zondag 30 augustus 2020

My Top 5 Fandoms: 2 - Saint Seiya

Let' start by stating this was very close with the winner, and the deciding factor in the end was the fact I can`t "enjoy" this fandom in gaming.

I was a wee little boy still when this series came out on the french television round 1987, under the name of Les Chevaliers du Zodiaque, and I was hooked from the go.

And it never left me, so I was one of those desperatly counting down the 15 - 20 odd years before the final chapter of the original series, Hades, was finally made and released.

While my favorite saint has always been Hyoga, the bronze Cygnus saint (and the one I sport a huge tattoo from on my arm), I loved the anime only God Warriors arc perhaps the most (and hence my other tattoo, of Hagen of Merak).  But of course, there are also the mighty Gold Saints, and while The Lost Canvas brought some awesome iterations of the previous Holy War (Manigoldo of Cancer!!!), the saints of "my generation" got an awesome, and for some redeeming, arc in the recent years series Soul of Gold.

The series always balanced concept of loyalty and friendship with great action parts, and this makes it a joy to watch, even though in the west it never rose to spectacular heights like for example Dragonball, a contemporary of the anime.  Yet it still has a loyal and strong fanbase, and I am part of it.

Just delete the Netflix CGI abomination from your brain, that was, well, not a good thing to get into the anime, as it was way to childish for what is a rather intelligent and complex franchise.  Better get into Omega then instead, though you might want to overlook the jewellery part of season 1...

The Haul Report 244: the printer runs again

After a little month off (due to real life, I didn`t get round cleaning the nozzle), the printer is back at it and the first items for Project Far Side have again been churned out.

Now, the rate of printing is cut down severly, because the few hours I'm at home and my boy is awake, I prefer to spend with the family.

But still, some good amount of stuff ran from the Ender 3 this week for 6mm gaming.  Heck, I might even catch up on the painting front if I print at this rate...

I also received a parcel from Element Games with some catching up reading, namely the two issues of White Dwarf (I know, I know, it's stronger then myself okay) I missed during lockdown, together with the Fallen Empires profile cards and the recent Matched Play book for MESBG.

Not a bad week after all now...

zaterdag 29 augustus 2020

On the Painting Desk 158

Last weekend I finally sat down with a tube of superglue and a heap of stuff still to be assembled, and now they are ready to slowly get some paint on them.

With both the Dacians and the Blood Bowl team "not really urgent" though, it will probably take a while before anything gets actually finished of them, then again, it might all go swift suddenly.

I finished Eowyn this week bar the varnishing, so you'll see her appear on the blog in the near future.  taking her place as "LotR to paint in between" now is Glorfindel, for Noshi's beloved Rivendel.

Talking Noshi's figures, I also should do some progress slowly and steadily on the Underworlds warbands, especially now that season 4 is on the horizon...

And I have been working on some dungeon tiles and movement trays while watching over Baby Thorin.

So much to do, so little time...

vrijdag 28 augustus 2020

What I painted in August 2020

Another month, and that means a look back at what got finished in the past weeks.

It has been a good one once again, with a bit of variety but still the main focus on 6mm gaming.

Now, with my technical unemployment due to the Covid-19 pandemic ended, and a relaxing week of holidays, the numbers are of course dropping to more regular ones...

The first model to be finished is the Buster gundam, which while being 1/400 scale is one I'll use like the others in FWC 6mm gaming with the CAV list.

Next up, some more italian infantry was rounded out.

In a bigger scale, the second of three Tau Bodyguard suits was completed, based on the Gunner Zaku.

A bit of small scatter scenery for 28mm was also painted up this month.

So all that means another 37 models have been added to the finished pile this month.

woensdag 26 augustus 2020

The Dragon Prince season 1

Developped for Netflix, this cartoon takes the high adventure as human and moonshadow elf unite to protect a dragon egg.

The series has recently been confirmed for a fourth season, but me and Noshi just completed season one, or Book 1: Moon as it is called, spanning 9 episodes.

In this season, Moonshadow assassins are set out to the human kingdom to retrieve a dragon egg, thought lost after the humans defeated the Dragon King and instigating war with the elves.  While the king is slain, his heir manages to escape together with a wizard apprentice and a disvowed Moonshadow elf assassin for showing mercy to a guard.

The king is succeeded by his evil cousin, as the heir and his companions have to flee the lands to keep the egg safe...

