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World of Magic

By : Tomsche69
Roight, a quickie.

Traded some 100 older blue magic cards (mostly commons and uncommons from up to The Dark) with a collegue at work for his `just lying around, not caring about them` World of Warcraft CCG collection.

He said I needed to bring a trolley today.  I laughed.  I`m glad I did bring one though...

5 big expansion boxes, 4 smaller expansion boxes and a binder with about the whole Honor, Drums and Legion series in them...

This is going to be one hell of a sorting ride...

The House of Cards

By : Tomsche69
The House of Cards

Buying to trade away...

Okay, let`s face it, I`m a collector.  And one that likes to collect strange and obscure things just for the fun of collecting those things...

I also have an unhealthy affinity for all things anime and in particular Saint Seiya and Gundam stuffsies, and with the Library of Blue nearing completion, I decided to start collecting some other CCG... but the big question was which one?

I had to love the design, I had to love the setting, and it needed to be a sport to try and get them completed, in order to have that `yesss!` feeling when the goal is achieved.

At first, I thought about completing the Decipher Star Trek game, but there is no sport in that as you can buy whole complete sets rather cheaply on sites like eBay and the likes... then I was looking in my binder of the english version of Saint Seiya, Knights of the Zodiac, which I have every card from... and then decided to collect the complete JAPANESE edition of the game, as it has a LOT more cards then the one set and two starters that made the translation.

What`s more, I`m planning, again mostly for the sport and the thrill of the hunt, to do it by trading missing cards for cards of the more popular CCG`s around at the moment, and am going to buy up bulk collections.

So here is what I offer:

Commons: 0.01 eurocent / card
Uncommons: 0.05 eurocent / card
Rares: 0.10 eurocent / card

Foils, shineys, holos and whatevers we`ll just see about

I`m not buying storestocks or such, but am offering to `liberate` fellow gamers of mostly those tons of commons lying around and all those `crap rares` that you just can`t seem to get rid off.

The catch is namely this... I have a few `resources` (sorry, not sharing, this is a post about me and filling my collections) that are intrested in all sorts of cards, at the above rates, and offer a sort of `store credit` instead of normal payment.  That store credit I can use to get Saint Seiya cards, but also the japanese Gundam ccg cards, from them.  However, they work with a sort of `demand` system, so it`s not like I just can ship off kilo's of cards in one go, it`s all about quota needed and first to fill, first to win... in other words, I`m having a sport with that for the past weeks...  All the rest I`ll have to see if I can get them traded off through more regular channels.

Which was also why you didn`t see much life on the blog at the moment, as I have been sorting all my excess magic cards for 2 weeks going now.  And not nearly near the end...

BUT, on to the actual trading part, these are the card games I`m willing to take of your hands, at the above rates.  You don`t have to sort everything out and such, I`ll do that myself, I have `employees` to do that for me teehheehee.  Okay, it`s actually my girlfriend and my 11 year old nephew... but heck, they don`t know just yet they have been recruited ;)

1. Magic: the Gathering
2. Yu-Gi-Oh
3. World of Warcraft
4. Pokemon (okay, part of those will be to complete my own collection as well, but I ain`t shouting of roofs that I have nearly 65% of all english edition pokemon cards in my binders)
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Saint Seiya Custom models: Young Pandora and Baby Athena

By : Tomsche69
Two gems I found on Antwerp Convention, at around 20 euros each, are these custom series models of a young Lady pandora (when she intertwined her fate with Ikki and Shun) bearing the essence of Hades in a babywrap, or alternatively the box that held the essence of the Twin Gods Thanatos and Hypos.

The second, Baby Athena, can either be made with a smiling face and the dagger of Saga (posing as the pope) in an ornate case, or with a crying face as the dagger plunges into the baby.

Both models are labelled on the box `not for sale in Europe, USA and South America` but I don`t care, they have it, I buy it, simple comme bonjour.

They might not be as impressive as some of the mainstream Myth cloths, they sure as hell make nice pieces to spread along between those models to liven up the collection a little...

Past the 50k Marker

By : Tomsche69
It seemed to have happened during the weekend while I was `on other duty`, but I can proudly bump my chest and celebrate the fact that this little blog somehow managed to pass the 50.000 visits marker.

Thanks to all those people reading my ramblings, this personal party is thanks to you all!

