maandag 31 mei 2021

My Hero Academia WCF volume 6 unboxing

 Hey all,

In the next clip, I`m unboxing the series of chibi figures from Boku No Hero, the volume 5 series.

And truth to be told, I bought the set for 1.5 figures of the series.

You see, Noshi liked the Eri character in the 4th season, thinking her totally kawaii, and this is like the only figure made of her.  Now, the Banpresto made figure is incredibly popular, and she goes online between 75 to 100 euro.

But luck struck me, as a Belgian retailer, La Cite des Nuages, sold the full series of 6 for 70 euro, and 4 euro shipping.  So yeah, that was a no brainer and I ordered the range.  I also decided to keep the Toga figure, because who doesn`t like his totally mental fruitcake ladies!  But for the other four, I have zilch intrest.

I'm probably going to end up selling those guys off, recuperating a bit of the price of the set that way, and score some Noshi Points for adding a little grail to her starting figure collection!

So the set was ordered the 22nd, but with the long weekend here it was posted the 25th, to arrive at my chosen pick up point the 27th.  Nice, smooth and superfast, just how I like it.

So then, let's have a look at what is inside the box...

So as you could see with Toga, these are really kawaii little figures, about 7cm's tall (Eri is of course a head smaller), and a nice little addition to the rebuilding collection.

See you next time!

zondag 30 mei 2021

The Haul Report 280

 Back in action after having the home office closed down for a week due to new windows being installed, and in that time some goodies arrived.

The first being these two parcels I got through AliEpress and Wish for some cheap stuff to pimp the office with.

And the first one is the small, errm, ergonomic mousepad for me...

The other parcel is a WISH "mystery bag" of Evangelion, check back in a few for the unboxing of that one...
A mate of mine at the club also did this 3d resin print for me, a huge Oni to be used as a giant, standing over 100mm tall.

I also received this nice box, but I am going to do a seperate unboxing video on that one, because, well, it has a story to it.  Check back tomorrow and it will be unboxed here on the blog!

So a good week once again, with a nice heap of variety to it, and a nice little gift for Noshi to boot. 

zaterdag 29 mei 2021

What I painted in May 2021

 Okay, so this month I have gotten round to painting at least SOME models, considering the pathetic turnout of last month.

Still not up to my dozens and dozens a month, but at least it is something...

Starting out with some more models for my Rohan force.
The second thing, and final one as everything needed to be packed up for the installation of new windows in my man cave, is Unicorn Jabu from Nonsense Miniatures.

As such, this month has seen a reduction of the to paint pile by 6 models, that is something at least, though I doubt it'll be a record shattering year...

donderdag 27 mei 2021

Build Report: Mini Blocks Pidgeotto

 So almost 4 years have passed since I posted a build report on my small corner of the internet, but today I'm doing one.

No, it ain't LEGO, I'm still steering in a wide circle around that, but a set I had lying around here now for 7 years: Mini Blocks's Pidgeotto.

I already own several of their small, loose standing Pokemon builds, but this line comes with a scenic base for the model, making it look a bit more "umpf-y".

In the box is the bag of nano sized bricks for the 353 pcs model.  Don't expect numbered bags or such, just one bag of all the very small bricks.  I recommend to pour them on a dinner plate, and work on a white underground to see them better.

Also included are the base plate, as well as the instructions.  For those unfamiliar with nano sized bricks, the instructions might get needing to get used to.  Every step has two or three layers in it, and you need to build from the bottom up.  The previous placed bricks are then grayed out in the steps.

And rest assured, wen you are used to LEGO, the bricks are tiny.  Unfortunatly, the proportions are different as well, so AFOL's looking for ideas can't just copy the instructions with the larger LEGO bricks.

But let's start building.  Because it works down to up in layers, the first layer of a part is always a selection of loose lying bricks, as seen here for the head.

You then build on top of that, and the upper layers hold the low ones in place as a result.  The head, with the typical large "comb" is as such the first section that is being build.

Putting this aside, we move to the main body of Pidgeotto.  Again this is being build up layer by layer, consisting of a combination of flesh coloured bricks and browns.

The wings are then on the menu, consisting of two mirrored builds.

With these four sections finished, we bring them all together and the form of our Pokemon becomes clearly visible.

The feet of our bird are then assembled, before moving to the tail section.  One benefit of such small bricks is that they can connect "loose standing" at the top of a build, as you can see in the one nop lines of the tail feathers, as they barely pack any weight, yet remain in place.

And we then attach these to the main body as well.

The scenic base is up next, and the start makes it look like a game of Battleship.  You might want to pry your eyes a bit here on the instructions in order to count the studs between every placement.

Hmmm, these look familiar.  Honey, I shrunk the bricks 😂.

The next thing we build is a pokeball, one of the features on the base, and excellent looking.

