dinsdag 30 maart 2010

SAC returns to the crash

In order to investigate the crash further, SAC has admitted the previous report of mysterious slaughter was indeed a fraud.

However, when it appeared that other factions where not detered by this, the DAC has decided to send along reinforcements to Tomasso and Valeria to further secure the perimeter.

In the meantime, Professore Tortellini has returned to the headquarters to study the first samples already taken from last weeks investigations, and is replaced in the team by a secretive agent only known by her codename `Nika`, who brings more askari and fucilieri with her to the fray.

The world's greatest mysteries...

* Why are there pyramids in Egypt, the Yucatan, and Central America?

* Why are there similar languages carved into their stones?

* Did Atlantis really exist?

* What is the strange formation in the sea off the Bimini islands?

* Who put the statues on Eastern Island?

zaterdag 27 maart 2010

SAC succesfully completes her first mission

Today, the SAC has succesfully investigated the mysterious crash site we reported about earlier.

The team arrived at a small beachfront, quite a distance away from the derelict vessel`s wreck. Reports indicated that a group of self announced tough guys called the B-Team where present in the area, as well as a force of pig related warriors which we did not encounter, nor did we meet any of the abominations of professor Schwieble-im-arse, though a strange creature called `Scar` was met later on in the expedition.

The SAC team advanced towards a strange obelisk slightly off shore, and after an initial gunfight with members of the B-Team and our gallant Fucilieri took out a girl in the company and wounding Faceman. In the mean time, professore Tortellini discovered a patch of quicksand near the pillar, from which he managed to free himself swiftly.

While still brabbling on about how big a genius he is, the professore is ambushed by Faceman and Howling Mad Murdock, and bites the dust wounded. The return fire of the Fucilieri however is devasting as it takes down both these members of the B-Team
In the mean time, Valleria, Sandro and the Askari discover a strange ancient deity possesing a bunker on the coast line, causing Sandro and the Askari to cower in fear for the remainder of the mission while Valleria takes off to try and join the action.

Tomasso himself then tries to resolve another dare puzzle... and almost ends up thundering down into a pit of stakes... while the other half of his forces try to regroup and the Fucilieri take down BA Baracus with a lucky pot shot.

In order to completely secure the crash site, Tomasso and the Fucilieri move over to the large ruined building, where they encounter a White Hunter reknowed as Skar the Elephant Slayer. Tomasso manages to miss the huge spearcannon toting monster, but the Fucilieri, who have become the heroes of the mission, take the big beast down and securing the whole battlefield for the SAC to investigate...

A great success for our agents in the fields, the discovered technologies will surely make it able to further our causes...

vrijdag 26 maart 2010

SAC team en route to crash site

The SAC team send to investigate the mysterious crash we reported earlier about, has been formed and is embarking right now at the Linate airfield to make the almost 13hr journey to the not yet disclosed location of the crash site, together with support from the army in the form of a unit of Askari and a unit of Fucilieri.

The object must be recovered at all costs!

zaterdag 20 maart 2010

Mysterious plane crash

Agents abroad have informed us that a strange looking airplane has crashed at a classfied location. Not powered by a propeller, and seemingly build not abiding the laws of gravity, it is rumoured the vessel might actually be of Alien design

Unfortunatly, due to bad weather our spy blimp could not get clear pictures of the apparatus, but it can be vaguely seen on the pictures, near the ruins of an old town.

The SAC has dispatched a team to investigate in co-operation with the Regia Escrito, hopefully being able to secure the premises...

zondag 14 maart 2010

The Stones of Blood

The first series of models are now painted up to give the Doctor Who game a shot, They are for the Stones of Blood scenario from the Key To Time scenario pack.

Next step is to complete all the scenarios in the pack, probably Power of Kroll will be the following one completed, and go to Salute for the first time to see the game in action before indoctrinating my desciples...

zaterdag 13 maart 2010

Doctor Who Miniatures Game

Another one of my passions, our club is slowly going to start this gaming system, which is 1. very good made and 2. completely free!!!! during the comming year.

Miniatures will be provided to the group by yours truly, as being a fan makes that I have quite a few and been around lately collecting models all over the place to make up the various forces.

Anyways, the ruleset can be found at http://www.drwhominiatures.co.uk/

zaterdag 6 maart 2010

Autoblinda A86HMG

The first creation from the Mama Miracoli Armoure Factoria, the HMG equipped armoured car

Pulpo Eroica

The first pictures of the individual heroes of the SAC

Tomasso, Valeria and Prof Tortellini with his SENTINELO

And the group picture showing Tomasso`s horse Ferrari, as he neither has the license or the money for a fuel powered version, and Sandro

Glorious Anti Infantry Machine or GAIM

The first project for the VSF part of the Italians, the GAIM gun (so named for its build around a Babylon 5 GAIM spaceship) has been constructed and awaits painting. Supporting it are 4 smaller cannons and a Buldogi MkIV Limber automaton

The first two guns are painted as `test cases` and entry in the season 4 of the Lead Painters League

Pulpo Eroica: Meet the Team

Though a picture will follow once the models have entered the season 4 of the Lead Painter`s League, I can at least give a short description already of the core members of the italian PULP game team, who`ll debut in the first battle I`ll play, 3 weeks to go from now.

Tomasso di Murrathelli:
Though he finds himself God`s gift to women and smartest, wittiest person on the entire globe, the leader of the team is usually described as a big mouthed, megalomanac Joe Average who gets into trouble by his clumsiness and wrong impressions of a situation then not. However, he does possess enough oratory and charismatic skills to sell his case to the rest of the team, and hence became their acting leader.

Valeria Littorio:
The big boobed assassin, she is the one that has to get the team out of trouble in battle situations. Rellying on looks and seductive shaking of her hips to distract her opponents, she puts them out with a well placed chop... or bullet to the brain!

Professore Tortellini:
The eminence grise of the team and developer of the SENTINELO (Scientific ENgine of TechnIcal Near Everlasting Lifethreatening Operations) robot program, he is the man usually resolving complex puzzels upon which the SAC stumbbles...

Scruffy looking ex car thief who became a loyal follower when the SAC got him out of prison to serve as both driver and hot wirer of encountered tanks and other vehicles.