The Horde takes form

By : Tomsche69
First completed unit for the 500 points Hobgoblin force, the obligatory big boom War Machine.

I love this force, lots of conversion possibilities and odd-balling can be done with the list (okay, not as much as with a Halfling force, but still). 

I have build the Rokkit Launcha about two years ago and already featured it on this blog, now I finally managed to paint up a third bolt thrower crewman to complete it.  The Hobhounds unit is done as well so far, but that one will be showed after they competed in the next round of the BSL.

And for the ravagers (frenzied wolf riders basically) I`m going to use Heroclix... don`t ask, you`ll see...

The Legacy of Hashut

By : Tomsche69
For those that have been following my blog over the past years, might remember how I dedicated part 4 of the `I am an Anvil` series to Aleeha Travis, a lady in the States known as Hashut`s Chosen and Chaos Dwarf afficionado like me.

However, in recent years she has traded hobbies from Warhammer to dogsled racing, and then the ball started rolling around december 2011... and past monday, I came in possession of this:

Okay cool, a portable generator I hear you say... Well, not quite, let`s have a look what is in that big box now, won`t we

Yep, smaller boxes and bubble plastics!!!!

But what is actually in all that, well, THIS:

It`s her full army, numbering 331 models including some nifty cool conversions.  Surely, storage and travel had taken it`s toll, but is there is one thing I`m rather good at, it`s restoring armies to tabletop standards.  I`m still doing it with my own force, now adding in these blokes, the infamous `Lord Aldades will ride again at the head of a horde numbering around 30.000 points.  Yes, that is 30k of the hard to find, mostly GW metal, 20 year old Chaos Dwarfs.  In Ya Face GW ;-) someone still is giving them lots of love.

So lets get over to sort this bunch and see what we got here...

The pile in front are mostly hobgoblin warriors and wolfless Riders, I`m scouring evil bay atm for some not GW per se mounts, and sprues of the plastic warriors.  Guess I`ll be over a 100 of these guys alone at the moment.

A very cool conversion is this huge Bull Centaur lord based on a Minotaur.  With the discussion still around on how exactly they are supposed to be based, this bloke is going on a 5 by 5.  Don`t care if more models can hit him, we are Chaos Dwarf, we kill everything in base contact!
I don`t know who made the warrior models next to him, but I like their look *a Lot* and will be one of the first regiments to be restorated after the Hobgoblin force is done.

A better view of the Bull centaur lord conversion

A Great taurus / Minotaur conversion, this guy will make a nice alternate `loose` taurus to have flying around in the ranks.  Like a kind of unit champion for the arial brigade I have here (7 Taurus, 5 Lammassu, not all carrying  characters)

This female standard conversion is going to become my Battle Standard after receiving the haul over.  She will carry the name Hashut`s Chosen in honor of the creator.

This simple conversion on the plastic warriors to a more oriental style is going to become one of the units of Infernals in the force.  Simple but oh so cool work... me likeys

Those warriors I told about a few pictures up.  I`m gonna toss in a Hero character with them, and that`ll be a 15 strong unit to protect my war machine train (all FW, 12!!! Earthshakers, 15 Death rockets, 9 Bolt Throwers, and the older war machines, but those will be shown in the future as a quit different thing... you wait and see now)

People who know me know I love Blunderbusses.  Imagine my exileration with this 51 fresh recruits, bringing my total of the venerated hand gunners now to 137 pieces.

So that is in short, the Legacy i received.  Now, how much did that cost I hear you ask?  Well, first promise me you sit down and inhale deeply...

... it costed me 90 dollars in shipping and 125 euros in customs clearance.  That is it.  It was a freebie. 

So Albert, I know your reading this (and probably crying now), but tgive me about a two years and our mass battle will be a reality.  Painting overdrive powering up now ;)
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TSA Blood Bowl league 2012 table

By : Tomsche69
The LC has released a current updated league table, with the first 6 teams all having between 5 and 7 matches (enough for qualification to the play offs) and seperated by only 4 points between number 1 (currently `my nemesis`) and number 6 (being myself)

The League table as it stands today: 12/05

Teams in italics are at their needed 5 games to be eligeble for qualifying to the play offs, team in bold is my team teehee