This wasn't even a bad series, even though I like the japanese animation style far more then the american cgi styled one.  But the series has a strong background tale and the bonding and the development of our main characters is excellent in this first season.

I look forward to give the next ones a go for sure!

dinsdag 25 augustus 2020

365 Dni

So this film caused a bit of a ruckus on Netflix, taking the multiple days top 1 position on the streaming service two times in a row, yet holds a Rotten Tomatoes score of... 0%.

And I sat down with Noshi to watch this "better then Fifty Shades" (not that THAT is hard to achieve) movie.

The story is about a polish woman, Laura, who gets abducted by sicilian maffia boss Massimo because he finds her pretty.  He tells her she has 352 days to fall in love with him, or she will be free to go afterwards.
While she refuses his advances yet keeps teasing him, she manages to slowly let him open to her, and when she causes a rivalry between two maffia families, she starts to fall for him as he saves her from jumping overboard on his yacht.  She falls in passionate love with him and decides to marry him, and soon gets pregnant.
But after the wedding dress fitting, she is assassinated by the rival clan, leaving Massimo broken...

Okay, so no, yet yes.  This wasn`t a horrible movie per se, but for me, there where some just to forced moments in it, like the 180 she pulls between refusing him, yet all of a sudden falling madly in love with him.

Better then 50 Shades, yes, in a way, even though I understand the comments of it gloriazing rape and abduction, and like Mr Grey, in the BDSM world he would be tossed in jail for a lifetime.  Though at least Massimo, unlike Grey, takes no for an answer.

I did like the ending though (contrary to Noshi) as it was a really powerfull moment and scene, though I still don`t get why the number two of Massimo didn`t try to call the driver instead of trying to keep calling an occupied phonenumber.

So yeah, for a genre specific film, it was okay.

maandag 24 augustus 2020

Nightvault blocked terrain piece

Today's finished piece of scatter terrain is one for Warhammer Underworlds.

Printed from a file found on Thingiverse, it contains two pyramid like stones, connected by a cloud of ethereal energies.

Including a nice suffering face.

This piece fits the two hexed blocked parts on boards like Penitent's Throne, which came in the Nightvault (or "second season") starter box.  I just think these small pieces of terrain make the board look just that little bit better compared to the open flat ones, and will be printing up some others still in the future.

Though Noshi is starting to eye me to finally work on her warbands again...

My Top 5 Fandoms: 3 - Star Trek

I must have been 7 or 8 when my auntie first showed me The Wrath of Khan... so no need to say this caused me to be sucked in a universe of gorgeous starships and daring adventures, without then realising exactly what I was watching.

Fast forward 35 years, and people automatically associate me with the Trekkie fandom, which isn`t far from the truth... yet as you see, it is NOT my number one.

When asked what I like about the whole thing, it's the Federation and it's gorgeous designs of starships in the first place, and the whole community spirit of what Earth has become second.  There is something about the designs in the ships that make them unique to the franchise, and I always loved it, with the Enterprise - A even been immortalised as a tattoo on my right leg.

On a series basis, I might be the odd one out, but I never was a big fan of the Next Generation (though I adore Picard) and the hideous Galaxy class, I myself am more of a Deep Space Nine fan.  Though I also liked Enterprise and to the woe of some, Discovery.

And of course I play Star Trek Online, since release date, though I have a more of a "periods yes, periods not" relationship with the game, as it usually has the fate of being put aside for a while when real life comes rearing in, or paint deadlines run thight.

But yes, for me the world of Star Trek is definitly high on the fandom list, just not as high as some might think as I am not hunting down every piece of lore or expanded novel lore to read, for me it's the starships that do it!

zondag 23 augustus 2020

The Haul Report 243

A bit of a sporty haul first this week, as while in lockdown, I actually did something fitnessy.

Yeah, people do strange things in those times...

I signed up for one of the The Conqueror walking goals, the 90 miles Hadrian's Wall, and earlier this week my medal for completing it arrived in the mail.

It's a nice and heavy geezer, and worth the effort.

zaterdag 22 augustus 2020

On the Painting Desk 157

Well, this weeks targets have been reached in what I wanted to finish.

Both the Tau battlesuit and the CSIR infantry batch got based up and ready for action.

In the coming week, weather permitting, I am aiming to mostly assembling models, primarily the Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl team, and the DBA 3.0 Dacians.

