maandag 31 juli 2023

July 2023 Loot

 So, it is my birthday month, but I must say I opted not for anime (or wargame) answers when family wanted to gift.

Instead, I asked they donated to a good cause instead, to help support Thorin, and raised 100 euro out of the set 200 euro goal that way.

None-the-less, I did obtain some nice items this month, as can be seen in this little video clip.

And as always, the links for the above:

Touring vol 1, Asumi-chan vol 1, I`m a Behemoth vol 1: these came from my monthly Archonia box.
Ichika, Marin, Tokito: the figures where won the past period on the TokyoCatch crane game app.
So, manga and figures, excellent!

zondag 30 juli 2023

The Haul Report 368

 A fresh package arrived this week from Tokyocatch, so that means some more figures for my collection!

And we have some nice ones for certain.

The Mist hashira is included for our "mutual" display cases, as well as another waifu collection figures of Ichika Nakano and Marin Kitagawa.

Later on in august I`ll do the unboxing over on my YouTube channel, so check them out when I get round to that!

Another haul this week is finally volume 4 of Saintia Sho.  near impossible (or affordable) to find in english, it has it's benefits being Belgian, as I picked up the french edition on Vinted for next to nothing in price.

And finally, some Chaos Dwarfs, ordered from Miniatures Forge in Poland.  I know a lady who will be leading my small skirmish like forces hehehe.  And it came with a lot of freebies, with the scenic bases, two extra animal familiars and a repair kit for damages in postage, aka a tube of glue.

So a good and varied week this time round!

zaterdag 29 juli 2023

Wayland Games: new Crypt of Blood for WarCry on pre-order

 The new Crypt of Blood starter set comes out today for pre-order, and it is now available at Wayland Games.

So if you are into the Age of Sigmar setting skirmish game, this is definitly a must have.

So head over to the website, and if you like to, click the banner on top of this little blogpage to help this old gamer a bit out!

Because I have my eyes on a box of Kruleboyz to expand my Legion of Azorgh force...

On the Painting Desk 242

 Awright, excellent progress this week!

Mainly due to last sunday being a rainy day in which I managed to get a long paint session in.

But the Bull Centaurs are finished, so expect a dedicated post to them in the near future!

That means work has begun on the next block of troops, which are the spear-armed levies to bulk out my tournament force and give some cheap sacrificial bodies to help protect the elite Infernal Dwarf troops, by acting as speedbumps or flank threats.
This will be a serious job, and I hope to get them done by the end of august, while also assembling the last regiment, mail order the movement trays and prepare those, and try to get a grip of the rules in a way!

vrijdag 28 juli 2023

JK Haru is a Sex Worker in Another World volume 5 - Ko Hiratori and J-ta Yamada

 It's time for the 5th volume already of JK Haru, and how she has to use her wits, and body, to survive in a malecentric fantasy world.

Even though it isn't even that ecchi at all, but has a strong story.

Together with Lupe, Haru goes to the military barracks to look for miss Shequraso, who hasn`t returned after the appointed time.  They are told she is alright though, and return to the brother.  Later, that night, Bisque, the boyfriend of Shequraso, comes over and asks Haru if she wants to join her to sing and dance as entertainment for the troops before they march to the frontlines.  The truth is she is being used for the relief of the troops, and Haru offers, and is accepted, to take her place so she can come back home for a rest.

Haru blocks out her emotions as she is used as a relief toy by the garrison, often threated roughly.  When the centurion uses her really harshly, she locks out, remembering how she got forced into prostitution in her previous life.  Realising she is being exploited, she confesses to her parents and as a result is send to another school.  Looking back on those days, she vowes not to make fun of Chiba ever again.

Her job done, she prepares to go back to the brothel, a place she came to think of as home.  But Bisque tells her Shequraso is still in the barracks, so she rushes to take her along with her.  She finds her in the barracks, heavily beaten and abused.  Taking her to Kyiori in the hospital, she succumbs to her injuries, making Haru vow she will kill Bisque, setting of to the frontlines.

