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Scouting Ahead

By : Tomsche69
A strange abandoned factory village, and an even stranger sarcophagus located within. Grave the disturbance in the Force is.

The Jedi Council has dispatched general Secura to investigate this strange disturbance, assisted by Commander Gree and a platoon of his Clone Troopers. In this joined effort, we teamed up with the Letzembergers and the Protectorate of Menoth to face off an unholy coalition of Greys, Nurglites and the ever viscious Schwiebel-im-Arse.

Using drilled military tactics, the Clone Troopers and Aayla advanced under the cover of their armoured vehicle, in the meantime gunning down a few greys as we advanced.

Clone 12-b007 then stepped forward, shouldered his heavy blaster cannon, and shot down one of the Greys robotic companions, suppressing his companion.

Our force then advanced on the outer perimeter, being assigned third wave to storm the objective, while the priests and soldiers kept up rate of fire against the enemies.

Aayla sneaked up towards the Evil overlord of the greys, dodging a bearclaw in the process, as she suddenly heard a loud noise, screams and cries, then saw a rhinoceros pass by with the diminutive grey creature staked on it`s horn...

The armoured vehicle then took up position to cover the central tower, but as a result of the toxic clouds of the night falling in, all combatants withdrew to regroup for another go later on...

The Protectorate and Greys where both as good as wiped out, while the Letzembergers and Schwiebel, whom`s champion Scar was very, very disappointing, both clung on to not been swept in the ropes. The Nurglites has suffered some injuries, while our force has advanced unscathed through the ordeal.

Germany claims the Obelisk

By : Tomsche69
The struggle for the Obelisk continued, though the Doctor was required elsewhere and was no longer at the site.

However, strange aliens did appear out of nowwhere in the jungle surrounding them, and the SAC suspects they might be the ones responsible for building the strange item in the first place and `taking care` of the locals.

While the Germans, Nurglites and the undead minions of Professor Schwiebel-Im-Arse moved towards the objective, two of the strange aliens that the SAC has labelled as `Predators` studied a glowing object, turning out to be an ancient sword, with great intrest.

Schwiebel-Im-Arse then suddenly ordered a bunch of his cronies to ambush a group of those Predators, but the sight of the fiendish faced aliens made them run faster then they appeared.

Professor Schwiebel-Im-Arse

The apparent leader of the Predators moved towards the Monolith, bellowing an animalistic warcry challenging all who dare to approach to a duel. The other Predator charged out of the ruins towards the germans, threw some sort of poisonous cannisters that caused them to fall back in chaos... and be gunned down by the supporting LMG gunners in the wide open. The Nurglites cultists on the far flank where wiped out in the meantime by combined German and necrotic powers.

Schwiebel and his zombies answered the challenge, and the Alpha charged in, hacking furiously at his opponent with poisonous blades and striking faster then a lightning bolt. As by a miracle however, the professor survived the encounter... barely and his zombies then overwhelmed the monstrosity by sheer size of numbers.

The last of the aliens stalked around the ruins while the germans and the undead closed in on the monolith, and though he managed to wound Helga, he was subsequently also dispatched by a mass hail of gunfire.

The germans kept on boasting they had the bigger one, though SAC analasists suspect it`s more of a compulsary compensation.

The Germans shot down the professor, and consolidated forces around the obelisk, securing it`s secrets for the Reich...

... or didn`t they?

The Obelisk doesn`t reveal her secrets...

By : Tomsche69
UNIT troops arrived in Peru with their special agents, known as The Doctor, Captain Jack Harkness, Martha Jones and Mickey Smith. In support of the effort was a UNIT squadron led by Sgt Popski. However, when the TARDIS parked at a small beachfront, K-9 came along for the trip to help his master.

Oppossing the force was a column of Letzemberg sturmtruppe led by a woman known as Helga Schwiebeltitten, a strange group of heavily armoured soldiers calling themselves Nurglites acording to their monotonous battlechant that sounded over the field, and the immer present Professor Schwiebel-Im-Arsche and his comapnion Scar in another bid to seek world domination.

UNIT advanced cautiously, and a potshot from Mickey`s blaster took down a strange clockwork automaton that accompanied professor Schwiebel. Jack moved up to secure a ruined house to cover the teams flanks from a horde of shambling zombies.

While Mickey takes out both Letzembergers LMG`s before being taken down by massed return fire, the Doctor solves a Dare! counter... and escapes from the Crushing Blocks thundering down. Scar in the meantime approaches the mighty obelisk, with the shambling horde and some Letzembergs in hot pursuit.
Jack uncovered the second Dare!, only proving to be a clue to another nearby obe, which the Doctor valiantly investigates... and escape from a treacherous patch of quicksand!