Mummy Road Show (returns)(Undead)[7] - 13 points
The Green Bay Hooligans (Humans) [5] - 12 points
The Bloodweiser Bunnies (Amazon) [6] - 12 points
The Violent Kneecappers(Orcs) [6] - 12 points

The Bad Bay Hackers (Human) [5] - 10 points
Vongalazthag Violators(Dawi Zharr) [5] - 9 points

Feet of Flames(Halflings) [6] - 4 points
Oinky`s Nutkickaz(Goblins) [4] - 0 points
Green Powah (Orcs) [2] - 0 points
Sylvania Sunbathers (Vampire Counts) [2] - 0 points
Da Mad Hakkaz (Orcs) [2] - 0 points

H.A.T.E (Dark Elves) [0] - 0 points
The Green and Red Lightnings (Dwarf) [0] - 0 points
Queen Helga's Double D Dwarfettes (Dwarf) [0] - 0 points

My money for qualifying is on the Amazon, the Orc and both Human teams, with my nemesis and myself `falling over the cliff` to use a Formula One reference.

I fear the other teams are basically out of their chances if they aren`t going to start playing very soonish, so that maybe a suprise can still rise up towards the top spots, but if they aren`t, I guess it`s going to go between the first 6 for the spots in the finales.

The ruling has also been issued that in case of tied points, the following `sequence` is going to determine position in the League:

1. Fewest games played
2. Score difference of TD`s made vs against.  I`m currently at an `impressive` +1.  So I better don`t tie as making goals ain`t the Violators forte
3. Play-in Play-off between both tied teams.  In other words, they`ll play each other for the qualification.

Head coach Dwarf Vha`Dur is just glad the Violators are still in the race though, even with odds firmly stacked against them.

The casts are in

By : Tomsche69
Yups, 1000 (and then some) of the snall huts are now standing in my closet, part of them reserved for Crisis, part of them up for grabs to those that want some.

So that`s how 1000 of those little houses look like freshly packed up.  I also updated the Sculpting Page of the blog with those available and the price to break even, as well as thrown one hundred set of 2 on eBay to see if there is any demand for small scale amateurs fiddling around with greenstuff between painting sessions...
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Not Fair - Lead Painter's League FINALE

By : Tomsche69
And so the LPL ends this year as he started, with a defeat but luckily unlike the first half, with a decent amount of vote points this time.

Thanks to Prof Witchheimer and Ray Rivers, this was yet another year of gorgeous eye-candy, and to the 46 brave heroes that had at least the courage to enter this very demanding on timescheme competition.

So what about the objectives?

When I saw the partipants list, I knew the 50% would be impossible, but I`m still glad in the end that I managed to at least gather 2 wins and slipped out of a draw by 1 vote.  Not to bad...

I did manage though my objective of once more gaining all possible bonus points, only the first year I participated I(on purpose) missed out on 10 points cause I wanted to see how my League of Extraordinary Gentlemen did, so this is something I`m going to keep on trying in the next years I enter.

Secondly, I managed the shortest entry name ever in the League so far, with `VF`, I believe the previous record was 4 letters three editions ago. As an added personal bonus, that entry even made the leaderboard header, personal proudness welled up ;)

So here is the final leaderboard, I still ended up a decent 36th place, mainly though thanks to the bonus points but these are a part of the whole league concept as well.

So what do we take away for my next year from this league?  Well, I know i`m not the world`s best painter and an even crappier picture takes, so for the next edition I`m going to change the focus a bit, from instead of painting stuff from all over the place, borrow the system of Blue in VT and Silent Invader, to enter units of an army in building in the non-bonus rounds.  So basically, next year will be distributed along the obligatory anime entry, the obligatory heroclix entry and 5 rounds of Chaos Dwarfs of various series and scales.

And make some decent scenery to display models on...

So that`s the year passed by, now to get rid off the models I ain`t planning on building armies with (anymore) and back to the next challenge, painting about 100 hobgoblins in 1.5 months time...
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Ayame Scout Suits - Brush Slave League round 3

By : Tomsche69
I can be very short of this one.  I lost.  And I`m glad I did!  Because my opponents entry was pure brilliance, as it consisted of a unit of Halfing chicken cavalry, just superb looking models that made me snigger.

My entry where some Khanate suits by Critical mass that have been lying around here since Salute 2010, doubt the force will ever see any completion bar the unit I painted now for the BSL, oh well, next ones to go on the clear out stack then.  When the LPL ends this week, i`m going to gather together all the units painted for these things and toss them on ebay or such, I`ll keep you posted.

