on to them as a follower, at one blog I was `only` about 8 months overdue on that as it stood somewhere in one of my favorites folders.

So with the blogroll blogger issue now out of the way, back to the order of business

Ciao Ciao

maandag 20 februari 2012

* Closing down for Temporary Maintenance *

Well, the blogroll issues keep continueing with Blogger, so taking benefit of my forced time in the house, I deleted the current Blogroll in order to make new ones, which apparently should solve the problem.

At least that`s what they say on various other blogs...

I`m also gonna take the opprtunity to split the roll up into three rolls (well 4, but the TSA members roll I don`t count along), into Agents of History, Otaku and Fantasy respectively, depending what is featured the most on blogs. The last one, with no title, is just one standing there as a temporary list to go look and visit blogs on before adding them to the above.

Apart from those with some crazy bouncy bouncies going around like The Angry Lurker, I`ll add those where at the moment I get to them is the hotspotz ;)

This is going to take `quite some time` as I`ll have to go and sniff out most of the blogs on the old roll, hunt down the Wordpress ones as those don`t feature in the `blogs I follow` option and all, so it could look a bit chaotic in the sidebar over the comming days hehehe.

The good thing is, I`ll be silent for the next day or two, three then, and that a great bonus!!!!

BTW, feel free to post your blog`s URL`s down this post, saves me the trouble of looking around some, add fresh ones, and `kill off` dead ones (those not updated for more then like say half a year or such)...

Of the People, By the People and For the People

Yesterday, someone asked me on a friendly wargaming forum that I frequent just what it was that attracts me to wargaming and painting the American Civil War. Considering I `don`t really like` painting rank upon rank of monotone uniformed models, yet for some reason I manage without strubbling to do just that for all those blue coated models in my cabinet.

Well, at first I thought of a heap of possibilities, like the old comics of `De Blauwbloezen`, the old Revell 1/72 Union infantry models I played with in a sandbox when 6 or so (though admitted, it was because I found the blue back easily in the sand), that documentary I once saw on Hampton Roads of which a certain line still rings in my head like yesterday ("and then suddenly a strange ship steamed into the bay, low profiled with a single, large turret mounted midships, she was the USS Monitor"). I still haven`t found that documentary again, I *think* it was the Seahunters, but I cannot find anything about a naval documentary of Monitor though.

But no, through to be told, even as a european, I must honestly say it was one man and 272 words that made the clique for me...

Ever since age 12 when I first had to study them, and their implications on modern day democracy at school that they lingered around.

So there you have it, the solemn reason why I play the Union and love reading and watching material on the conflict... even though Waterloo was literally in my back garden.

For completeness sake, here are the other references for those not knowing what I meant:

zondag 19 februari 2012

A Year of Saints!

As some might know, I`ve been spending the past 3 days in the hospital after a galblatter crisis, stones and things, and will have to go back in by the end of the week to have the little bugger removed from this divine body (roight, so that is perhaps a bit of an overstatement, but it surely does sound better then `creaking and leaking carwreck`).

This unfortunatly means all hobby related things are `on hold` for about three weeks counting in revalidation afterwards, and the comming week which I will be spending horizontal and resting, taking an antibiotics treatment to get some kind of infection under control. All pretty medical terms and they lost me after the first sentence anyways, so I`m just doing as prescribed... lying down and surfing the internet...

But a tat of good news made me all cheerfull, as 2012 seems to be the big Saint Seiya year, with no less then two new series on the line, the third season of Lost Canvas heading our way, a movie and as such a whole lot of possible new myth cloths. Okay, that last one might not be appreciated by my wallet then...

First of all, there is a CGI movie heading our way, a poster has already been released, and I must say Seiya looks awesome in it. And since it can`t get any worse then the Heaven - Ouverture anyways...

