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HotT 15mm Earthshaker

By : Tomsche69
One of the side projects for this year was to build and paint a play legal force of 15mm Chaos Dwarfs for Hordes of the Things.  Now, this isn`t a simple plan as it turned out, because most manufacturers only have a small selection of `evil dwarfs` to usually go side by side with their much larger regular Dwarf forces, and the babylonian style wouldn`t be found anyways.

So enter the technique I call `camouflage painting`.  Take models from regular dwarf forces, as this earthshaker is actually a normal dwarven cannon by Magister Miniatures / Chariot, and give it a paint scheme similar to my `regular` Warhammer Chaos Dwarfs, and my clubmember will think Dawi Zharr the moment I deploy.  Add lava style base and the cannon is ready for war!

Now to get off my ass and paint some infantry in that scale...

... which brings us to a sort of a monthly painting round up.  The past weeks have been mostly about getting my Hordes Circle of Orboros ready for the Journeyman League, and I`m currently covered in available points almost until december.  So they can go to the side a bit.

Brush Slave and Artisan, both on Chaos Dwarf Online, have both been covered, but as the next season of the BSL will be starting immediatly after this one, I`ll have to start planning a bit about which models to enter.

The rest of the painting has been all Chaos Dwarf, with first of all and currently working on, a Deathroller for the competition over at Merry Mayhem News, and to round out my `infantry blocks` for the upcomming Duo Tournament in November.

By then, we`ll be nearing the end of the year, and many goals will fall short, the more to paint then to buy will have failed spectacularly, and good ideas for next year will be starting to take fruit...


Of Epic Rolls and Epic Fails

By : Tomsche69
Tonight at TSA I played the second night of the Journeyman League, a League for some obscure fact I was currently running in a shared top spot... I knew this couldn`t last, and so I went into battle against the Skorne of Steven.

This game was madness.  I charged my Warpwolf on his Titan, exit the Titan.  An Argus charged a Cyclops, and that was one dead cyclops.  The second Argus charged the second Cyclops, and reduced it to a few hit points.

Kaya Spirit Fang salvo`ed the enemy warlock, who transferred some damage to the remaining cyclops, killing it.  Then the `master assassin` charged Kaya, failed to finish her off, and saw the warpwolf walk into her, tearing her to pieces.

Victory for the Circle in less then 15 minutes and 3 turns...

The second battle was a fail on all rolls.  Facing the dreaded boys in Blue, I had the winning hand when his earthquake shook down his own jacks.

I couldn`t charge my Warpwolf on Stryker due to my mistake of placing an Argus in between, and then forgetting to just walk into combat with the caster.  The Warpwolf would have made short work of the red headed warcaster.  Then, after three battles of incredible rolls, Murphy bit back at last, as Kaya, including popping her feat, managed to knock down Stryker with her first attack... and then only reducing him after a flurry of bought attacks of unboosted rolls -4 to damage to still 6 hit points.

Stryker got up, smacked Kaya to kingdom come, and saved the day for the Cygnarites.

One up, one down, still a nice average.  From next week on, the points are pulled up to 15, so I`ll be including the Lord of the Feast with the Starterbox force.

Tonight saw the debut of a second Orboros band (sniff, there goes my uniqueness), I saw a Gatorman posse running amok, a fresh Legion of Everblight troop joined the fray, so all in all where with around 15 players now competing in the League.  Not to shabby if you ask me!
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Saint Seiya Omega CCG... bloody typical

By : Tomsche69
Got two boxed sets of boosters today from Japan, for the second `Crusade` game set in the Saint Seiya universe, this time based on the currently running Omega series.

Amd oh so typical, after two boxes I`m missing... 1 card, the cosmorare one.  A purple character card, Saori Kido.

Bloody Typical...

On the flip side, if your looking for cards to complete your collection, I got a bunch of doubles now to trade away.

Unfinished Business: Chaos Dwarf Blunderbusses

By : Tomsche69
As I said a while ago, one of the first things I`m going to try and do is to finally `complete` units and rank them full on for my Hashut forces.  Looks better after all with fully filled up movement trays, and with the Duo Tournament being confirmed at TSA on saturday the 24th of november, the first unit would be the Blunderbusses.

Combining the special character I painted almost half a year ago with his `pets` and adding 6 more gunners to the unit, the block now comes completed at 20 models strong.  I always liked Blunderbusses, but in the end decided to go for the `new` style Scattershots and ranked them in 2 lines instead of the classic block of handguns as they used to be up and untill the FW tome made it`s appearance.