Still, currenlty still running 7th out of 21 over at the BSL, next entries are underway including the bonus round 5 of Command and Conquer, just need to do some touches left and right and they`ll be ready to be pictured and submitted.

Vongalazthag Violators 2 - Feet of Flames 0

By : Tomsche69
Filthy Hobbitsesss...

Okay so last night saw my Dawi Zharr team having to be lined up against the resident Halfling team in the TSA Blood Bowl League 2012. 

It takes a special kind of person to play these short and flatfooted fellows, and Luc is that kind of player not above tossing his players around in order to score his goals, this having resulted in a fair amount of points already for the little guys and a solid mid field position in the League table.

I got FAME +2 with my 17000 slavers versus his 8000 slaves, but apart from the winnings nothing on the kick off table ever gave me the chance to use this, and I had 70k inducements which would get me a Blood Weiser babe to support the team this match.

It left me with having to come up with a gameplan that would make the small dodgers's life miserable upon impact, as I had to hold off his 4'5 guys with my 5' guys, bar his where tossed over my head by two 8' trees.

I decided to keep my 5 Blockers (the 6th had to miss this match)always in the back when kicking, and spread the tackle zones so he would have some trouble dodging around due to the Tackle skill, only advancing when it was more or less safe that during that particular drive, no more Halfings would fly over.

I also opted to start once more with only one Bull Centaur, he should be strong enough to push through just in case we got the ball and actually managed to bring it to him.  So the front line would have to be held by... my Hobgoblins, BoB in front.  BoB the Brave (or stupid) must have something like chronical concussion, as he spend the whole game as a ping pong ball hovering between stunned and prone as he was smacked from one Treeman to the other... but refused to be carried of the pitch!

The Violators started by kicking, and the first flying halfling ended up being badly hurt as his `star` catcher was fumbled twice with his re-roll by a tree.  We got possession of the ball on my right flank as Thunder Hoof picked it up, and broke through the line by help of his Break Tackle and his Sprint skillset.  This netted me a 1-0 lead slightly over halfway of the first time.

For the next kick off, I borught on the second Bull centaur as well but his first blitz resulted in both players going down and the half cobbling to an end.

Second half, I once again put both Bull Centaurs on as we would be receiving, and some more dwarven linemen to the frontline (and away from those wooden guys) to force open the flanks and thunder the Centaurs through. 

Some pushing forth and back took place with Thunder Hoof Badly injuring the second shorty of the game, and my team didn`t manage to decently pick up the ball and toss it to a Bull centaur, so in the end the second centaur picked up the ball himself and bludgeoned his way over the left flank.  Turn 5 of the second half and Balls of Brass scored the safe 2-0 lead for the Violators.

I then did something `spectacular` and fielded all my Hobgoblins for the next kick.  Okay, it wasn`t spectacular, it was downright playign safe.  I took off my star Bull Centaur Thunder Hoof (4 TDs and 4 Cas in this league so far) as well as my two Dawrf blockers that already have Guard, just to prevent freakish things happening in the final 3 turns.  The rest of the Dwarfs was deployed with the remaining Centaur in the back as per the game plan... leaving the front line cluttered by 7 Hobgoblins.  If they`re going to allow `net based` teams in next years Legue, I`m considering an all Hobgob team instead of the Wood Elves for one...

They got smacked.  Then smacked some more.  Then one died but the Apothecary changed it in a simple miss next match.  Then they stabbed back viciously, with one Hobgoblin badly hurting a third short stuffer, and BoB of all Hobgoblins tossed a completed (Quick) pass in the final turn, which would make sure he would gain a skill roll after the game.

The game ended this way, and in the end I gathered 60k winnings towards the purchase of that final player, the Minotaur, giving me 80k in the Treasury now. 

Man of the Match was... BoB for the second time in his career, the fans are picking up his infamy for sure, and what other skill would there be to give this foolish Hobgob then Dauntless.  Now, supported by the two Guard equipped Dwarfs, the Legend of BoB can really start soaring sky high, because in BoB we trust!

League wise, this now puts me on enough games to be qualified, with 5 games played and 9 points scored at the moment: 3 wins, 2 losses, 6 touchdowns scored, 5 touchdowns against.  No idea how the table looks like so far, as the LC isn`t very outcomming with those and I had to promise some co-players not to do it for him hehe.