And try to get some paint on the lady of Rohan...

donderdag 20 augustus 2020

CSIR for BKC IV: second riflemen batch done

Some more 'queen of the battlefield" troops have been painted for use in Blitzkrieg Commander 4.

And this time, it's another 30 soldiers divided over 6 stands of 5 each.

That means I now have 13 of the planned 18 infantry stands ready, and I hope to get the final ones done during the rest of august.  That would allow me then to start painting some command and support weapons, and slowly form it into a functional army for the ruleset.

The models are once again from Adler, whose basic infantry I have for all the Infantry troops in the force, while other brands will be making up the armour and support, but that is for the future.

Now to still ponder on an effective battleplan...

woensdag 19 augustus 2020

T'au SEED Destiny: ZGMF-1000/A1 Gunner ZAKU Warrior

The next, and second, mobile suit for my bodyguard unit of Tau, is the suit piloted by my long time anime crush: Lunamaria Hawke's Gunner ZAKU.

You see, the unit will have widely varrying colourschemes, as all three of them (Heine, Lunamaria and Rey) had personalised suits, and this one is perhaps the hardest to recreate.

Sporting a purple / reddish / burgundy colourscheme, it was a bit hard to find a good balance between fitting together yet contrasting, but in the end I`m happy with the result.  Being a long ranged suit, I went for the best weapon loadout to represent this, in the form of a missile pod and a plasma rifle.

Together with the right Sept treats (of course, my sept is called Gun'Dam) this makes for a rather mobile yet stable force of all battlesuits, even if it is a pity in 9th edition the Fly rule got tweaked as that made battlesuits forces look really playable.  Not that I tried, I faced them once and snatched victory, but I have been slowly building the force during 8th and it still isn`t ready, as it really is an "in between" project.

Accompanying her are a gun drone (more guns) and a marker drone (best fitting for the sniping nature of the original suit), and as such completes 2/3rd of the unit, which I hope to get completely finished by, say, the end of 2020...

So to that end, she adds 81 points to the total, putting the project now at 849 points in 9th edition.

The Inspiration

One of the many variants of the ZGMF-1000 ZAKU Warrior achieved through use of the Wizard Packs, the Gunner ZAKU Warrior is specialized for artillery strikes. Besides the standard armament of the ZAKU Warrior, the Gunner ZAKU Warrior also carries a M1500 "Orthros" high-energy long-range beam cannon, which is installed on the back-mounted Gunner Wizard Pack. This beam cannon is the strongest ranged weapon available to the ZAKU Warrior and grants it an impressive firepower over long ranges, capable of destroying any mobile suits or mobile armors within its line of fire.

And that is it for this mobile suit or battlesuit, I tend to use the first term for my force for obvious reasons... see you next time for some more SEED Destiny inspired models...

dinsdag 18 augustus 2020

Some simple printed bushes

Hello everyone, and this time some small scatter terrain I printed a while ago, but finally gotten around painting.

Now, as some wonder, they haven't seen many 3d printed stuff lately in the haul report, but this is due to the fact I need to clean the nozzle and reinstall it.

Or, if I can`t get it going anymore, I will have to order a fresh one, but with technical unemployment having ended and having been on holiday, adding a heat wave to the mix, I didn`t have the "umpff" yet to occupy myself with that.  Let's wait for the first cooler weekend now, shall we.

But back to business, these prints are some very simple bushes, intended for use for the Journey's in Middle-earth boardgame.  Being nice and simple to print, and to paint, it is the perfect thingie to paint in the mornings before I get off to work.

And you can always make do with some extra bushes to place on the gaming table after all...

maandag 17 augustus 2020

Warhammer Underworlds SOLO Batrep: Zarbag's Gitz vs Formoroid Crusher

It's been a while since I managed to get a game in, even in solo modus, but the past weekend I gave the solo rules for Underworlds a go. 

These rules can be downloaded of the Warhammer Community website for free, and they give you a chance to test your might against an AI driven monster.

As the title suggests, in the ruleset it is a Formoroid Crusher from the WarCry line, but as I don`t have that model, I proxied it with another big smashy beast: a Mordor Troll from the Lord of the Rings line.

These scenarios take place on a single board, and you have to select a battleplan for the beast.  As recommended by the rules, for the first outing I took the "Rampage" battleplan, giving the beast the keywords Priorities "Destroyer", "Enraged", "Breaker" and "Advance".  This is generally the way the monster behaves during the battle.