The Firespitter pets (which are repainted Monsterpocalypse beasties) can either serve as normal gunners, OR when I got some points spare can be upgraded to be the units standard bearer and musician.  Doesn`t matter to much which of the beasties is whom, as in the current edition of Warhammer there is now a sequence in which to remove command models, and if it comes down to only the command group standing around, something has been going wrong big time anyways for the unit.

Next up for the force will be the addition of a command group and a dozen of the old style plastic warriors to my warrior regiment, to bring that one to a whopping 40 models, and to convert and re-sculpt some models for the `Oni Tensei` unit.

I`ll keep you posted of the slow but steady progress!

New Style White Dwarf

By : Tomsche69
So, after eaons the White Dwarf was `rebooted` and as curiosity and cats go, I went to the local GW in Antwerp and picked up a copy.

Two things where noticable: the logo has changed after years, and it is one fat lady, curious if it`ll stay that way.  Talking to the shopmanager about how long it was the old logo was in use, we also noticed they aren`t numbered anymore.

But let`s have a look at the contents then.  With the Chaos 40k being the big release, it`s only normal that would take up a lot of the initial pages.  Nice and glossy big pictures of the new models, and I think I am about the only one actually liking that dragonlike flyer, but in the end not my cup of tea, as I don`t play 40k.  I dabbled in it a short while years ago, tried (THRICE) to get back in it with the Tau, but it just isn`t my thing.  Probably because I also hate painting large vehicles...

Add in the necessary Black Library tie-inss and Forge Worldness, and we close the Chaos Space Marines new and shiny stuff of the month for now.

Next up is a section called `Army of the Month`, featuring someones massive army.  It`s a lovely Skaven army, and I`m pro this kind of serials.  My army will never feature in that (nor would many other TSA veterans, we have larger armies, but not `GW-only` ones).  And I don`t paint that well.

Last of the Mohicans Jervis Johnson then gets a few pages to talk, this time about why there are no limits to forces anymore.  I call him the last, I hail from an era where the rules where written by the likes of him, Andy Chambers, Jake Thornton, etc etc...

So, then we come to the Battle Report, new style in lay-out.  New shiny army of the month, in casu the Chaos Space Marines, take on an established, older force, being the White Scars.  But OI, what is this, the CSM get trashed into a dry 4-0... no editor`s cuts, no extended editions, no replays `till it goes right... new shiny force looses hands down!

Okay, so so far it all has been quite `regular old style` White Dwarfish, but hold one, as we arrive on page 76 things are really getting intresting.

Here is a new feature, called `The Rivals` in which two tournament players debate their army of choice and favored playing style towards each other.  I really liked this stuff, it`s a good insight in what rocks peoples boats, and it provides clues as to which forces will become copied a lot over the comming weeks and months... I`m still an adept of `The Castle` if you want to know btw, which was featured in the very first Best of White Dwarf compendium together with Old Weirde`s Tacticus` Oblique Line.  And psssst, those still work miracles ;-)

Next some PR article about the Horus Heresy, and how the FW range comes slowly into being with the Primarchs.  The short while I actually played 40k I had a Dark Angel (back then, by far the least popular of the chapters, and the helmet bearer was so cool a model) and the Emperor`s Children (power to the pink Rhino) with as much as possible older models to `hunch back` to the heresy.  It`s also about the only part of the fluff I like.  Nice read, again not my cup of tea though.

Then we get Blanchitsu.  I`m gonna be short, nothing against the man and what he did for GW for one, but I just don`t like his style.  I quickly skimmed the pages.

But then, the supreme cherry on the caka.  Return (in a way) of the good old `Eavy Metal pages.  For those that old, those where `painted model pages` scattered through the old White Dwarfs, with conversions and all, not simple `catalogue` pages.  Those pages got me in the hobby in the venerable WD issue 167 I believe (the Mike McVey`s Wood Elf vs Chaos Dwarf batrep).  Now, this is split in a four part series, the first being a Hall of Fame in which a painter tells about what he / she thought was a great sculpt.
Then Parade Ground, showing off units and characters from around, like the old EM pages, a kitbashsection, and a terrain section.
To top this off, there is Paint Splatter that tells you off some simple painting techniques and hints, agian like the days of old.  Not how to paint one given model pro level and as such for most unreachable levels, but simple, three step tricks to get better effects like how to create a Soulfire effect in armour cracks and such.