Conclusion: no Halfling walks into Zharr Naggrund and expects to get out unburned

Saint Seiya Myth Cloth review #37: Hyoga of Cygnus v1

By : Tomsche69
Okay, I admit, this is downright scandalous.  We`re down to review 37 and over 40 saints have passed the revue, and only know I`ve gotten my hands on Hyoga in his first anime incarnation, the Cygnus saint.

This guy is / was `my` saint, the one you play pretend to be when your about 10 years old and in love with a series.  Okay, so I might have been doing the Diamond Dust and Aurora Thunder Attack as recent as last week in my bathroom, but that`s not relevant.
This is the guy that blew my way to Platinum on the PS3 Samctuary Battle game, the by far coolest (literally even) of the Bronze saints... and the Saint of Melancholy.

The only non-Japanese orphan send out by the Grade Foundation to try and earn a cloth, Siberian Hyoga has since becomming a Saint been in a position where he needed to defeat and kill every one he loves.  First his (anime only) master the Crystal Saints, then his grand master Camus of Aquarius, his childhood friend Isaac of Kraken and in the Lucifer movie the memory of his deceased mother and motivation for ever becomming a Saint, so he could dive in the artic seas to visit her watery grave.
He is going to be making an appearance as well in the newest incarnation of Saint Seiya, the Omega series, but he will be permanently frozen from an attack by Mars.

The Cygnus saint in the anime is just arrogant, in the magna he was the assassin send by Sanctuary to take out the upstart saints during the Galaxian Tournament.  First to face off the Black Saints and to engage Ikki of Phoenix in battle, he is as brave as any and believes utterly in his freezing powers.

The model itself is definitly better then the v2 edition of Hyoga, the hair not suffering from the split at the top for one.  The model comes with the usual metal pieces, being legs, arms, main chestpiece and belt for the skirt, and is rather smooth to assemble.
A nice thing is that he has a wider and narrower piece for the chest, to be able to pose him during the special attacks (like I did) or normal pose.
Face is decent but not perfect though, but he certainly isn`t out of his place in any collection, and I`ll rate him a 3.5 on 5. Though that might be certainly subjective commenting on my part, as I said, he is `my` saint.  I also found a custom made base for him to pose Hyoga during the beginning stage of the Diamond Dust attack, it`s currently in the mail to lil` ol` Belgium and will be a centrepiece in my collection for sure ;)
But that`s for a later time

 So here are those coolish attacks, shown as Big Bang Attacks in the PS3 game

Marvel Bishoujo Series Black Cat and Psylocke

By : Tomsche69
Bishōjo (美少女?, literally "beautiful young girl", also spelled bishoujo) is a Japanese term used to refer to young and pretty girls, usually below university age. Bishōjo is not listed as a word in the prominent Japanese dictionary Kōjien. A variant named biyōjo (美幼女?) refers to a girl before the age of adolescence.
According to Patrick Galbraith, "bishōjo" is used "almost exclusively for fictional characters"

 Bishōjo characters are seen in almost all genres of anime and manga, especially in dating sims and visual novels (also known as bishōjo games), and harem anime and manga. It is sometimes confused with the similar sounding shōjo demographic, but bishōjo refers to the gender and traits of the characters whereas "shōjo" refers to the audience. Although bishōjo is not a genre but a character design, series which predominantly feature such characters, such as "harem" or visual novels, are sometimes informally called "bishōjo series". Since one of the main draws of these series is typically the art and the attractive female characters, the term is occasionally perceived negatively, as a "genre" which is solely dependent on the marketability of cute characters rather than content or plot.

So far the course in Japanese by Wikipedia. There is a series `Marvel anime style` statuettes out there, and at the Antwerp Convention past sunday, I took home two of the ladies.

First of all, the Black Cat, seen in a pose that she is fleeing over the roof, hoisting her newest loot, a diamond.  I especcially, apart from the obvious things all men like, the base with it`s Spider-Man design.  Still can`t fathom how come that Felicia still hasn`t made an appearance in any Spidey movie so far though.

Some more detail shots, showing off for one the fantastic colouring of the fur of her costume together with the white hair.

