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Painting Challenges

While I don`t plan on entering "serious" competitions (think Golden Demon for example), I do tend to enter in various online community painting challenges.  In the past, these where a great motivator to get a variety of things painted up, and if I performed semi-decently, that was an added bonus.

Painting contest from the past, unfortunatly the models and pictures are long lost to time, but I had the certificates still lying around in a box...

Crusade 2002 - 2nd Place 40k Monster / Vehicle: Eldar Avatar
Crusade 2002 - 2nd Place 40k Squad: Ratling Snipers
Crusade 2003 - 2nd Place Fantasy Regiment: Black Tree Designs Riders of Rohan
Crusade 2003 - 3rd Place Fantasy Regiment: Chaos Dwarf Handgunners
Murphy's Mania 2003 - 2nd Place single figure larger then 30mm: Inquisitor Deathwatch Space Marine 54mm

 One of my entries making the weekly header

Lead Adventure Forum 2010: Lead Painters League 4 - 21st out of 46 participants, 415 points
Lead Adventure Forum 2011: Lead Painters League 5  - 41st out of 72 participants, 435 points
Lead Adventure Forum 2012: Lead Painters League 6 - 36th out of 46 participants, 392 points

Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge 8

All information about this challenge can be found HERE.  The goal is to set an amount of points for yourself, and then over the course of 3 months try to reach that number, or go over it, by painting miniatures.  Simple come bonjour.
As an added bonus, the organisers have some sponsors that generously provide some price support, in the form of actual prizes by results, as well as by draws.
For this first year I`m participating, I have set myself the goal of 750 points.

End result: 1583 / 750 points, placed 12th out of 80 participants.

Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge 9

All information on the challenge can be found HERE.  This year`s "theme" was Fellowship, inspired on the works of Tolkien, so I decided to go and paint ONLY Middle Earth figures, up to once again a goal of 750 points due to work obligations and such.

End result: 753 / 750 points, placed 38th out of 86 participants.

Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge 10

The third year in a row that I march to war against Lead Monutain, and this year it comes with a twist.  Instead of a bi-weekly Bonus Round, it now comes with a Treasure Map as the theme was "X marks the spot".  Full rules could be found HERE.
I set my goal at 1.000 points this time round, and no particular set of figures to tackle as I`ll be painting "all over the place" again, trying to dwindle down the to do list of a variety of forces as I go along in the challenge.

End result: 1127 / 1000 points, placed 23rd out of 68 participants.

Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge 11

The fourth stint I've done in this community challenge between bloggers, it came once again with a map this edition, The Chambers of Challenge.  All the locations are marked out as one follows a chosen path to the goal, and full rules can be found HERE.
I once again set my goal at 1.000 points, which would be a serious challenge with the now limited painting time I have, basically about an hour every weekday morning.  So what did we finish with a variety of entries and bonus points?

End result: 1112 / 1000 points, placed 27th out of 84 participants

My painting tally

2021: 311 models

Spaceship scale: 0
1/400 Gundam: 2
6mm Infantry: 115
6mm Cavalry: 13
6mm Vehicles: 21
6mm Scenery: 0
15mm Historical Infantry: 0
15mm Monster: 0
15mm Vehicles: 0
15mm Scenery: 0
28mm Historical Infantry: 0
28mm Fantasy Infantry: 63
28mm Fantasy Cavalry: 4
28mm Fantasy Monster: 0
28mm Scenery: 46
30mm Heroic Infantry: 46
30mm Heroic Cavalry: 0
30mm Heroic Monsters: 1
30mm Heroic Vehicles: 0
30mm Heroic Scenery: 0

Past Years

2020: 838 models

Spaceship scale: 17
1/400 Gundam: 4
6mm Infantry: 178
6mm Vehicles: 34
6mm Scenery: 163
15mm Monster: 1
28mm Historical Infantry: 3
28mm Fantasy Infantry: 123
28mm Fantasy Cavalry: 5
28mm Fantasy Monster: 3
28mm Scenery: 214
30mm Heroic Infantry: 62
30mm Heroic Cavalry: 2
30mm Heroic Monsters: 6
30mm Heroic Vehicles: 3
30mm Heroic Scenery: 20

2019: 388 models

1/1200 Naval: 1
1/600 Naval: 3
6mm Infantry: 53
6mm Vehicles: 38
6mm Scenery: 11
28mm Fantasy Infantry: 216
28mm Fantasy Cavalry: 3
28mm Fantasy Monster: 2
28mm Scenery: 39
30mm Heroic Infantry: 15
30mm Heroic Scenery: 7

2018: 609 models

6mm Sci-fi Infantry: 46
6mm Sci-fi Cavalry: 14
6mm Sci-fi Vehicles: 20
6mm Sci-fi Scenery: 1
10mm Historical Infantry: 31
10mm Historical Vehicle: 1
15mm Fantasy Infantry: 12
15mm Fantasy Monster: 1
15mm Scenery: 1
28mm Historical Infantry: 145
28mm Historical Cavalry: 16
28mm Fantasy Infantry: 38
28mm Scenery: 36
30mm Heroic Infantry: 195
30mm Heroic Cavalry: 7
30mm Heroic Vehicle: 8
30mm Heroic Scenery: 7

2017: 626 models

6mm Sci-fi Infantry: 120
6mm Sci-fi Cavalry: 20
6mm Sci-fi Vehicles: 21
10mm Historical Cavalry: 16
28mm Historical Infantry: 163
28mm Historical Animals: 10
28mm Historical Cavalry: 5
28mm Scenery: 1
30mm Heroic Infantry: 246
30mm Heroic Cavalry: 16
30mm Heroic Monster:3
30mm Heroic Vehicle: 5

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