zaterdag 30 april 2022

On the Painting Desk 202

So finally I can try my hand at painting again woopwoop!
And to "celebrate" that, I took one of the 1/400 scale gashapon, the Calamity, and gave my new glasses a go to test it out. 

And it went far better again, s I got all the way on the model to the varnish and base part, without getting a splitting headache.
It even went so well, that alongside the Calamity, I also started working on this Gaza C, the Haman Karn custom.

Though wearing glasses will be needing some getting used to...

donderdag 28 april 2022

Unboxing Fate / Grand Order Mash Kyrielight

 My most recent figure to arrive from the TokyoCatch crane game app, Mash is the servant / protagonist of the Fate Grand Order anime.

Artificially created, she is a real protecting bulwark, and faithful companion.

Now, this figure isn`t in her combat dress with her huge shield, but rather in her scientific jacket from back at their homebase of operations.  And that means she goes well with the Romani figure I unboxed a while ago I hope.

But, after her unboxing, I must admit I`m a bit disappointed in her.  Not by the quality of the figure, but by her sheer size...

dinsdag 26 april 2022

Unboxing Saint Seiya Cosmo Memoir Kanon of Sea Dragon

 The latest arrival from TokyoCatch, this is another figure in the Cosmo Memoir series of Saint Seiya.

And it is none other then Kanon, the twin brother of Gemini Saga and the one responsible for the (to early) awakening of Poseidon and his Marina Generals.

Under the guise of the Sea Dragon general, he orchestrated the whole battle, before redeeming himself in the Hades arc.

A pretty nifty figure, love the hair and how it is sculpted.  

See you for the next unboxing!

maandag 25 april 2022

Terra Formars volume 6 - Yu Sasuga and Ken-Ichi Tachibana

Thanks to Amazon I now have the next instalment in this series, and I can enjoy the tale of the ill-fated colonisation effort of Mars.

Still in the ambush pit, the battle continues as the survivors of the mission try to make way to their ship.

As they are in a dire spot, Keiji, who was a boxer on Earth and has the mosaic organs of the Peacock Mantis Shrimp, steps forward to face off against the armoured Terra Formar.  He overcomes the beast at great injury, while the captain takes care of the silkmoth endowed Terra Formar in the meantime.

The Russian team meanwhile penetrates further into the pyramids, to discover the wreckage of an old unmanned Earth probe inside.  They also discover that the Terra Formars had inside knowledge of how the spacecraft en escape vehicles work, as well as what the drugs are for.

On the surface, the US / Japan team is attacked with incendiary bombs and nets in order to capture them, but in the direst hour of need, the second US / Japan division arrives and uniting, they start turning the tables.

But what is the truth behind Akari?

zondag 24 april 2022

The Haul Report 316

 Yesssss, got the Zenitsu T-shirt from Uniqlo at last!

Noshi found it on their online store, last one in size XL, and free delivery to the store.

And discounted as such, 9.90 instead of 14.90, so that's an added bonus!

A modest week as such, but it can`t rain parcels every week now can it?

zaterdag 23 april 2022

On the Painting Desk 201

 Some more GunPla work this week, as I did some additional work on the Freedom model.

Slowly and steadily, without any pressure or deadline as I doubt I'll be going to the club anywhere soon yet to introduce MechaTop, I`m working on these larger models to game with.

Not to mention my printer still isn`t back to make his base anyways...

But for this week, I have been doing some more "baseline" colours for the three tone style I love to paint in.  Starting with Imperial Blue to do all the sections that have to be build up to blue in the end, as well as the black for where the dark gery areas will be coming.

So that is it for this time round, next time I`m hopefully going to be the smaller pieces, as well as the dark greys and blue greys for his gun barrels.

vrijdag 22 april 2022

Opening some Date A Bullet boosterpacks for Weiss Schwarz

 Earlier this month, a local visit to Nendo Addicts brought back some booster packs of the Date A Bullet series.

Now, while I don`t play Weiss Schwarz, I am trying to collect a select amount of series from the line, just because I love the anime's they are from.

And to that end, I'm opening these two packs, always in the hope of getting one of the signature cards (chances: slim).  And considering there is barely an aftermarket for the game here in Belgium, I`m also hoping on not to much doubles hehehe.

So, without firther ado, I cut open the first pack, and getting these cards:

The rare of the set, "Zafkiel" Kurumi, is unfortunatly not the signed version, but still a 3.90 euro card according to Cardmarket, so that's not to bad.  And with the Uncommon "Doll Master" Pannier and the Common card In Recollections, Isami I also scored two foils in this pack.