But then, this.  A vortex that represents Pidgeotto's Wind Gust attack, and a nightmare to build.  The problem was, as seen on the picture, that the grey of build layers and the new to add clear bricks isn`t that decently visible.  I`m also in the impression that between step B and C, on the left side on the plan, a brick appeared above the 3 stud white one that wasn`t on the plan. 

I added it there anyways just to get the whole thing done, but I can`t seem to place the fiddly thing exactly correct in order to make a nicely rounded out vortex though.

All that is left to do now is add Pidgeotto to the base, and the build is done.

Afterwards, you also have a nice stack of left over bricks, I checked over twice to see if I didn`t forget something, but nope, it's all there.

In conclusion, I`m a bit divided on the set.  The Pidgeotto looks great, as does the pokeball, but I`m feeling that the base actually detracts from the whole set.  And then there is that vortex...

Never the less, I always had a soft spot for these nanobrick sized sets, and if I come around some more of them I`ll probably end up picking one or two up.  It might just take "a while" before I actually get around building it hehehe...

Thanks for looking at this BR since a long time, and I can`t say in all honesty when the next one will be, but there will be some at one point for sure!

woensdag 26 mei 2021

Boku No Hero Academia season 4

 The first season of the heroes and students without the symbol of Justice, All Might, as he lost his powers at the end of the previous season.

So how will the world cope, and how will Deku in particular, as the inheritor of the One for All power, manage?

The season is split up in two very, very different story arcs.  It starts with the students being on working studies, as Deku and Lemillion run into Eri.  With a Quirk to rewind people, she is being tortured by Chisaki who wants to use her power as a weapon.  this leads to all available heroes to try and stop him, and while ultimately succeeding, it is at great costs.

Then we go to the second arc... including a very slice of life style opening.  The students of UA are organizing the school festival, but a fantastic villain (seriously, he's my favorite so far!) called Gentle Criminal is trying to get inside, making Deku fight for all he stands for.

And all the while, the League of Villains lurks on the edges of the shadows...

I really liked the season, especially the lighter toned second story arc.  But to be honest, so far there is nothing in this franchise I`m not feeling good over.

Onwards to season 5.  Plus Ultra!

maandag 24 mei 2021

Unicorn Jabu

 The latest model of the Constellation Warriors line by Nonsense Miniatures I finished painting, is a personal favorite saint of mine, Unicorn Jabu.

Hotheaded and fiercely loyal to Athena, he is the childhood rival of Seiya in vying for her attention.

So if you watched the original anime, it is a bit of a suprise he didn`t become one of the original antagonists, as all the pointers where there that he would be a mainline character in the first episodes.  Instead, he becomes the leader of the second group of Athena's bronze saints, who while having their moments (protecting Athena after she had fallen at Sanctuary, or Seiya's sister in the Hades arc), never got out of the shadows.

The model itself is cast in resin and nicely detailed.  I especially love the flowing hair on him, nicely sculpted and casted, though at the cost of him not becoming the helmeted version as seen in most of the anime.  His manga counterpart, as well as his Lost Canvas ancestor Yato, wear this style of headcover though, so it's fine.

Unicorn Gallop!

zondag 23 mei 2021

The Haul Report 279

 Saints!  Heaps of Saints!

This week saw my order from Nonsense Miniatures arrive, with the remainder of the bronze saints he released so far, as well as some gold saints.

Which I`m showing off in this small unboxing clip:

 And I received my Alien RPG books over on DriveThru, after winning them from Geekster Blog on Instagram

Great stuff!

vrijdag 21 mei 2021

No Game No Life 7 - Yuu Kamiya

 Following the flashback book on how the world of Disboard came into existence, it's time for Sora and Shiro to play the biggest game yet... challenging the Old Deus.

But how do you go about playing against a god?

The group will have to overcome a game that mimics the world, but where they have to face not only the scenario, but also themselves.  In a game of trust and betrayal, the siblings will need all their wits to overcome the odds, and figure out who the betrayer amongst them is in the game.

But in the meantime, outside the game Chlammy and Fiel plan a coup of their own, while Plum has plans to gain control of the Commonwealth as well.  And what is the mysterious plan of the Shrine Maiden encompassing?

In this volume, we get a good insight in how the siblings work together with their group, and how they think to overcome them as well as the game, as they are left out to fish about the true identity of their opponent.  Another highly enjoyable and fun book to read, and it is almost a shame the series now also starts nearing it's end on the novel side.

I can`t wait to continue the story in the next volume!

donderdag 20 mei 2021

Unboxing the Rise from Resin Red Dragon

 In april, I was the lucky winner of a red dragon from Rise from Resin, a new company that holds some licenses for 3D printing your figures.

The model, created by Cursed Forge, is a nice beastie, and if you want to spend 5 minutes of your life, you can see the unboxing here:

The print is nice and crisp, and thanks to the heavy base the model will be stable on the table, always nice with big dragons who tend to have balance issues due to their wings.  If you like through their website HERE, you will find it priced around 25 GBP I believe.

So give them a look, they have nice stuff on the page and he is an alround friendly guy to boot.