dinsdag 18 juni 2024

Warning Order issue 1 - Summer 2000

 The first magazine published by Wasatch Front Gaming Society, it is a fanzine that will be published quarterly featuring the games and era's the historical group played at that time.

It features a lot of short articles, and then some beefier ones, for this first edition.
It doesn't really features a cover or such, diving straight into the action as a sort of newsletter / club magazine style that was prelevalent during the period.  If your curiosity is tickled, a quick google will bring you to the club page where you can download those older issues.

Splattered amongst it are short reviews of movies, both in theatre and on DVD like Galdiator, Patton and the likes.  But it opens up with an article on Warfare in the age of Discovery, which features four "semi periods" in the rule set.  It also has list for source material and of course figures to be obtained.

After a mixture of short reviews on books, miniatures and more, the biggest article is a battle report for Command Decision 3: Berlin - Seelowe Highway.  This comes with descriptions of the action in the various phases, as well as with coloured maps of the unit movements.

We then get a bit more of the short reviews as well as a few links and guides for the games they play and enjoy.

So that was it for the first Warning Order issue, intresting for sure but sometimes the articles where a tat to short to my liking, looking more like a gathering of announcements from an old TV guide.  But I have many more and so we can see how this magazine evolves over time hopefully.

See you back soon for issue 2!

maandag 17 juni 2024

Into the Under-Ekeren tournament report

 Hello everyone, today a tournament report from the other side of the fence!

Because last sunday, the 16th of june, I organised the first ever Warhammer Underworlds tournament over at my local club, the Tin Soldiers of Antwerp.

I had this planned from before Covid hit, and now that life settled down, I found time (and motivation) to do so as such, with the chosen format the Rivals set.

Using T3 to sign up, 8 players gathered to explore the depths of Under-Ekeren... and vie for glory!

I managed to source price support (for the winner, the best painted warband, and the band with the LEAST glory points), had memento's for all the players printed up, and as such we where ready to go!


As the TO, I didn't know beforehand if I would be needed to play in the event, and as such I went for the most recent of warbands, the Skinnerkin from Wintermaw.  Whom due to circumstances hadn't been played before in the three weeks between finishing them like a madman and the event itself.  I had no illusions anyway to hold on to my current first place on the T3 ranking, and this would be an easy to play warband allowing me to focus on running the event instead of being busy trying to reach the top spots.
Was I required to play: Yes, and so we where eight.
The event then itself, after enough of my blabbering!
The participants:
Tomsche - Skinnerkin
Nico - Storm of Celestus

Michael - Eyes of the Nine

Vincent - Starblood Stalkers

Philip - Sons of Velmont

Johan - Griselle's Arenai

Peter - Zondara's Gravebreakers
Wouter - Grishnak's Looncourt
So that led to the first round, and the following pairings and results
Johan loses to Wouter 2-16
Tomsche wins from Vincent 11-6

Michael wins from Nico 13-7
Peter wins from Philip 16-11

In this first round, due to circumstances of the past weeks, I had as such to face the Starblood Stalkers without any experience of my band and deck.  Yet somehow I did manage to pull off an 11-6 win, mainly thanks to some lucky hits quickly taking down his Saurus warrior.
For round 2, the following matches where fought out
 Wouter wins from Peter 13-11

Tomsche wins from Michael 14-12

Vincent loses to Nico 11-14

Philip wins from Johan 13-10

Facing Michael, who brought a Hungering Parasyte Eyes of the Nine, this was certainly a match up that I haven't faced in a very long time.  But unfortunatly for them, the Eyes aren't on par with Ephilim though, and as he scored not that simple, my band was just a bit more consistent and a 14-12 victory went in the books for the Skinnerkin.
After these two rounds, we had a short break for lunch with hot dogs, while the other attendees in the venue, aka the players of the The Old World battle day as well as the barcrew got to cast their votes.

The painting results as such where as follows, yielding Philip a nice box of Rippa's Snarlfangs as a prize.

1. Philip
2. Nico
3. Vincent
4. Michael
5. Johan
5. Peter
7. Wouter
8. Tomsche

And with all that taken care off, it was time to polish the blades again and spit on the dice, as we went into round 3.

Tomsche wins from Wouter 14-10
 Peter wins from Michael 14-13

Philip wins from Nico 10-9
Vincent wins from Johan 17-14
Joined in the lead with Wouter, this was one of those games where things went smoothly.  Even though my warband was reduced to only miss Tenderhook, the scoring kept going solid and I managed to put down a 14-10 win against the horde of gitz.

Which brings us to the final round, and no less then 4 players where still in the running for the victory of the tournament, while the other 4 all had the chance to enter dead last!  Everything was to play for!