The second model I took along was the Babe of all Time Babes of the Marvel-verse, Psylocke.  Asian body, british attitude, complex storyline telekinetic ninja chick.  Who cares, she is hawt.  And the Psylocke special comic is darn good to boot as well, I`ll give my views on that one somewhere in the future for sure.  Because any excuse to show off Psylocke on a blog is a GREAT excuse.

The model is smaller then the Black Cat as they are in a different scale, and comes with a stylised X base.
However, one thing is most impressive on this statuette... no, not her behind... okay that too... namely her EYES, they have a great colouring and sheen in them, very mystifying

Okay, so here are two more detail pictures, including that infamous behind then

I must say, I`m impressed with both of them, and still have my eyes on both the White Queen and the only DC character I like, Harley Quinn, for future `aquirement`

First some Queen`s Blade models are on the radar though... and I want an Aquarion EVOL Zessica as well ;)

Shonen will be Shonen afterall...

VF - Lead Painter's League round 9

By : Tomsche69
Segoi!  A second win this year, it makes the record at least look a little bit more polished.  In a `Battle of the Belgians` my entry, VF fighters from the Macross setting, took the upper hand against Gnomehome`s Mordheim band, as seen here.

This week will be probably nothing again, but as I will have all the bonus point that could be gained this year, combined with two wins and probably 4 times the maximum vote points of 20, this should prove to be enough to safeguard me from the dreaded last place.

And the entry also should be enough to be accredited the shortest entry name ever in the histroy of the LPL, not my fault, I didn`t design them nor named them...

Conclusion of this years LPL: stick with your forte, do anime models for the next year hehehe
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Antwerp Convention 2012

By : Tomsche69
This was the second time the Antwerp Convention for anime, comics, scifi, horror and the likes took placem and the first time I attended.

It`s (a lot) smaller than FACTS in Ghent, but it was worth it, if only because of the less crowdedness I could go all frenzy on shopping (and as you`ll see at the bottom, I was loaded with in the end 3 big plastic bags and a full backpack) as there was still space enough to move without knocking other convention go`ers over.  I`ll definitly will be going back next year!

One note perhaps though towards my gaming club.  This was a missed opportunity, considering that the whole thing is mostly oriental styled, the Ninja game from Salute would have had it`s place here.  There was another club there, Puppeteers of Antwerp, and they had a lot of intrested people at their stand where two games where played as well as some people painting Lord of the Rings figures.

So here are pictures of the event for those that are of course intrested in these things, starting off with the heart and soul of these sorts of conventions, the real stars and bravehearts, the Cosplayers:

I LOVED that Charizard costume, just waiting for the picture our resident TSA Dwarf player Albert took where I`m hugging him.  Dress up, go out and pose all day, respect to those people, and one day I WILL have that real gold Saint armour cast up...

So moving on, let`s have a look of the other eye candy on the event, with traders, goodies and general impressions of the hall... and I must honestly admit, that purple haired trader girl left a mighty impression on me...

Of course, no convention is complete with it`s celebrities, like here Mr Struyken from the Netherlands, famous for amongst others his roles as Lurch in The Addams Family and Mr Homm in Star Trek

This picture is of a completely unknown, just shopping convention attendee, but it is such a beautiful and fine tattoo she has of a japanese styled Phoenix, I needed to have a picture of it.  Whoever you are lass, that`s some mighty finely done ink

Finally, THE LOOT, all almost 650 euros worth of it

This gained me a Deathcount pillow, two `Bishoujo` Marvel anime style statuettes, 4 Myth cloths, 2 custom models to go with the Myth cloth range, and a free Avengers comic courtesy of Archonia (yes, the online store I get most of my comics from) where I got the Black Cat.  Most of them will be shown off in detail over the comming weeks with some more detailed photographs.

What I didn`t find though where a Bud of Alcor myth cloth (the prices aren`t much cheaper then buying cloths online, but you don`t have to spend a few dozen quid on shipping this way), the Bishoujo White Queen and (just released) Harley Quinn, a binder for trading cards with some nice artwork like Rojo or Brom, and Pikachu sleeves to annoy the heck out of my future opponents in Magic The Gathering.

As I said, this convention kinds always cost me way more then things like Crisis and Salute, next will be the asian anime and cosplay 2-day con in July, at the same location.  Mr President, note it down, oriental 2 day convention next door ;)

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