A superb part of the issue, and the winner for me of the whole magazine!

Okay, then it is time for the adds, the local clubs, store lists etc etc etc... it`s still a magazine of a single company after all, so publicity must be made.  But hold one... I haven`t counted the pages, but it definitly FEELS like there is a lot LESS advertising then there used to be the last years.  Or it`s better spaced in between to not get the impression your reading a mail order flyer.

As a sort of desert, there is after this still a section called `This Month in...` and tells a short story of what is going on with the White Dwarf team, what Forge World and Black Library are cooking up, etc etc.  Good finisher imho.

So, where does this leave us.  I like it, i really do.  Even though different, it feels like `my` sort of Whote Dwarf again from ages past, and I`m going to give it a try again for 2 or 3 months.  First is always a banger, but let`s see if it stays up this way.  And if it does, I`m re-subscribing, honestly.  It`s a decent magazine again after the `Years of Bleurgh`

Crisis 2012 Limited Edition miniature

By : Tomsche69
Here it is then, the model you'll be receiving to attend Crisis 2012, comming to you on the 3rd of november this year.

He is Peter Minuit who was born from Belgian parents but worked for the Dutch governement as a governor of New Netherlands and as a governor of New Sweden. He has bought Manhatten Island from the Indians for 24$ worth of trinkets (Hence the chest)

The model is sculpted by Paul Hicks, and I can see a lot of uses for this particular fella, as his clothing and equipment give you an historical range of about 150 years, or he can make a nice addition to a fantasy army as say an allied mercenary officer thanks to the chest...
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Scarsfell Griffon

By : Tomsche69
So this will be the final model I`ll be painting for my Hordes force for a few weeks, as I really, really need to expand my Chaos Dwarf force, and won`t be having any painting time the comming week.

The Griffon was a buy without knowing it`s rules (I don`t have Dominion) nor knowing it was plastic, but I was pleasantly surpised by both of those.

The plastic is a good quality that allows for a light undercoat, not obscuring details, while ruleswise with his Long Leach rule, Flight ability and Parry animus, this light warbeast can be used as what I`ve dubbed a `focus assassin`, throttling him in with an enemy caster early on, to try and keep him occupied and saving his focus to fight back instead of distributing them to their warjacks.

Or to be just a sheer annoyance in general...

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Sentry Stone and Mannikins

By : Tomsche69
Fresh of the basing and varnishing line, the first `unit` for my Circle Orboros forces.

Sentry Stones are just that, stones you place as scenery on the table, and that is where they stay... before the magic starts to kick in, and the old rock starts to create troops to defend itself, and generally tries to be a nuissance to the opponents advancing forces.

 And gives Kaya a small anchor to `dance around` with evading the better combat casters of the opponent ;-)

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Journeyman League is go!

By : Tomsche69
So tonight the TSA Journeyman league for Warmachine / Hordes kicked off, and with only a single multiplayer under the belt, I threw my druidical forces into the fray.

My first battle was a win, againt another novice with only some mkI experience under the belt, and his Menoth forces.  I took a HUGE gamble by racing and spirit dooring to the otherside of the table in turn 2, and he failed to capitalize on it.

Beast of the match was the Warpwolf once again, taking apart 2 light, 1 heavy and Kreoss himself.

Second game was against an experienced player and his Skorne force.  I claim moral victory, as his Morghul needed all 10(!!!!) of her attacks before finally downing Kaya.  Had he failed on the last roll, the warpwolf would have had a skinny warlock for dinner.

Beast of the match: his to hit rolls, missing all 7(!!!) attacks against an Argus and 6 out of 10 in the final battle between both sides warlocks.

So far I have seen tonight already 8 different players: 4 Hordes and 4 Warmachine ones.  There was respectively 2 Skorne, 1 Legion of Everblight and 1 Circle Orboros, and 2 Menoth, 1 Khador and 1 Cryx.

I also know Nemesis has ordered his forces in the past week (Skorne as well I believe, which would make them the most present faction oddly enough), with at least one more Khador, one more Cryx, one Cygnar, a Mercenary and maybe a Minion force as well underway.