Second is a bit of a mixed feeling, a new series titled `Omega` that handles the next generation of bronze saints, 25 years after the original storyline. Seiya will be featured as the new gold Sagitarius saint, as will Saori still be Athena. It seems to be drawn more kiddie style to reach a new and young audience, but it doesn`t have to be a bad thing at all. Gundam AGE was drawn in a `Naruto / Digimon etc etc` style as well, and Dragonball always had that kind of animation, and it certainly isn`t a bad series.
I do have some questions though with the Eagle saint now having become bronze instead of silver in class, and the all `magical popsy wopsy girl` look of the armour... those wings are just eeergh. Main antagonists will be a new Pegasus, his brother Lionet, the Wolf saint, the Eagle saint (as stated, demoted in rank for some reason?), the Dragon saint and the Orion Saint (the last one will possibly be a silver saint still though).
Let`s wait and see here then.

A third announcement was by Toei Brazil, in that they are going to animate the Episode G series. This I look forward to in fact, as it handles of the `our generation` Gold Saints in their war against the Titans before the Sanctuary arc began. Deathmask returns teeheeheee....

woensdag 15 februari 2012

Stardate 15022012

It`s hard filing this report, for I have been down with some kind of bloody stomach bacteria and a smashed back from my encounter with Hakeev. My chief medical officer Nerrat tells me I`m scheduled to enter Starfleet Medical next thursday for a two day examination process, which makes me feel quite useless here sitting in my Captain`s Quarters filing reports...

First of all, a welcome to our new Science Officer Amaro. This Orion nurse has joined the crew on an exchange program, and though her uniform might be a tat special, this frees up Nerrat for her duties on board the Procyon.

The Reman Insurgence

After our exploration of the Vault last week, this tale has gotten a long story. I tracked down the Reman leader Obisek by following a damaged warbird, in a frozen cave where the Reman`s hold out, but the Tal Shiar tracked their location and launched an attack.
Left with the choice to arrest or help him, I took the path of helping him escape, as he claims that Hakeev is operating out of the Romulan Empire`s juristiction and is controlled by the `Demons of Air and Darkness`... a name I heard the Iconians be called by before, and that I stood by the Federations principle of aiding all people for their freedom, a case that even decades after Shinzon`s rise to power still hasn`t been true for the Remans.

Later on, Obisek contacted me to help find a lost vessel transporting Thalaron weapons, and guaranteed me I could destroy those devices, as long as they didn`t fall in the Romulan`s hands. After our arrival at the Nepada system, the Procyon was held by a satellite weapon, and upon disabeling the device, I was transported away from the boarding party, to find myself in a sort of coliseum to engage in gladiatorial combat.

With the help from a Reman called Slamek we discovered a Romulan base that indeed possessed a working Iconian gateway. Slamek turned out to be a traitor though as Hakeev appeared and revealed he indeed awaited the return of the Iconians moments before my crew managed to beam me out.

As a thanks, Obisek equipped the Procyon with a Reman shield array, and this altered her looks greatly, and she now looks more sinister then before.

Admiral T`nae has located Hakeev`s base of operations in the Brea system, and I went down alone to try and disable his plans using spatial charges on the power conduits. I blew up the gateway there, but then it turned out that the plaza`s central arch was nothing less then a gigantic gateway itself. Nothing a decent orbital strike couldn`t take care off though.

Back in orbit Empress Sela appeared and attacked all present, but just before we disabled her juggernaught, an iconian vessel appeared and pulled the ship out. We have no idea wether she was kidnapped or went in free will, but we can be assured that squabbles will erupt in the Romulan senate to fill the power void.

Obisek and his people have returned to the Vault and are reactivating the station to act as their new home, and left me a nice memento in thanks for the rendered help...


It is with sad regret that I must report the deaths of Duty Officers Gallenstein, due to radiation poisoning when scanning for wave signatures, and Bettes when protecting Bajoran dignitaries from an extremist attack.

The 2800...

After our Reman mission, we have been send to Deep Space Nine for a conference on fighting the Borg. Admiral D`vak assigned me to the MACO and asked me to join in a rendez-vous with Klingon Empire, Cardassian and Deferi representatives. As the conference went on, suddenly all hell broke loose as a fleet emerged from the wormhole and Jem`hadar boarded the station.

The USS Fletcher was lost in our attempt to escape, and then a Vorta called Loriss announced that the Dominion had returned and the new invasion began with the take over of Deep Space Nine.

The fleet has assembled at Bajor awaiting new orders...