So this was a rather heavy volume in the series for sure, having moved beyond the brothel's setting into a more grievous and sad story.  I can`t wait for the next volume to come in a few months!

woensdag 26 juli 2023

Another Life season 2

 Time for a another series to scratch of the still to complete list, as I watched through the second season of Another Life at last.

The first was okay but didn't grab Noshi's fancy, so it went to the wayside for years.  But as I`m painting again, that also means I can play series while doing so.

So slowly but steadily, as the army grows, the backlog shortens...

Picking up where we left off in season 1, the Salvare is stuck in a debris field, unable to perform an FTL jump after the destruction of the planet Zakir.  They can use the bubble to protect themselves, but when August and oliver are working on the ring, an Archaian ship arrives and attacks the Salvare, resulting in the two engineers being incinerated in a plasma leak.  Iara, being interrogated by Eichard and niko, contacts the Archaian ship negotiating that Niko can visit them for a peacefull negotiation.

Inside the vessel, Niko, learns more about the Archaian and how they are all connected with the artifacts on various worlds, while Iara hacks in the system to gather data about them.  As more ships approach, Cas spacewalks to get Niko, as Richard jumps the Salvare away.  When a magnetar unleashes energy surges, both the Salvare as well as the Archaian vessel are forced out of FTL, as these pulses severly damage and even disintegrate the mechanical aliens.  The Archaian vessel is destroyed by Iara's doing, but she denies having done so.  They come across a colonisable planet, awakening colonist leader Paula to touch down on it.  William is struggling though, as his predecessor AI code, Gabriel, tries to get to the front.

The colonists decide to settle down on the planet, as William is forced to be reset and effectively reborn blank in order to erase the Gabriel programming.  They discover cosmic strings allowing them to communicate with Earth, and that theoretically they can generate a wormhole to bring the ship home.  Back on earth, Eric learns that the Archaian's want humanity to abandon FTL drives and remain confined to their own solar system, in exchange to restore the biosphere and save the planet.

The salvare succesfully goes through a wormhole, reappearing near Jupiter, but had to leave a part of the ship with Niko and Richard behind.  They rush to Earth on impulse to tell them the Archaians cannot be trusted, but agents on Earth with implants prevent the news from getting out.  Niko and richard try to make a solar sail, but are picked up by an unknown vessel.  This is a race of creatures that experiment on all they encounter, and Niko is sent to a frozen planet to retrieve a power core.  She finds Paula, heavily mutated and learns the colonists where soon picked up after Salvare's leave and are all dead now.  Niko mercy kills her, but has found a way to kill their captor, with intese cold.  They take him out, and use the ship to go to an Archaian artefact nearby with a plan to become ambassador's to return to Earth.

The plan works and as they return, prepare to take out the Archaian vessel approaching Earth with the Salvare as a massive energy cannon.  But more vessels approach, and using a captured Archaian they devise a computer virus to once and for all drive them off, receiving strange messages from across the universe thanking them they defeated this threat.  A new mission, with the Salvare 2, is prepared as humanity steps out there.

Well, it was an okay season for an okay series, but this definitly won't go down as a sci-fi classic I`m afraid.  It's worth checking out for some entertainment, but not a must see to be honest.

dinsdag 25 juli 2023

Romantic Killer

 So, the next anime me and Noshi watched is one of those "we found this by accident on Netflix" ones.

Which I don`t mind at all, it might be fun, it might be rubbish, let's find out!

Anzu is not your average high school girl.  Not intrested in romance at all, she lives a happy singles life filled with video games, chocolate and her beloved cat.  But one day, as she tries out a new game, a wizard called Riri emerges from the game, telling her she became Test Subject 1, and that she must face romance as her life is turned into an Otome game.  

Taking away her three beloved things, and her parents suddenly moving to the USA for a few years, she becomes caught in a series of set-up events made by Riri to let her experience romantic encounters.  Adamant to resist, she keeps running into a boy called Tsukasa, the most popular boy at school.  When she is forced to have him sleep over during a freak rainstorm, Riri learns that Anzu might be a tough nut to crack though as she remains hardheaded in resisting temptations.