For myself as a rookie, starting with a clear victory and a close loss isn`t to shabby at all, and I keep being mightily impressed with the warpwolf, who cleaned up tonight the full Menoth force, and the Titan and a Savage in the second battle... that is 6 out of the 8 models that opposed me tonight, and he didn`t die once himself.
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Knights of the Zodiac Mythological Forces completed

By : Tomsche69
A joyous morning at Casa Tomsche today, as the nice man of UPS brought me a parcel I had tracked down through eBay, containing no less then 10 booster boxes (of 12 boosters a box) of this Knights of the Zodiac expansion.

I was still missing only 6 cards for the full set, so taking no chances I bought up the full arsenal the eBay seller, real-gooddeal, had on offer, as it is hard enough to track the cards down of this now almost 10 year old card game.

After box 1 I already had 5 out of the 6 missing cards (imagine what cursing would have been done had I only bought one box), and 2 boosters in with the second box the series was at last completed.

Only thing missing now are most of the Promo cards, but I realise this will be near mission impossible unless I can track down the specific merchandise (action figures, region 1 dvd`s etc) in new mint condition where they are included with.

Which also leaves me now with 10 booster packs and 8 unopened boxes of the expansion, time to check TCO if there are any collectors I could throw a deal with...

Floating Buddha

By : Tomsche69
Well, two more Hordes units have been as good as painted, just need to do their basing and that will raise me to 23 points, meaning I`m as good as `out of the woods` (pun intended) with the Druids for the Journeyman League for the comming two months.

Need to get a solo, and I`ll be safe and sound in required points `till the New Year, so it`s time to shift attention back to my Chaos Dwarfs, who are in need of serious lovin` and the preparations of a 1000 points force of either Legion of Azgorh or Hobgoblins for the duo tournament comming up in november.

Therefore, I painted this floating Buddha, the unit filler for the Oni Tensei oriental style warriors I showed yesterday, a unit if I get it done will definitly be featured in the LoA list as an Infernal Guard regiment.

I went for a jade colour to fit with the jade detailing on their axes.  The model is plaster that I bought at a second hand a year or two ago for the not happened Cathay project, I suspect it are recasted fishtank ornaments but heck, it was 1 euro for 2 buddha statues and so I raised one on a cloudy pillar to be the centre of the unit. 

The idea comes actually from my Playstation Vita, where I had downloaded onto a mini game from the PS store, `Floating God Saves the Pilgrims` in which some chinese deity flies over a group of pilgrims on their way through a level.  It`s a kind of a Lemmings game with a twist, in that you don`t have the pilgrims do the work, but the cloudguy.

Next up, some more work on a solid block of Sneaky Gitz, and a 15mm earthshaker for HotT in between.

Home Improvement... and a lass with glasses

By : Tomsche69
So, with the Warmahordes JL I wanted to make a seperate gallery so the league commissioner could keep track of the paintworks without hauling everything to the club each time.

I hate transporting miniatures if I ain`t going to need them, that can only result in tears in the end...

So I took the opportunity to do some reshuffling on the blog, the two most notrious things being that I moved the business cards and profile cards from top to bottom, and that I added three more tabs to the top.

These are all three `gallery pages`, so you`ll be finding pictures there and not much else of things that have appeared here on the main page.

The Temple of Hashut is all about fully completed and reworked regiments of my various Chaos Dwarf forces.

Circle Orboros is said Hordes gallery

Skirmish Forces is just that, miniatures from various skirmish games like Malifaux et such.

Which brings us to the glasses lass of the title, Sophia Ilmora from the Anima Tactics game.  I doubt I will ever be playing the game as anime ain`t hawt over at TSA, but it is a range of great looking models and I have some for the occassional paint job.  I did her quite a while back (painting, you pevs!), but now got a better picture of her.

Oni Tensei - Brush Slave Leave round 6

By : Tomsche69
Well, thanks to the `Legacy of Aleeha`, I managed to pull of another victory in the Brush Slave League, making me go 3 / 1 / 2 at the moment and resulting in a nice 23.5 points.

I entered a set of the oriental helmetted Chaos Dwarf warriors, and took a fairly easy win against a repeat entry that has been around in the BSL since round 1.  This, against all my expectations, results in me actually gaining a place in the league table, parking my chubby butt on the 4th place with still 2 rounds to go.

I now have mathematically reached my goal to end in the first half of the League table, so thats a goal achieved, but now I`m doubting if I can manage to stay in the first 5.  For the next round I have a gamble in that perspective, as where in the LPL over at Lead Adventures Forum you get `punished` by the community if you enter GW models, here, being a warhammer afficionado forum, it is the opposite.  And I have my obligational Anime Mecha entry lined up for next month, so I wonder how I`m going to fare.