Aldades Vongalazthag, USS Procyon

Following Accolades have been added to Vice Admiral Vongalazthag`s service record

* Frozen Over - destroyed 200 Breen ships
* Crystal Method - managed to make a mining lens from crystals
* Like Minded - for deciding to help Obisek`s Reman cause
* Researcher - for reaching rank 1 in Science
* Surveyor - for reaching rank 1 in Exploration
* Soldier - for reaching rank 1 in Military
* A Toast to Teammates - for finding water in the desert
* Dabo Dabbler - for betting 1000 EC at dabo
* Security Savior - for healing officers during the DS9 siege
* Federation Ambassador - for reaching rank 4 in Diplomacy
* Nurse - for reaching rank 1 in Medical
* Advocate - for reaching rank 1 in Recruitment
* Trained - for reaching rank 1 in Development
* Technician - for reaching rank 1 in Engineering
* Death from Above - for guiding Orbital Strikes
* Worms - for uploading computer worm to Iconian controls

Captain`s Log - Supplemental

What is this, a petting zoo????

maandag 13 februari 2012

Project Insanity the Finale: the come-back tournament

And then the moment arrived for which this serial was made. After 8 years of not playing, and 3 weeks of insane painting speeds, the TSA Club Championship Fun Tournament was upon us. As 14 armies gathered in our clubhouse, the forces of the Dawi Zharr stood ready to take on the opposition, with one goal in mind: Do not become the last one in the ranking. Ending higher then my archnemesis Guy was a bonus...

But first, let`s have a look at all the armies gathered for a grace to the title... as we walk along the tables when the armies for the first round have been set up.

Mike`s Skink army and Yannick`s Dwarves

Tom`s Chaos Warriors vs Patrick`s (from the Nelson`s Revenge blog - see TSA sidebar) Nurgle Deamon Force

Tournament favorite Kristof`s High Elves vs Sven (from the Mechaniak blog, again, see sidebar) and his Night Goblins. Sven will proudly march on to win the best painted awards as well, and very rightly so

Arch Nemesis Guy`s Beastmen horde vs Jelle`s Tomb Kings

Wim`s MASSIVE zombie horde vs Sven the Organiser`s Bretonnians

Hannes`s Nippon vs Heiki`s Goblin Horde. heiki won the `special prize` for most bonuspoints in army selection (a tourney thing, basically, the less specials and rare, the better).

and finally `guest attendee` Wim, the only non TSA member in the bunch and his Araby force, versus some old farts Chaos Dwarfs. Don`t go looking for his link in the sidebar though, your already reading his blog.

Battle 1: we battle the sons of the Sand

So the tournament is a go, and I start with facing off a horde of Arabians with a lot of fast cavalry, a massive elephant and blocks of spearmen. For the tournament, we had to choose in this scenario a `trophy` model at the opposing side, which would grant additional bonuspoints if killed or captured. He selected my Sorcerer Prophet, I one of his Iman`s (it`s an Antwerp thing, no need to explain why that one especcially though).

Now, I loved the table we where assigned to. Two rivers counting as dangerous terrain caused half his horses to drown before he got to my compact force, and a Transmutation of Lead in turn one turned half a block of spearmen, a lvl 2 caliph and my trophy into gold. Still think I should have gotten even more bonuspoints, at least my trophy was already gilded and polished now. The other spearmen unit literally spat apart when an earthshaker shell crashed into it.

The battle was over before it had began in all earnest...

The rest saw the elephant dying when under the effects of an Ash Storm, making it flammable, and the hero then wounding it with the Black Hammer of Hashut, causing the general to start his long run back to the baseline and ending the battle in a Massacre for the Chaos Dwarfs.

Hero of the match though was the level 2 Hellsmith, who managed to throw back two units of fast cavalry and a depleted unit of flying carpet riders who wanted to get past him and attack the Earthshaker.

Battle 2: oh crap, those Hogh Elves

The massive amount of points I raked in caused me to be on the top of the mountain at that moment, and so my opponent was Kristof and his High Elves. I feared this force even from before the tournament, with so many units versus my way to compact line. A special rule for the scenario resulted in me having to deploy my entire army before his, so I had no other option then to bunk in.