Peter wins from Tomsche 19-16

Wouter wins from Philip 17-10

Vincent draws with Michael 13-13

Nico wins from Johan 12-11
So, I am battling for the win, and like in Halle, Peter was my opponent.  But now the pressure was on me, as even though I had the points lead, I needed to draw or win once again, because Peter had already scored more glory then me, even with a loss on his tally.  I managed to score my personal best of 16 points, but still it was not to be as Zondara went all the way up to 19 and wiped out my whole band.  Key was both Sedric (twice in a row) and Kretch missing the attacks that would have taken down all his zombies and would have allowed me to take on the lovers, not helped by a play mistake that I didn't pay attention to an upgrade on Kretch that reduces damage by one.  Oh well, that happens.

And so when the dust settled, 3 players came to a total of 9 points, meaning the glory points would have to bring the decision.  In this, Peter scored the most, followed by Wouter with a measly 3 points difference.  I ended up 3rd myself, trailing the winner by 5 points.

The full result:

1. Peter
2. Wouter
3. Tomsche
4. Nico
5. Philip
6. Michael
7. Vincent 
8. Johan

Johan won the price for ending last, a set of Wurmspat dice, which was a bit of a suprise for the Arenai with Breakneck Slaughter.  But if you keep failing to roll those dodges on defence, the ladies are very, very fragile unfortunatly.

But it was Peter who took the main price home in the form of a Direchasm core box, and as he told later, his very first tournament win ever after a train of 2nd and 3rd places.  Well deserved as he piloted the Zondara's Gravebreakers very solidly the past weeks, and it payed dividents.

I want to thank all that came along for the great day and making it worth my effort to organise this little event.  I've been talking with Johan, the Halle organiser, and we aim to do one tournament for each season, with spring and autumn taking place in Halle, and Summer and Winter will be in Antwerp.  Peter is already thinking of running one himself, and of course TSA is happy to have the clubhouse used as a venue as all present where impressed by our little clubhouse, the space and the parking it offers for the games.

A special thanks to everyone for the additional pictures I could use in this report, as between paperwork and playing, picture rounds weren't that easy to do.  And to Heikki and Karen for making sure all the throats where kept moist and the bellies filled.
So, that's it for the first Underworlds tournament ran at the TSA clubhouse, and we will be back!

zaterdag 15 juni 2024

The Haul Report 399

 Hello everyone, kicking off this week's haul report, we have this short clip...

My loot of the flea market last weekend in Deurne, right next to my door.

But of course there is more, as I got this special set with beer glass of my favorite soccer team, Standard de Liege.  Every euro counts I say to hopefully allow them to rise to their former glory again.

But that's it for this week, a small and especially tasty loot report.

On the Painting Desk 286

 Would you believe it!?

I actually scored the vows I made last week, doing all the things I was planning to, and even get some more in.

It did came at the expense of night's rest and not being able to go out for yet another week to play some Underworlds, as both Thorin as well as Noshi where stricken by a nasty cold.

Now, maybe tomorrow at the tournament I run I'll get some games in, depending how many players show up, but it will be with an unplayed so far warband in the form of the Skinnerkin.

That being said, let's check out this week's complete paint progress, and talk a bit about what is planned next once these advance some more!

So there we have it, check back next week to see if I actually got anywhere...

vrijdag 14 juni 2024

Ghostbusters Frozen Empire

 After the succesful Afterlife, a new Ghostbusters movie arrived with Frozen Empire.

And even more then in the first one, it brings the new and old generation together.

Three years after the Summerville incident, Callie and her boyfriend Gary, together with her children Trevor and Phoebe have relocated to New York to aid Ray Stantz and Winston Zeddemore in reestablishing the Ghostbusters.  But after capturing a ghost, their long-time rival Walter Peck, now mayor, threatens to shut them down, forcing them to remove the still underage Phoebe from the team.

Upset, she meets the ghost of a girl her age, Melody, while playing chess in the park.  As Ray and Podcsat collect cursed objects, they are approached by Nadeem Razmaadi who posesses a strange brass orb.  The PKE meter goes of the scale when he tries to scan it, while a cold wave eminated from it damages the Ghostbusters HQ ecto-containment unit, which is dangerously close to full capacity.  Winston takes the orb to the privately owned research center of dr Lars Pinfield, but they can't extract any spiritual energy from it.  Trevor and Lucky visit Nadeem, and together with Peter Venkman discover he has latent pyrokinetic powers.

Ray, Phoebe and Podcasts learn from a research librarian the orb was used millenia ago by four mythical firemasters to trap Garraka, a phantom god who sought to conquer the world by using the power of fear itself.  Nadeem's grandmother belonged to the bloodline of on the firemasters, one of whom prevented the ghost to escape the orb in 1904.

Peck uses Phoebe's involvement to shut down the operation, and Phoebe in turn flees to the research center to extract her ghost for two minutes from her body and interact with Melody.  She learns Melody is involved with Garraka who has promised her afterlife if she aided him.  Using Phoebe's body, he can escape his prison and goes to reclaim his horns to augment his powers.  Garraka begins freezing the city, set out to free the ghosts locked in the containment unit at the Ghostbusters HQ.  Both generations gather to defend the unit, aided by Nadeem who attempts to master his power still.