My money is on DAGabriel btw for the League win.

Now about the unit itself, I cannot tell to much yet, well, because I`m still working on it.  I have finished all 12 rank and file now, and am in the early stages of converting the full command group.  The `plan` is to have a 20 strong unit + command + an in my minds eye cool idea of a unit filler centerpiece + one of the old pre big hats as a character in the unit.

Oh, and the name came from an old Hentai anime I once saw about a girl whose demonic tattoo comes to live and performs all kinds of carnal depravities, google only at own risk...

Season 2 of the BSL, with a slightly modified points system apparently, is on the horizon as well, as public opinion seems to choose to start immediatly after this one, so that should be december.  I`ll be adding that to the paint goals of 2013, and really should start doing some preparations me thinks for both the BSL as for the LPL that year :-)

Kaya the Wildborne and the Journeyman League prognosis

By : Tomsche69
And so my starter box force (well, technically, as it is the alternate Kaya model instead of the one that comes with the box) has been completed.

She was actually done past saturday, but as I needed a fresh bottle of PVA I couldn`t do her base, but it did mean I painted the whole box between... friday late night and saturday evening.  Who said you needed much free time to be able to get a force done?

What I saw in my only game so far in MkII, is that this wild lass is a force to be reckoned with, as she is able to send in her animals, do serious damage as her Packhunter rule makes boosts to hit as good as unnecessary, and then Spirit them out of any tight spots.

On the other hand, she does have to rely on her animals, because both her melee stats, defenses, and Splinter are all but impressive, and she would be no match for the average warcaster or even other warlocks.  Kaya is a booster warlock, her force gets better because of her but on her own she only has her looks going for her ;-)

The Journeyman League

Roight, so this friday the League starts, and from my very limited experience, and having no clue what the majority of the opponents will be fielding (I do have the impression I`m the only Circle present though), I can say what I won`t be liking:

* Mass firing comming my way.  Luckily, this seems to be either the unpredictable Menoth firing going round mostly, so this should be managable in the first rounds.

* Light warjacks.  To many on the field, I know of at least 2 Menoth, 1 Cygnar and 1 Mercenary Grundback player.  And I fear the Everblights player Shredders actually more then his Carnivean, the last one I can tackle with the Warpwolf, but all those little nibbles could overwhelm my force easily.

* Knock down.  Unfortunatly, there is already 2 Kreoss`s, 2 Sorcha`s and a Stryker present...

I am going to have to rely on the one factor the Circle seems to have above all other factions: SPEED.  If I can`t manage to get the charge in, I`m in big doo-doo, and doing something seriously wrong...

It should be do-able against those lumberjacks of Khador, but I will have to hope I strike them hard enough that they can`t hit back.  The other heavies shouldn`t pose to much of an issue either, but this brings me on the territory I am fearing during the initial phases of the League.  A warcaster, with his focus saved up, is equal to a light warjack in defense and hit points, but hits better and usually just as hard.  This means, considering Kaya`s lack of melee skill, that not only I`m going to have to be able to do an Alpha Strike on the enemy, but see that the beasties get out more or less in one piece to be thrown against the warcaster...

Only time will tell, as experience at the moment is quite nill...
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Is this Art??? - Kaya, Chibi style WiP

By : Tomsche69
Well, doctor said I needed to do some relxation thingies without deadline pressure nor stress building, so I finally started my self teaching of drawing anime and the likes.

This is actually a work in progress, I'm going to digitally color it later on (perhaps today, perhaps in the far future), but with the WarmaHordes craze striking over at TSA, I tried making a chibi of Kaya and one of her puppies.

So I present, 'chibi effort very numero uno WIP' or better known as "Kaya's Warpwolf Bootcamp"

Feral Warpwolf

By : Tomsche69
Days without posts, now three on a day... sometimes, you`re having one of these days where paint flows naturally from your brush and focus (or should that be in my faction, Fury?) isn`t lost to all kinds of other things...

The Feral Warpwolf is my big hitter for the start of the Journeyman League, and has to be the only big hitter until the limit is pulled up to 25 points in month 3.

Now, I was quite amazed by how he performed past friday, ripping apart the large Cygnar jack and the smaller shooter one, while severly damaging three other lighter jacks before being beaten to a pulp by Kreoss.