The second pack was then opened, yielding me the following:

Now, the Rare of this pack is nothing spectacular: Predetermined Conclusion, Queen.  While only a 0.25 cent rare, I did also get her Foil version in this pack.  Guess that's both a yay and a nay in one and the same go?  

But in the end, that card, and now the non-foil version of In Recollections, Isami where the only ones to be added to the doubles stack.  And the small series got fleshed out some more once again.

So if you want to pick up those, check out my CardMarket page for them.

donderdag 21 april 2022

Attack on Titan: The Final Season part 2

 So the end of the series, that will become a classic, is here.

And while I'm still not a fan of the Mappa style of animation, the story remains oh so strong.

In a season that starts with the apparent demise of captain Levi, a result from his battle with Zeke in the finale of part 1, the Marley attack begins in earnest.  Many of the troops of Paradis are massacred by the superior military might, while Eren is cornered by Reiner and the other titans.

His friends are freed from prison though to help him out, and Armin comes with the plan to let the Rumbling happen at last, and safeguard the nation for decades as a result.  Zeke appears to go into union with his brother, making the fight all the more desparate.

But as Zeke lets out his scream, the people transform into titans due to the spinal fluid.  Gaby decapitates Eren as he tries to unite with his brother, but he awakens in another dimension with the Founder Ymir and Zeke.  Here they learn that both brothers tried to manipulate and use the other for their own goals.  In their flashback dreamworld, we learn that grisha actually wasn`t that evil, nor didn`t want to kill the Reiss family.  But a secret power of the Attack Titan is that it has memories of it's future users, and Eren forces his father in doing the deed.  This results in Grisha begging Zeke to stop Eren and his plans!

A flashback of 2000 years ago shows how the founder Ymir, an abused slave girl, came into being.  Eren convinces her to grant her power, preventing his death in this dimension as the walls come crashing down and the Titans inside start marching off.  The Rumbling has come!

Due to Eren unhardening everything for the walls, the female titan, Annie, is also freed from her prison as a result.  They meet up with the remnants of the Scouting Corps, and device a plan to take an airboat without violence from the harbour, now controlled by Floch and his fanatic Yaegerists.  However, the plan fails and a bloody battle ensues.  Due to the delays of the battle, they realise they are short on time and that Liberio wont be able to be saved anymore.  

They sail out to stop Eren, with Magath staying behind to destroy a captured cruiser, whom would have been able to overtake their ship.  Helped by the unlikely ally in Shadis, they blow the ship, bringing the ultimate sacrifice.  As they sail to the port city, we get some insight from Mikasa and Eren on how this might have come about, before the epic sights of the Rumbling arriving at Marley's shores, bound on wiping out civilisation...

And so part 2 is still not the conclusion of the series, as a part 3 spanning the final 9 chapters has been confirmed for 2023.  

Now, to be honest, and I`m in camp "Eren is the villain", I`m still not all that wild about Attack on Titan, probably being one of the very, very few.  Sure, the way the series gradually shifted viewpoint over the seasons is pretty cool, but in the end, this was a pretty lacklustre season to be honest for a shonen series.

But still, it's not bad, don`t get me wrong, I just don`t see it as that ultimate anime masterpiece some make it out to be...

woensdag 20 april 2022

Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle

 A comedy anime that I found by scrolling one of those ranker pages on Facebook (see, they do have their uses), this comes apparently highly scored on MAL.

So me and Noshi gave this 12 episode series a go.

The Demon Lord kidnaps the fair princess Syalis, who just wants... a good night's rest!  After obtaining a better pillow and sheets (by massacring Ghost Sheet demons), she needs to cope with snoring demons.  She slips into magma as she wanders the castle, but luckily gets ressurected in the Demon Church.  Where she ends up more often in her quest to improve her sleeping conditions.

While she is being reprimanded by the lawyer of the castle, it doesn`t phase her much, as she continues on her epic questing.  She goes on to steal a grimoire to read and fall asleep, only to summon Alazif, a might, demon slaying capable spirit who can`t phatom why she doesn`t want to escape, even after putting the whole castle to sleep for 3 days...