A series of strange circumstances cause him to move in with her for a month, but when he tells her he isn`t about dating eitherm Riri interferes.  Suddenly she is picked up for school by Junta, who is her so-called youthfriend, only does she not remember him.  Instead, he has been "fabricated" by Riri and both he and Tsukasa want to find out about the other.

Riri takes human form as a so-called niece of Anzu, and makes it happen that Junta also moves in with them.  Tsukasa takes her out shopping for clothes not with cat prints, but as Anzu starts getting in her comfort zone with the situation, Riri throws in another challenger.  Hijiri is a rich and egocentric boy, who wants to make her Cinderella for a date with him, but as he gets rejected he wants to try ever harder.

When she meets Arisa, Tsukasa's elder sister, they both admit seperatly that they feel comforted by each others presence.  Riri wants to understand romance better though, so takes the form of a young man instead to go on a date with Anzu and see what it is all about.  When she meets up with some old lower grade friends for a reunion, she finds out she did know Junta when they where younger, and that he is gebuine in love with her as Riri tells her she is not allowed to magically change feelings of people, or she would have done so with Anzu in the first place.

Her friend Saki doesn`t date either, but for her the reasons are a trauma from the past.  When she faces her ghosts during a summer festival the whole gang goes to together, Tsukasa's best friend steps in for her.  But when a girl named Kishi approaches Anzu, claiming she is Tsukasa's girlfriend.  He tells Anzu she is a stalker of the worst sort and the reason he moved cities to get away from her.  Blaming Anzu, she wants her out of Tsukasa's life, going as far as sending thugs after her and even attacking her with a knife.

Tsukasa saves Anzu, and Kishi gets arrested.  Riri appears to her in jail, wiping her memories from the past years so she doesn't remember Tsukasa and the events.  When the dust settles, Anzu gets her basic necessities back as well as a new personal wizard, Kate.  Riri is seemingly fobidden to return to the human world as a result of her interventions, but using a lure Anzu makes it happed she can return, to end up living with her as well.

So, a romcom intentionally full of stereotypes, this was some very fun stuff, that suddenly in the final two episodes got dead serious.  That for certain was a very unexpected twist, but doesn't take away from this overall funny and highly enjoyable series!

maandag 24 juli 2023

Unboxing Lunamaria Hawke Deformation Maniac

 Aaah, another Lunamaria for my shrine, and this one was found over at Mandarake in their pre-woned section.

A steal at 300 yen (well, before taxes, so that's why I never aim for high end, expensive shipping figures anymore), she made the trip safely from Japan to little Belgium.
A figure in Chibi style, she is part of the SEED petite line volume 2, and has her typical cheeky behaviour look.  Though on a blister, that means I won't be keeping the packaging for this one, so check out this video for the unboxing:

This year is turning out to be good one for Lunamaria figures, in that quantity that I`m going to have expand the shelf to two shelves in the not so far future.

zondag 23 juli 2023

The Haul Report 367: beer and books

 Hoozaa, last week I won the "Spot my car" contest of Artphotostudio Ribbi, and received my price in hand.

Beer, postcards and a moutmask, good fun stuff!
I also received my monthly Archonia box, and it seems this has some seriously ecchi content.  Who am I to complain!

So that's a varied little haul stack this week!

zaterdag 22 juli 2023

On the Painting Desk 241

 The work on the Bull Centaurs continues!

And the punchy unit for my force has made some good advancement as you can see in the below video clip!

Even though I could have been further down the planned road for them... so that means a little extra effort hopefully the coming week on them.
So this means that if I can get another good week in, I might be able to start basing them over the coming weekend, and remain on schedule for the force.
Now to start the undercoat on the levies as well and get them up and running!

donderdag 20 juli 2023

The Musketeers season 3

 Time for another one of those "I need to watch the next season" series of years ago.

And that is the third season of The Musketeers.  I loved the first one (Peter Capaldi was super), but lost a bit the drive with the second.