One thing I like is the beasts Forced Warping special rule, as this allows you to get the charge in quite speedily.  Just remember to keep Occulation on him before he is more or less charge range, the Stealth goes a big way in keeping him in one piece before thundering in.

Afterwards, I kept warping his strength, together with boosted damage this tends to make short work of most light, and seriously damage heavy warjacks and beasts apparently, as his relative high MAT coupled with Kaya`s special rule means there is no real need to boost his to hit roll. Okay, unless the dice go freaky on you, your guaranteed to hit with all three attacks, boost one Claw for the charge and regular boost the other two attacks, then buy two more Claw attacks.  Should be a nice package of whoop-ass this beast deals out... and he has to.

Because like all Circle models, he can deal but can`t take damage decently with his low ARM, as DEF is something quite easily negated around, especcially in the Journeyman start period where as far as I noticed are already two Kreoss`s around (knock down) and two Sorcha`s (stationary), each granting as such automatic hits.  And then there is Striker and his Earthquake...

But one handy thing, if you can save up the Fury and not get tempted to follow to closely (like, stay on your 12" command range and try to stay out of things like Lamentation)... after he damages the enemy, Spirit Door the beast back to Kaya, leech his Fury in the next turn... and launch this howling torpedo again!

If you can keep repeating this, not only are you lucky, but your opponent is doing seriously wrong... and will be becomming very, VERY frustrated.
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Scratchbuilt contests

By : Tomsche69
Two posts in a day?  Yups, because this is something I might point you people to and you could join in!

Okay, nice, some more chance to liquidate some parts out of my bitz boxes, as there is first of all a new Artisan Contest on the way, this time you have to build a scenery piece or the like would be found `on the way to Zharr Naggrund`.

Details are here at the front page of Chaos Dwarf Online

Now I`m not entirely sure what I`m going to do, but I got some Asterix models lying around, and I spotted a small godzilla somewhere in one of the boxes... those will be the basis me thinks.

Second there is the Deathroller 2000 scratchbuild competition over at Merry Mayhem News to build a deathroller that can participate in a sort of, well, deathroller race.

This might give me the chance to get some heroclix bases gone from all the repaints, but off course, being a TRUE Dwarf the driver will be a Dwai Zharr and not one of those misguided underground slobbers...

Now, off to the all thumbs scratchbuilder that I am, with the olympic thought in mind...


By : Tomsche69
Argus`, Argus`ses, Argussi... I don`t know, wild dogs wil have to do hehehe.  Last friday still undercoated on the table, yesterday they got their paintjob (well, actually one already friday during the night), today basing and varnishing.

Part of the Starter Box from Circle Orboros, I have two of these puppies in my force.  Now, I know in MkI they where average at best, but since MkII they are quite the handy dual torpedo doggies.

They benefit from Kaya`s rule that all the animals in her control area have their MAT raised by 2, but otherwise I see them as tag-team hunters for light warjacks and equivalents, one using his (boosted) Bay attack to lower the opponents DEF to 7, the other one charging in for the Combo Strike special attack which at P+S 16 does a serious bitey chunk out of their opponents.

Bar that, I also like the models, so I`m going to try and take them in my warband as it progresses anyways, with a nice Fury amount and high treshold rating they are quite feasible to stay in control anyways.  Unless they are in combat, just let them frenzy then lol.

Next on the list, the Warpwolf, then Kaya.  Should be able to do the whole starterset (well, equivalent, I run an alternate Kaya model, nicer sculpt imho) before the kick off the comming friday.

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The Lord of the Feast

By : Tomsche69
So I played my very first Warmahordes games in the MkII system yesterday evening, and it sure changed since my MkI days, most notably with LoS and Screening by which I made some mistakes without to much baddies (call it sheer luck, Kaya left with one damage point).

We played a six way battle with 3 players a team, and it turned out to be the Battle of The Sexes, with my team consiting of Lylith, Sorcha and Kaya, and facing of Striker, Kreoss and Grundback.

Yes, it was `starter box` forces as it was the final `get aquinted to the rules` game before the Journeyman League starts next week.  Or first aquintance...

I went for the easiest way to learn rules, and torpedoed my three Warbeast onto the mass of Menoth and Cygnar jacks opposing me, in the end knocking out the big Cygnarite one and two small Cygnar jacks, and as good as reducing to a scrap-pile two lighter  Menoth jacks in a concentrated team play with the cold ass russian gall by my side.