While in the background the tensions between the human and demon nations rise, and the heroes send to save her keep getting lost or die and ressurect, the princess in a way befriends Harpy.  Only to have her used as means to get better sleeping conditions.  The top demons start taking an eye to her, but she destroys a secret weapon while doing her laundry...  When the demon king becomes overexhasuted though, she gently finds a way to put him to a good night's sleep.
When she gets abducted by Hades, who is after the demon king's throne, a rescue is mounted.  But she easily escapes on her own in her desire to return to her own bed. Due to her many violations, the Demon King decides to hold a Hostage Training Week, but their ideas keep failing.  She does convince them though to travel to the human realm with her for a special massaging pillow.  After obtaining it and attending a fireworks festival, she wants to go back home, to the Demon Castle.

The demons organise a pajama party which she wants to attend with the demon king as a partner, while she trains the succubus Qubey as her body double.  When chirstmas comes, they return to the human lands for her special christmas pantsu, but are sniffed out by the security.  Qubey is caught, and as a body double they think the princess is returned.  but she mounts a daring rescue plan, before returning to the demon realm... with the approval of her mother.

A fun little series, with some rude humour at times.  But, for a random find, this was great amisement indeed!

dinsdag 19 april 2022

The Quintessential Quintuplets volume 2 - Negi Haruba

 Time to dive into the second volume of the romcom, and the adventures of Futaro who tries to tutor the Nakano siblings to pass for their schoolgrades.

And the first volume was just as fantastic as the anime, so let's see what will happen in this volume!
The tome starts with a trial, as poor Futaro had stumbled on Nino coming out of the shower at the end of the previous book.  They do decide to keep going on with him, though Nino isn`t happy with that decision at all.
later, Isuki comes over to his house to bring his payment, and she confesses that he actually brings a change for the better along in them.  She joins Futaro and his little sister Raiha to the arcade, having a fun day.

As they prepare to leave for home, they stumble upon the others that are on their way to the fireworks festival.  This holds a special place in their hearts he learns, as it reminds them of their deceased mother.  But in the masses, the sisters get split up and Futaro starts looking for them.  he finds out Ichika is pursuing an acting career, having to skip the festival for an audition but not wanting to tell the others about it. After her audition, she goes back with Futaro to a small park, where the siblings reinforce their bond by means of a small private fireworks festival of their own.
As Futaro obtains the girl's emails, Yotsuba declines the basketball team to engage herself on her promise to study.  And we learn that Futaro actually met one of the quintuplets five years ago, as she was his childhood crush.  But which one was it?
A fun volume, and I truly like this series so much.  Now to get the other volumes in my possession swiftly!

maandag 18 april 2022

Evangelion 3.0+1.0: Thrice Upon A Time


It ook me way longer then is usual for me to watch something that really peaks my intrest, but at last I managed to sit down and watch the closure of the franchise.
In what is announced as providing not only closure to the reboot series, but also to the original ones, the various spin-off manga's and so much more.  This truly is the end of a franchise that was with me from the beginning of my anime days...
The Third Impact has happened, and now Shinji finds himself at the crossroads of trying to save the world remnant's, and find out about Rei Ayanami and restore what happened in the past 14 years.  As human remnants gathered as Kredit try to reestablish a NERV pillar in Paris to activation, they are attacked by angels, with Mari trying to hold them off.  They become under heavy artillery attack, barely escaping with their lives but restoring the NERV base. enabling them to rebuild Unit 02.

The new incarnation of Rei, Asuka and a mentally broken down Shinji in the meantime find themselves in a small village, mingling with the locals and adapting to a regular life.  But slowly, it starts to gnaw to return to their EVA and set things right, as they start recollecting themselves.  But Shinji is once again refused to do so and contained in a high-security chamber.

More is revealed about the Human Instrymentality Project and Ayanami's role in it.  Together, Kredit launches a large offensive on the NERVE HQ, in order to destroy EVA unit 13 and bring an end to the Chaos.  Their vessel, commanded by Katsuragi, forces itself into the enemy territory (the EVA units airsurfing on decommissioned aircraft carriers was kinda fun) to launch Asuka and Mari into the battlefield.

As their attack stalls, Asuka releases the power stored inside her and her unit 2, becoming a being of light to break through the AT field protecting unit 13 and removing the Spear of Longinus.  Unit 13 wakes up as a result, destroying unit 2.  The Kredit ship gets hijacked, as Ikari faces the ship. He has abandoned his humanity, becoming a self proclaimed God.  Shinji decides to face his father to save the remnants of humanity.