A huge gunfight between the Letzembergers versus Scar and thezombies starts on the Temple, resulting in the wipeout of the Letzemberger squad in ferocious melee with the green monstrosity. The UNIT squad guns down half of the second Letzemberger squad and pins them, but the sinister Nurglites, who kept out of the hostilities appart from some potshots, start to move towards the templeruins, and they are still in great shape... and place their HMG squad on an overlooking houseroof.

Combined fire from Scar and the HMG puts down the UNIT team and Martha, but then Scar is gunned down by the lonely Helga, and the professor is fusilladed by the Nurglites. As Helga is then shot down by the Nurglites, it seemed this dark power would take control of the obelisk.
But the Doctor wouldn`t be the Doctor if he didn`t prevent this. Dashing a hail of bullets under the covering fire of Jack, he rushes forward with K-9 on his tail and contests the obelisk ending the encounter in a stalemate...

The obelisk hasn`t shown it`s power just yet...

UNIT moves in

By : Tomsche69
While the SAC team was preparing for their voyage to South America, they where approached by a doctor Jones, representing the UNified Intelligence Taskforce.

The lithe woman informed the team that under article 127.bis, addendum 325 UNIT can take over operations from the SAC at any given moment, if they suspect that the safety of Earth is on the brink. She told them that UNIT will be sending special agents to investigate the recently discovered ruins in the Peruvian wilderness.

Though the SAC team obeyed without any protest, knowing it is part of the mutual defence regulations, a fucilieri was heard grumbling `great, they are sending in the aliens`, though official statements later on said he was misunderstood and he actually said `allies` instead of `aliens`
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SAC Team 2

By : Tomsche69
The second team of the SAC that is now placed on active status, this team mainly operates in the regions of India and the Chinese hinterlands.

Led by Prince Shahal, a descendant of a noble Indian family, here seen walking his pet `dog`. He also has a great love for technology, and is rumoured to have a private bodyguard outside the SAC that is higly trained and equipped.

Cultural Liason is Miss Peregrini, an agent attached to the London National Museum tasked with observing the workings of the LNM and SAC synchrony, and always accompanied by Mister Jeeves, her clockwork butler and maker of great cappucino

Military advisor is a mysterious woman named Nika. Marksman extraordinaire, she prefers the slow and calculated approach to any battle situation.

With the chinese and indian lands being so huge, the SAC has the use of a transport plane, piloted by Falco.

For Glory! Avanti Savoia!
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Something stirs in South America

By : Tomsche69

One of our local SAC agents reported in that after the latest earthquake in Peru, a strange templecomplex has been discovered in the deeper, previously unreachable, part of the jungle.

Initial scoutings revealed a strange obelisk that seems to generate a sort of radiowaves, having the experts brake their heads if it acts as a sort of beacon for even extraterrestial lifeforms.

No inhabitants seem to live near the temple, though there are a whole lot of ruined buildings in the vicinity. SAC is gathering together a team of adventurers and preparing the Aeronef `Vecchia Signora` to speed them towards the Temple
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Crash site remains disputed, SAC fails to secure the perimeter

By : Tomsche69
The crashsite at Whitesands remains disputed as the SAC team failed to completely secure the perimeter.

The expedition, lead by Tomasso, Valeria and Nika, was supported by Fucilieri and Askari, and a CV33 Tankette.

Nika advanced onto the monolith, but suddenly a cry of Seize Her! sounded over the battlefield, and a group of followers from Professor Schwiebel im Arse appeared and took the poor sniper out in a hail of bullets.

The Fucilieri and Askari advance upon the followers, but suddenly the Askari come under long range fire by Hungarians of the Goula clan, and two of the territorials fall before the others rain a storm of bullets upon the followers, taking them out.

Then Scar the Hunter enters the fray and takes out two Fucilieri. Valeria rushes forward and snatches away a Map before the lumbering brute can shoot her, and she immediatly disappears back over the hedges.

Scar then turns towards the remaining fucilieri, while Tomasso narrowly escapes a Crushing Boulder. As the big hunter charges, the Fucilieri let go a last moment volley... and to their immense surprise the Hunter drops right before their feet!

The tankette in the meantime throddled down some orchards... and gunning down some hungarians in the process while Valeria and the Fucilieri prepare for some tankbusting.

With Schwiebel out of the battle, the remaining hungarians and italians converge on the wreck and reach a stalemate, but the Hungarian lady manages to get away with the ignition key to the wreck, a very valuable artifact indeed that has slipped out of the gallant claws of the SAC. Disastro!

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