80 High Elf spearmen / sea guard led by a Battle Standard and level 4 wizard, and supported by two eagles and flying hero set out towards my line and in this battle the K`daai for the first (and only) time excelled. They managed to hold up and defeat a block of spearmen and the two eagles, before finally going under vs the hero, whom I could keep from charging with the help of an Ash Cloud. I had the luck that I had magical superiority, because on the second spell his level 4 casted he ended up in the realms of Chaos never to be seen again.

It was not to be though. I had to take a gamble and charge one of the spearmen blocks, in order to hopefully break them and get past the other two blocks in front of my warriors. However, thanks to the bsb they held on (justly) and the other two units piled in. It still took three rounds of combat before my warriors (at that point, a standard, champion and the sorcerer prophet) broke and where run down, and as a result (and good tradition) the blunderbusses and cannon crew decided to leg it as well.

Still, a good fight from the Dawi Zharr, for only eleven elves of the massive force that marched to my line lived to tell the tale...

Man of the match here is a tie between the K`daai onehand for tying up the flank, and the Earthshaker on the other hand for blasting about 60 elves apart...

Battle 3: Hashut be praised

At this moment, both me and my nemesis where on a 1 - 1 record... and the lords be praised, we had to fight each other. This meant that I would have complete control of wether or not I could achieve my secondary objective.

His horde, with a very nasty unit of hero led Minotaurs, deployed in line against my small force standing on and around a hill. The Earthshaker did his duty, decimating blocks of infantry, but he managed to strike home a battered assault, including one big nasty Gorgon, in the end. The Dwarfs, albiet pressured, did manage to hold on by the flesh of their teeth, and the battle would have been a jiffy... if the blunderbusses and cannon crew didn`t do their usual thing. Move over Usain Bolt, these fully plated dwarfs run the 100m way faster then you! I really will be glad when my force is more to my liking once painting can start in earnest on them again...

Still, I managed a minor victory and the warriors are getting the man of the match title for my side, refusing to break off assaulted on all sides.

So we ended with a 2 - 1 result, and bith objectives achieved, but where did we end after 8 years of not playing Warhammer?

Here is the result, the painting points where seperate from the playing points, otherwise I would have even be close to the person before me...

1: Kristof (High Elves)251 pt
2: Sven (Bretonnia) 220 pt
3: Tomsche (Legion of Azgorh) 183 pt
4: Tom (Chaos Warriors) 178 pt
5: Hannes (Nippon) 170 pt
6: Yannick (Dwarfs) 165 pt
7: Mike (Lizardmen) 160 pt
8: Patrick (Nurgle Deamons) 159 pt
9: Guy (Beastmen) 138 pt
10: Wim (Vampire Counts) 137 pt
11: Jelle (Tomb Kings) 129 pt
12: Heiki (Goblins) 124 pt
13: Sven (Goblins) 113 pt
14: Wim (Araby) 83 pt

Third place. We managed an unbelievable, podium place! Okay, an old fox seems to still know his tricks then WOOT WOOT.

What did we learn this tournament?

* Earthshaker. Definitly the unit of the tourney for me, blasting apart about 200 models now that they are laserguided with the all measuring allowed and the Hellsmith re-roll special rule. Sure, at 240 points for the gun and 170 for the Hellsmith this is mighty expensive as hell, but the blast AND the dangerous terrain aftermath of the quake make her a monstrosity. Downside is, unless your opponent has many blocks of troops, it`ll be hard to get the points back for this one, and it certainly isn`t viable to take 2 or such for them...

* Drop those K`daai. On the 5 battles I played this weekend, only once where they worth it. As soon as they are painted up, they will be replaced with Hobgoblins and more rank and file dwarfs.

So what now?

Well, the paint jobs for the Lead Painter`s League are now primarily my concern, as are those for the Brushslave League.
Second then is to paint up at least 1000 points of my Cathay force, but after that, it`s back to the Dawi. The blunderbusses have to get back to their old 20 man, full command status, if only to prevent the one or two casualties, panic and then run off that ran strife through the force the past days.
Hobgoblins will be added in blocks of at least 20 as well, to protect the flanks of the warrior unit and `flop in` if needed, while the warriors themself will grow to 40 to become a horde.

All in all, a fun tournament, and next year I`ll be back... with the followers of the Celestial Dragon peasant army then!