What follows is Shinji going through the whole traumatizing experiencing once again, morally blackmailed and humiliated by his father.  As unit 1, embodying hope, and 13, representing despair, face off, it all becomes, well, like a big LSD trippy thing like the end of the original series like.  So pay attention in the last hour, or you'll be lost in a minute!

They realise it can`t be resolved through might, the additional Impact is unleashed as Lilith shows her true face.  And how Ikari did everything he did in order to bring his deceased wife back from the dead!

Well, it's Evangelion, so don`t expect a simple, straight up actionpacked story.  Layer upon layer is in this movie, making it hard to follow if you loose attention for a moment.  But never the less, this is an awesome farewell to the franchise, with all it's strengths of the story packed in an epic conclusion!

zondag 17 april 2022

The Haul Report 315

 A nice box of TokyoCatch goodies arrived this week!

An in it, the wins I scored during march, and a varied lot it was. Though not as huge as the previous one that had to be send in three seperate boxes lol.

 But this contained plushies and figures, so that's always great fun!

My second part of my Amazon order also came in, containing volume 3 of That time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, so now I can continue that series as well.

I was amazed though they actually deliver on sundays... and that it came in 3 weeks sooner then projected, which is nice.
And the first of the two sticker enveloppe wins from Instagram also arrived this week, ones I was asked to be suprised with bar a Marin one. 

While the second came in two days later, suprising me with these:

So that has been another fun week of goodies for certain!  Oh, and that change in professional life, that has already been resolved.

zaterdag 16 april 2022

Unboxing the Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui

 Time to get FLASHY!

A recent arrival from TokyoCatch, the sound Hashira arrived into my collection.

Part of the action posed Vibrant Stars line, that means he is full of dynamic movement in his pose!  Or is he?  Let's find out in the short video!

Truly a flashy addition to the Demon Slayer shelf, which gets filled more and more as time goes on.

Now, let's hope they release his wives as well one day to complete the setting.  Or that Daki might be released soon!

vrijdag 15 april 2022


 A series I heard nothing but positive stuff about, I sat down to watch the first season.

And if the reviews are anything to go by, it's a military sci-fi series with mecha, so yeah, right up my alley as such.
The year is 2148, and the world has raging wars. San Magnolia is in the middle of one, and their forces are mainly drones facing the Gidian Empire.  Vladilena is a commander in the San Magnolian forces, who is reassigned to an ace unit.  But it is lead by Undertaker, who seems to drive his handlers even as far as commiting suicide.  Because the drones are only for the media, the mechas have actual pilots inside them.

But she handles things differently, more humane, as she tries to get closer to the Spearhead squad.  But when of their number fall, she is forced to face the truth on how the soldiers know they are seen by the Handlers.  She has issues with how she sees the world compared to the rest, not wanting to use the 86's as just mere cannon fodder.  As she and the unit start slowly getting closer to each other, she finds out she has a connection with Undertaker.  At a young age, Lena was saved from certain dead by his brother.

She learns from Undertaker that the Legion actually harvest the brains of the fallen, in order to operate their machines.  But Shin, the Undertaker's real name, is being haunted by halucinations about his fallen brother.  In the meantime, Lena not only learns that the Spearhead unit is actually an execution squad, made for 86's that become to good to prevent them from ever fulfilling their term of duty, but also how her friend Annete's father came to design the RAID communication device the Handlers use to work with the Processors.  She swears as such to do anything to save them.

During a suicide mission, Shin faces off against his brother, now in a Legion Shepherd machine leading the opposing force.  He manages to overcome him, and finally being able to remember his face.  The survivors push on however, going of radar after a message that they came under attack.  But in turth, they manage to evade most combat, for a moment enjoying a peaceful life.  As they keep advancing, they see things remembring them of their pre-war lives, before battle once again overtakes them, and they seem to fall in battle.  Lena goes to their barracks and learns more about how they thought of her...

A really strong and dramatic series for sure, dealing with the hard reality of minorities being used as cannon fodder in wars.  I'm looking forward to start watching the recently aired second season and how this will continue for sure!

Highly recommended watching!

donderdag 14 april 2022

The Reprise of the Spear Hero volume 2 - NEET

 The spin-off of The Rising of the Shield Hero continues, as in an alternate created world it comes down to the Spear hero to safeguard him.

The whole premises is explained in volume 1, so now we continue our journey with the dedicated, and Filo searching Spear hero and his party.

After obtaining some filolial eggs from a farmer, the party stays in a demihuman village on their way to the city of Siltvelt.  But as they are forced to move on with their newly hatched trio of filolials, as the Church of the Three Heroes is on their tail, they go camping in the wild.