We lost in the end as first Lilyth fell, and then Sorscha, so Kaya choose discretion over valor and left the battlefield with her remaining Argus.  It did take uberboosted Kreoss himself though to finally take out the Warpwolf who made some insane rolls ripping jacks apart left and right... and then be Spirit Doored to safety.  I like Kaya, previously alone for her looks, now for more...

The Journeyman League

So the painting continues on the faction, and the third model after eKaya and her companion Laris has been finished, The Lord of the Feast.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and this `guided infantry slayer` will be the upgrade from my starter box (which comes at 11 points) to 15 points.  Plans are to flunk him into infantry, do his sword combat shennanigan thingie, then with the aid of his Virtuoso skill Ravenshift his ass out of there before retaliation.  Or if there are shooty guys at the other side, raven in and slaughter all muahahahahaha *kuch*

Amd yes, i know I didn`t add the bull skull to the model, but it was fiddly enough when i tried to first assemble the `antler array` two years ago, and as I gave up on that I think the head is *somewhere* in my bitz box... which consists of two large, unsorted, all mixed and matched curver boxes and i ain`t gonna look for the small gizmo in that junkyard.  And he look mean still anyways without it...

Now I`m gonna start painting on the starter box models, as I need to finish models before the wednesdays before a League game, in order to allow varnish to dry and stuffsies.  And I need to pluck out more KR`s to accomodate the big beasts lol...
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I`ll enslave your armies!

By : Tomsche69
Or how an idea turns slowly into a regiment...

I like (better said, love) the slave unit entry in the Hobgoblin army book, as it gives the possibility to create a completely whacky unit, and after I had finished the first 50 man `cannon fodder` unit, I decided to slowly build a second one.

This second unit will number 50 strong as well (including the odd unit filler), but the idea is to build it from models of the armies I have defeated since 2012 with my Legions of Hashut (wether them being the Chaos Dwarfs or the Hobgoblin list), in whatever suitable game I played with them.  Warhammer, Blood Bowl, Mordheim, other fantasy games where I can use a force of Dawi Zharr... a model representing the defeated ones will be added to the ranks.

And it is a great way to start liquidating all those odd and end miniatures for RP purposes, from lots and from I don`t know where  that linger my bits boxes without any real purpose uptil now.

The first model is a Dwarven warrior, from my victory over Albert waaaay back in the beginning of the year when I was trying out both 8th edition and the Forge World list.  Albert`s Dwarfs had a very `natural` colour scheme, so I went for a brownish clothing with some pale green details.

Then came the TSA `Fun` tournament, in which I took 3rd place and scored two victories, first against a force of Araby, later against my Nemesis`s Beastmen Horde.  The Araby force was unpainted at the tournament, but as it was made up of GW`s Lord of the Rings models, I scavenged a Flying Carpet Rider from Black Tree`s Saracen range from my bits box and painted it in a Corsairs of Umbar like scheme.  The Beastmen is a standard bearer with his banner cut down to just a stick to hit people with.

Next came the now in apparent paused Blood Bowl League, where out of 6 matches I managed to score 3 wins.  The first one was against Nemesis`s Undead team, and I opted to paint a mummy for representing this as he has been blocking and not getting him off the pitch the now infamous BoB (a Hobgoblin!), effectively tying up the pile of bandages for quite some turns.

The second win was against Patrick from Nelson`s Revenge vampire team, the Sylvanian Sunbathers.  This was the game I really, really violated his team, causing him to have to drop out of the league after the game as I badly hurted / seriously injured / killed no less then 10 out of his 12 players that match... so to represent the aristocracy of the night, who better to use for that then `classic` Vlad himself.  And I recuperated his cool sword for a future project to boot.

Third where the halflings, so I also added a halfling soldier of I don`t know which range to the ranks of the unit.

Finally the 500points tournament from the beginning of july came, and another bronze medal to the list, with two wins out of 3 games.  The first was against a goblin horde with spearmen that didn`t have spears but handweapons, so I rummaged up an old greenskin, snapped his spear so he now is a spearman with a handweapon.

The second win was against a bunch of high elves.  I recycled the Phoenix from my defunct, never going to happen Cathay idea because 1. I had it anyways and 2. the force was build around a large block of Phoenix Guard.

So there we have it, the WiP of the Trophy Unit of Slaves so far:

May Hashut boost these ranks speedily and readily!

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