So let's see what season 3 has to offer, as it jumps forward 4 years!
The Musketeers are involved in the war against Spain, a long and bloody affair, while Aramis has entered a monastery.  In the meanwhile in Paris, the Guard are used by the regent as a personal ruffian band, to the chagrin of the commander of the musketeers.  When the war comes to the monastery, Aramis returns to his calling of being a musketeer to protect the monastery. 

As the reunited friends return to Paris, they get on the trail of a fraudulous plan by the regent to sell grain at inflated prices to his own people.  They learn Paris has grown rotten in their abscence, and try to restore order and justice.  Even when the brother of the king arrives, murdering three men, they must see how to go along and bring him to court, but meet resistance with the political games at play.  But the war keeps rearing his head, as England asks France's support.

But even when the Bastille suffers a mass break-out, the King only cares about his boy's sixth birthday party.  Though this has partly to do with him having The White Plague, giving him about a year to live, it also is the influence of the governor that makes him unaware and uncaring about the city.

When Aramis, Porthos and D'Ártagnan are send on an escort mission, Athos becomes the target of an assassination attempt.  Soon  after, the red Guard takes Aramis back to Paris, as D'Artagnan and Porthos are ambushed on the road.  They are saved, while Aramis is confronted by the King who wants to admit him that he slept with the Queen.  The governor is stabbed by his henchman, who wants to take the King, but alarms Aramis and the King who stand off against them.  The musketeers arrive, breaking the attack, and as Aramis and the King are send to safety they find the body of the governor.  The King names him a hero, unknowing he was behind it all.

As the Musketeers hunt the late governor's right hand and the killer Grimaud, they come along mutinying soldiers, but also learn the origins of the assassin.  The Queen confesses in the meantime Aramis is indeed the biological father of the crownprince.  When Aramis is captured by Spanish collaborators, and the French caught three spanish generals that need to be protected from the angry masses, the Musketeers must balance between camaraderie and duty.

When the King does succumb to his disease, it is not the queen but Treville who is named regent.  Hiding the heir to the throne as insurgents are marching on Paris, the defences of the city are being prepared.  But the crownprince is captured as chaos errupts in the city.  During the rescue, Treville is killed protecting the prince.

The garrisson is bombed as Grimaud has engaged on a personal vendetta to kill the Musketeers. News is spread that D'Artagnan was killed, in order to have him be able to operate under the radar.  He takes out the corrupt captain of the Red Guard, before they hunt down Grimaud, who wants to blow up the queen and half of Paris.  Athos faces him, insisting on fighting him alone, killing him at last.

Is it due to watching Versailles again as well, or has the series dropped in sheer amusement compared to the first season, but I didn't get warm from this year either.  Though Santiago Cabrera was pretty awesome once again, for the whole it was rather "meh" to me.

woensdag 19 juli 2023

Unboxing the Love Hashira

 The latest addition from Tokyocatch, Kanroji has joined the collection.

Meaning the noodle stopper I have from her will be traded off in favour of this more anime posed figure.

So, let's crack open the box of the mild mannered Hashira, and see if she looks any good!

Well, indeed a dynamic improvement compared to the noodlestopper, and a great addition to the display cabinet.  I don`t plan on collecting all the hashira, but only the ones Noshi liked as well in the anime, and this lovely little lady was definitly one of them.

Until the next unboxing!

dinsdag 18 juli 2023

Avatar: The Way of Water

 Now that it is streaming on Disney Plus, me and Noshi sat down to watch this sequel to the hit movie Avatar.

Though a sidenote first, I loved the CGI use of the original, changing movies forever (albeit perhaps not always for the better), but the film itself I thought back then rather meh.  Yeah, I`m probably one of those five people globally...
Taking place about 16 years after the first movie, Jake Sully lives as the chief of the Omatikaya clan, having raised a family with Neytiri.  He now has two sons, Lo'ak and Neteyam, a daughter Tuk as well as adopted daughter Kiri, who strangely and mysteriously was born out of Grace's inert avatar.  Spider, the son of the late colonel Quaritch, also lives with the tribe together with the remaining human scientists.