Some training sessions later, his filolials Yuki, Kou and Sakura evolve into their "angelic" or humanoid form.  But as they prepare for the next leg of their journey, a crowd forms posing a threat to our brave adventurers.

As a bonus story, there is a guest artist story in chibi style, making a fun explanation of the story and the main series together, mashing to the point of two Naofumi's even.

A fun volume, and a series I will continue to pick up for certain, so I say!

woensdag 13 april 2022

Unboxing the Love Hashira noodlestopper Kanroji Mitsuri

 One of my recent TokyoCatch arrivals, this noodlestopper of the Love hashira comes, well, with some serious oppai.

And a pack to put aside the figure, that doesn't seem to practical to be honest.

But first, let's have a look at the model itself.

Now to place her somewhere.  Remember that mt Fuji owan bowl I obtained last month?  Perfectly suited for Mitsuri!

And so the Demon Slayer shelf gets filled some more!

dinsdag 12 april 2022

Saintia Sho volume 3 - Masami Kuramada

 The third volume of this series, which btw animated was quite good yet still not received a second season.

And it follows more of the female saint handmaiden's of Athena, the Saintias.

During the face off with Eris, Athena comes to the help of Shoko to reach a stalemate.  But as Eris flees, she pulls Shoko to her lair with her, resulting in the untrained saint being held captive by the dryad Murder Phobos.

She is rescued by the saint send to Eris's sanctuary to assassinate her, Gold saint Scorpio Milo.  he quickly makes short work of Phobos and larer Ate, as he advances to the place where Eris slumbers.  Here he is held back by a fallen Silver saint, Orion Rigel.  He fights not for Eris, but with the resolve to protect her host, Shoko's sister and the woman he loves, Kyoko.

Shoko arrives as Milo defeats Rigel and stop him.  This allows Shoko one last chance to reach out to her sister and try to save her, but the battle has caused Eris to awaken.  Milo is forced as such to defeat her, wiping away Kyoko's cosmo as well in the process.

An action packed volume, focussing mostly on the raw might of a Gold saint.  The manga now stands at the point of the Galaxian Wars, where the original series began.  Let's see when we get volume four how it continues, as with 3 fully dedicated volumes the prelude is already far more detailed then it was in the anime itself.

maandag 11 april 2022

The Adam Project

 Lazy sunday afternoon, so movie time for me and Noshi.

And we opted to go and watch The Adam Project on Netflix, a family movie we read good things about.

And with a cast of Ryan Reynolds, Zoe Saldana (there is an awesome Star Trek joke involving her at the end of the movie) and Mark Ruffalo, this might be okay!

Adam Reed is a time agent that wants to get back to 2018 in order to find his missing wife.  But he is prohibited to do so, and his timejet gets damaged in the attempt, stranding him in 2022 instead.  Here he meets his 12 year old self, a year after their father died in a car accident and still trying to cope with the loss.

This leads to him being a smartmouthed kid, but a smart one that quickly figures out what is happening.  He learns from his older self that in order to save the timeline, timetravel must be erased from history / future.  In order to be able to do so, they need to get to 2018 and destroy the particle accelerator their father build, and which will be taken over by his business partner to rule the world in 2050.

They manage to escape from the people hunting them, and safely arrive in 2018.  But the enemy has followed them, and after meeting, and convincing, their father, the trio sets out to wipe the hard drive of the machine.  Interference however leads to the machine destroying itself, but in doing so repairing the timeline as it was intended to go.

An easy on the eye, amusing without being downright funny, family film indeed, with some lovely touching moments, some great effects and an okay story (though, holes in the plot!).  Truly a lazy sunday afternoon Netflix flick as such.

zondag 10 april 2022

The Haul Report 314

 Well, a change in my professional life happened this week, but never the less some loot still arrived.

And that is from Amazon this time, with the 6th volume of Terra Formars arriving.

With this one now on the shelf, I can continue the series again, woopwoop!

But all in all, a modest haul as such, though as i stated in the quarterely oversight last week i am going to be shopping more manga the coming months as well, to get to that 100 book goal.

Next week though, a fresh box from TokyoCatch should be arriving, so expect some nice loot there once again.

zaterdag 9 april 2022

On the Painting Desk 200

 Well, kind of a jubilee this time, as it is the 200th update on painting stuff that I share.

