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Rummaging through the Bitz Box

By : Tomsche69
So there I was, having a peak through the bitz box(es) [I swear, there must be whole armies in those cardboard boxes] when i stumbled upon these ancient epic Eldar vessels...

After some pondering, I guess most of them (namely the Wave Serpents and the Tempests) can be integrated into my 6mm Kraytonian army, respectively as Gara teleporters and Arkalest heavy tanks. No need / idea for the Fire Prisms so far though so they`ll probably end up back in the boxes.

I guess I`m gonna go with the black / red Saim Hann craftworld scheme, which should incorporate them into my `scarran` scheme for the Kray`s but also to leave them as stand alone forces should our gaming group ever evolve towards FutureWars Commander...

More Kraytonians

By : Tomsche69
Now that temperatures here have dropped below the level where paint dries on the brush before you reach your model, I finally painted up some more Kraytonians.

A unit of the Ketzali Priests to bolster Training levels when going in down and dirty with the lizards, a battery of the Arka Dark Matter Projectors and a unit of Elohe riders. Though those last ones don`t have any current rules, I plan on using them as Kurall softskin light skimmers...

Excalibur: The Sword is Drawn

By : Tomsche69
So I finally got around to repainting all available Heroclix models to represent the lovely (and in the Davis / Claremont years, incredibly funny) british X-men team Excalibur... only to find out a Nocturne has been released in the meantime, so little TJ will catch up with the rest of `new` Excalibur later on.

Now if they would only release the missing models (fat chance, especcially on the older models like Kylun, Micromax, Feron and the beautiful Cerise)...

Anyways, here they are:

Lighthouse / Braddock Manor era:

Phoenix (Rachel Summers), Shadowcat, Lockheed, Nightcrawler, Captain Britain and Meggan
Missing so far: Feron, Kylun, Cerise, Alistair Stuart and Micromax

The Muir Island / Legacy Virus era

Colossus, Wolfsbane, Douglock, Pete Wisdom, Lockheed, Shadowcat, Nightcrawler, Captain Britain, Meggan
Missing so far: Moira McTaggart, Rory Campbell and Daytripper. Mimic might be included also, though he only joined in the last few issues of the original series. Banshee, though never part of the team, will be included over time as well, due to the fact that he is like the only Irish superhero in the series.

The `new` Excalibur era

Sage, Dazzler, Captain Britain, Juggernaut, Pete Wisdom
Missing so far: Nocturne (comming soon), and the on / off member The Black Knight (for the after this mentioned project) and Longshot (who joined in the finale, the Die By the Sword mini series)

Psylocke is also frequently involved with the team, though she never became a `real` member of Excalibur, she usually is involved in the mini series spinn offs like the annuals, the Excalibur 4 issue series between the Captain`s marriage and him becomming lord of Otherworld / start of new Excalibur.

The next and concluding part for the project will be the MI-13 team from the new series involving Captain Britain. Though he joined the Avengers after the series, as this is no longer part of a `british superhero team`, that won`t be a project fancying my intrests...

The Power of Kroll

By : Tomsche69
Finally got around to completing all needed models for the Power of Kroll scenario from the DWMG`s Key to Time bundle (the first having been The Stones of Blood).

Being `episode 4` from the chain, it involved the Doctor and Romana getting involved in some pre `eco terrorist` action of a tribe of primitive inhabitants versus the operators of a modern oil rig. The fact that a huge godlike monster inhabits the swamp doesn`t help either of course...

Now only to wonder when I will finally be able to actually play the game... but I got time, it`s all about a Time LORD afterall
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