To oppose it, I brought along my Night Goblins, and as the game doesn`t use objectives, I could already imagine the hard times the little critters would have.  Especcially as the big one can't be driven back, severly limiting the usefulness of my Fanatic... and as your objective deck doesn`t take part in the game, the "score points by capturing objectives" for the swarm style warband is null and void... as is getting them Inspired, as that requires them to grab 3 or more Glory Points, and the only killable thing on the table looks very, very mean.  Luckily in this scenario, one fighter inspires if another got his head smashed in...

The pre-battle phase and set-up

I chose the map "Abandoned Lair"... for no other reason then it was the first I got in my hands, and blindly placed the objective tokens as per the rules for the scenario.  Baby Thorin looked on and approved.

The Battleplan required me to remove all my upgrades from my deck, handing out one to each fighter, and the rest was removed from the game.  This made the starting band look like this:

Deploying forces and drawing my opening hand, I guess my best bet is Zarbag trying to shoot down wounds with his magic, as well as the archers nibbling away at it...

As such I took the risk of putting my best fighters around the beast, in the hope of doing some wounds early on before they got stomped in the ground.

Round 1

The Fomoroid begins his devastating spree by smashing Drizgit in the ground with his Breaker action, inspiring both the Squigs in return, as well as Zarbag for a fallen ally and Snirk just because he can, and has the Whirling attack upgrade.

Gobbaluk, who also has a +1 damage upgrade, bites the big monster for 3, but due to the Formoroid special rule this is reduced to only 2 damage.  Snirk is the next one to suffer the Breaker, inspiring Prog, and soon after Gobbaluk suffers the same fate, inspiring Redkap.

In the Power Step, Curse of the Bad Moon is failed to be cast, but a Little Waagh is declared on Bonekrakka for another 2 damage on the monster, before he is pounded flat as well, but inspiring Dibbz.

Redkap and Dibbz laet lose their arrows to no effect, while Stikkit is pushed in with Sneaky Step to occupy the big beast one more round.

Observant readers will notice that even though I had the choice of which model would get the victim of the Breaker attack, I didn`t take away the weakest first.  This is due to the fact that if it where a game versus a real player, I would go for the sure kill on the strongest models first as well.  That way, I felt this would be a better representation of a game of "whack-a-gobbo".

The goblins where now 4 members down, but the big beast had suffered 4 wounds so far!  Not enough, as he would surely be inspiring come next Round, and gain an additional 2.

Round 2

Round 2 begins with poor Stikkit being flattened with the Breaker action.  I realised afterwards I might better haven`t done this, and let him suffer the possible attack of the Enrage, but that would also cause the Objective that was moved on to being tossed, so who can tell what would have been the better option.

A salvo from Redkap and Dibbs (long live Volley Caller) did a wound on the big beast, but the beast Enrages onto an objective as he charges Prog.  The poor goblin wouldn`t live to tell the tale, and adding insult to injury the hurled objective caused two wound on Zarbag himself.

Even though Inspired now, the Fungal Blessing for taking out Prog at least caused an additional wound.
Zarbag casts Jealous Hex on the Formoroid, virtually taking him down to 5 wounds to go, in the subsequent Power phase.

Poor Zarbag is next on the rampage of the monster, chanceless against this brutal power in his already wounded state.

The archers let go, causing another wound, before Dibbz became charged by the Enraged Formoroid... and miraculously dodged it!
Their combined volley caused another wound on the beast, but it looked grim.

With Dibbz in Breaker range, and the Formoroid still on 3 wounds, this would mean Redkap somehow needed to lure the beast to an edge, dodge any charges, be pushed back for another wound instead, AND still shoot and hit... well, theoretically there was still a chance.

Round 3

As predicted, Dibbz was swiftly dispatched by the Breaker, but Redkap actually puts another arrow in the huge monster.  But alas, there it ended, as the Formoroid charged the plucky archer, instantly flattening him without even needing to throw an Objective after him.

Never the less, the little guys, whose heavy hitters (sort off) would even be instasmashed due to Breaker and the fact they needed to deploy around the beast, managed to bring it down to 2 wounds, not a bad showing.  It actually could have gone down, had it not blocked some of the arrows poured into him, so the tactic at least proved viable...

These solo game rules are good fun, though utterly brutal.  I will probably try out the remaining two battleplans in the future as well, going for different warbands or so... and see what high defense or high damage bands can do against the beast!