And while 2021 was slow, VERY slow, I`m trying to at least pick up the pace a little bit this year.

In the past week, I sat down to do some work on my GunPla kit of the Freedom, still the most gorgeous mech design ever created (slightly subjectional opinion).  While I don`t do the panel lining style as is commin in the hobby, from my wargaming background, I tend to try and transfer my usual 3-tone paintstyle to these models as well.

And the first step towards that, is of course the base layer, which for all that has to become white in the end is a coat of Cold Grey.

vrijdag 8 april 2022

Mental musings of doing things on the side

 Last week at work, the topic came up of doing some trades on the side within the geeky life.

Well, for one who has done that, I brought some fond memories, but also those of hard work and struggles to mind.

So for no really particular reason, I sat down and decided to put my thoughts on the matter to virtual paper in this opinion piece.  In the past decade, I have been tippytoeing in the matter on various fronts: wargames, LEGO, trading card games, anime figures... and they all have their plusses and drawbacks, but one really did stand out as perhaps the most "intresting" investment for those with not that much funds or spare time.  But of course, that will be talked about later in this piece, namely cards.

Let's first have a look at the other three.

LEGO is by far perhaps the best return in the long haul, the venerable brick remains an ever popular item, and especially (bigger) franchise sets can really double to tripple over value in the course of only a few years.  Unless the umpteenth Star Wars rerelease comes around, which can sink your stock.  Another market for the bricks is literally that, selling the bricks seperatly.  But truth to be told, dealing in lego is nearly a full time occupation, especially if it involves the sorting out of a bunch of loose elements.
Another drawback is that you need really a LOT of space to store it all, wether it's loose bricks or boxed sets, and you have, in the latter, keep in mind to store it dry and dark to obtain the quality of the box.  So the damp cellar is out of the question.

Anime figures is perhaps the most volatile of them all.  It's hard to predict which figures will remain popular, there are so many alternatives of each character, and an anime that is hot now might be forgotten tomorrow as there is a LOT of material out there, so everyone can have a different waifu or husbando every day of the year.  This makes it a very risky investment (as I found out shamefully) that can leave you with a lot of dead stock, though usually IF one goes out of the RRP to the highly wanted list, the numbers tend to rise very high.  Mainly also due to the high cost the figures usually start at.  I`m talking scales here, because the cheaper price figures are so abundant, people usually grab one when a character comes out, and don`t have the need for a full collection of them generally, bar perhaps miss Hatsune Miku who has a rabid following of collectors.  But they usually don`t wait to long after figures come out to get theirs.

Wargame figures are really tricky.  Over the years, I found that there are two "worth it" markets: OOp but still usable currently Games Workshop models and well painted complete historical armies.  But the issue with that is, that apart from the buy in of an army, no matter the scale, there is also a lot of time investment needed to paint, base and generally make it nice armies to sell on.  While there are mainstay periods, often other historical era's lost their mojo by the time a non-professional studio or artist has had his army finished, and he remains stuck with an army to sell off hopefully at purchase price at the local Bring and Buy of a convention. 

So that brings us to the fourth player, the trading card.  Especially Magic, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh are incredibly popular still, and buying booster boxes at releases often, if you go the loose card market like I did, yield some profit.  The storage space needed for your stock is, if using a good toploader boxing system, smaller then the others, and with some decent filing system you can rather quikcly pick orders.  BUT, and there is a big BUT, not only are you dependant on the meta of the moment for which cards are hot or not, you also have the "tournament legal" period of most sets to actually flip your cards around.  After that, you tend to get stuck with cheap rares and boxes full of commons and uncommons that you can barely get rid off, unless as bulk at flea markets and the likes.

But, if I consider all those factors, I guess card games still are the safest bet to invest a bit on the side.  The limited needed space, combined with the less hassle to pack things up, make it a good side-hobby if you look to do some side-haggling.  And you never know when you might break open that awesome card that is wanted by everyone and gets you a nice amount of pocket money.

Maybe I should indeed return to do that a bit again... and save the work of the other ones I tried over the years.

donderdag 7 april 2022

Unboxing the 2022 Sakura Hatsune Miku noodlestopper

 More sakura goodness unboxing, as the FuRyu 2022 noodlestopper of miss Hatsune Miku in sakura attire arrived.

While sceptical though on how she looked on the box...

So, let's open her up and see if her face really is as derpy...

Now, for the balancing issues, it turned out later the hair can be pushed a bit backward, and then she keeps sitting upright without any problem!