Garraka overpowers them, but Phoebe, who enhanced her protonpack with copper alloy as this turns out to be the god's weakness, is aided by Nadeem and Melody who has been betrayed by Garraka.  Together with the veteran Ghostbusters they can trap him in the containment unit, as Melody reconciles with Phoebe before passing on into the afterlife to her family.

As the city thaws, the Ghostbusters are hailed as heroes again, with Peck forced to reinstate Phoebe and support the team...

So, this was an enjoyable film, though not as hilarious as the previous instalment I must say.  Never the less, it is great to see them in action, as this is a generational franchise and remain great family moment movies.

woensdag 12 juni 2024

On Tour to the Frituur part 4: Frituur Condor in Deurne

 So, as promised in part 2, it's time for my "home place" frituur, and due to that reason this episode has a slightly different format.

You see, at least once every fortnight we go and get fries for dinner, and we do that at Frituur Condor, located in the street behind ours.  A 3 minute walk ensures everything is still nice and warm when I get back with it.
Located at the Condorlaan 1 in 2100 Deurne, it is being ran by a friendly chinese family.  They have some specialties, like the "japanese snack" which are fried tempura, and a home made spicy sauce, a combination of chili, samurai sauce and fresh onions, which packs a serious punch.
Our order
Being a family dinner, the order was bigger then usual.  A super sized portion of fries with sate spices, 2 smoked cervela sausages, a kipcorn (chicken in a crusty coat) and a cold meatball and two pots of sauce, namely andalouse and the above mentioned spicy homebrew, adding up to a total of 16.80 euro.  The fries where bakes perfectly dry, so no grease on them, while the cervela, being of the garlicy variety, are a lovely pink inside compared to the dry bakes deepfrozen ones of regular variations.

The frituur has some inside seating available for eating in, but also if wether permits some big bench tables to sit outside.  This is actually pretty nice, as it is located in a fairly calm street traffic wise.

Apart from being the regular take out spot, this is just simply put a very good frituur.  It has a very wide selection of snacks, even selling bags of kroepoek (chinese fried prawn crisps) if you want something on the side.  Prices are on normal levels, the people are friendly and it is all clean, resulting in a personal score of 8 out of 10 from me.

So, that is the homebase covered in this series, now it will all depend on where and when I end up for the next instalment of the series.

dinsdag 11 juni 2024

My Dress-up Darling volume 9 - Shinichi Fukuda

 Let's revisit our favorite otaku girl Marin, in the 9th volume of this cosplay slice-of-life romance series!
And Marin is all to happy to tell people about "her" Gojo.

Like the employees in the beauty salon she frequents, but then one of them makes a reward she seems to have put on a little weight.   During her shoot later on though, she gets the same remark.  She finds out it is indeed so, yet is amazed Gojo doesn't bother with it, offering to resize her costumes a little.

She suprises Gojo as she bought an expensive camera he had been wanting to buy, as he remains suprised by Marin's force of will, but also her impulsivity.  Trying out the new camera they are amazed by the quality of pictures they can make with it.

Visiting a cosplay event to try out the new camera instead of participating themselves, Gojo wants to learn how to make props for costumes.  He has arranged to that end to meet up with Akira-chan, who writes online tutorials on the subject, while Amane is meeting Marin.  But it turns out Akira-chan is a woman, and she thought Gojo was a girl...

Learning about camera angles, Marin and Suzuka meet up with Gojo and Akira, to invite them to an afterparty.  But this causes Akira, who was open with Gojo, to suddenly fall silent, unnoticed to the others.  Gojo has a feeling though he met her somewhere before. 

They all go out together to eat, when the plan is formed to do a group cosplay based on the videogame Coffin.  Marin calls JuJu-san to make sure they get to six people for the event, as all the others she knows chime in to do it.

And so another instalment ends of this loveable series, and hopefully soon I will find the time to read and catch up on the series some more as it remains something relaxing after a busy day.

maandag 10 juni 2024

Into the Under-Ekeren Participation Token

 The tournament I'll be running is getting very close now, and the participation tokens where delivered last week.

One for every participant, it is based of a file I found years ago on Cults, and had it modified to spell the club, gamesystem and year on it.

Of course, that also means that I needed on to paint up, to have it on the judges table as an example (before far better painters take a swing to it).

With the club logo being yellow letters on a black underground, I kind of tried to reflect that into the hex as well, going for a black edge and yellow build up from dark sand for the letters.

The tentacle was the hardest to decide on actually, as I long doubted between going for the green, or go for a more brownish look instead.

But, I like how the token turned out with a quick paintjob in the end.

Now, come and claim yours the coming sunday at the tournament!