But as Earth is dying, the RDA returns en masse for a new colonisation effort, including a new project of avatars implanted with the memories of deceased soldiers from the previous effort, including their leader who has the memories and personality of Quaritch.  After a year of their intrusions, Jake is leading a guerilla effort against them, but his children are captured.  jake and Neteyam free them, but Spider remains with his "father", learning them about the Na'vi language and culture.  

Jake and his family are forced to leave the tribal lands after a large assault, burning large parts of it down, and flee to the eastern seaboard where the Mekayina live, aquatic adapted Na'vi in harmony with the creatures of the sea.  Lo'ak befriends one of the sea predators, Payakan, an exile like he feels he his himself as well.  Kiri links with the tribes underwater lifetree, getting to meet her actual mother, but falls unconscious in the trance as she suffers a seizure from the experience.

But Quaritch is on their trail and out to take Jake down.  He starts attacking and interrogating various tribes, but they do not betray their kindred.  He orders whalers to hunt the Tulkun, and as the beasts are threatened Lo'ak learns Payakan was exiled as he attacked whalers that killed his mother.  When the children go to help the beasts, they are caught again, forcing Jake to go to Quadritch to free them in exchange for his own life, but Neteyam is killed when trying to set his siblings free.  An enraged and devastated Jake now faces the colonel, who uses Kiri as a hostage, causing Neytiri to do the same with Spider.

He knocks Quaritch unconscious aboard the sinking ship, but while Spider does rescue him, he refuses to rejoin with him.  Instead, he is welcomed as one of their own into Jake's family, who become part of the sea tribe, planning a new campaign to get the RDA back off Pandora.

So, indeed another visual spectacle for sure, with a flavour of Moby Dick poured over it, and an overall enjoyable movie.  Surely I will watch the next one again as well when it get's released next year, but I can't say still I`m totally into the franchise.  

But it is a nice, albeit long at 3.30 hours, evening entertainment!

maandag 17 juli 2023

Planet With

 Already at the letter P in my alphabet challenge this year, the choice fell to Planet With.

A Mecha anime, Souya is a young boy that dreams of dragons, which according to the tales is losing one in one's anger.

After a strange incident he is told he lost his parents and his memories, the dream is the only memory that remains to him.  The world has changed in a nightmare, a UFO attacks the city and when the military is not able to handle it, seven strange heroes appear defeating it in a rainbow coloured attack like in his dream.  But now they face a new enemy, Souya, who wants revenge against these so-called heroes for ruining his old life.

These warriors are seemingly humanity's defence against the aliens, called the Nebula.  One of their numbers is taken out in the first encounter, but he can also now merge with sensei, a giant cat that lives with him, into a mechanoid like the others.  He confronts two of them, defeating one of them and taking her object of power away like he did with Torai, the guy taken down in the first encounter.
But the others intervene and he has to face all of them, including the groups leader.  Souya doesn`t back down, sensing the leader is actually the dragon that destroyed his world.  He is saved by a giant version of Sensei, making the others retreat.  When he faces another of the warriors, she is pushed so far that her psychic powers awaken a dragon, forcing him to work with them to stop the beast.

But the ranks of the warriors crumble as the director wants to go to extreme measures if needed to defeat the Nebula.  When it is revealed he is actually an alien, raised by the elderly Takezou who remains a warrior to stay by his adopted child.  The director is challenged by his aide, who is actually an agent of the more warrior like side of the Nebula, engaging in a fight.  He wants to implement his justice on all to aquire peace, but the other warriors ask Souya to take his power away and return the director back to the kind boy he used to be.  he defeats them, but the director disolves in thin air...

But in the aftermath, other factions are being formed in a bid for control, including one called the Sealing Faction that wants to end the psychic evolution of mankind.  Souya doesn`t want to fight anymore though, seeing it as not his problem.  But he is convinced by his friend he needs to step up anyways, and solve the shism between the Nebula factions.  His brother appears as a higher being, telling him the dragon wasn't destroyed but just banished, sleeping on the dark side of the moon.

But when the world gets sealed to prevent humans develop their psychic potential, Souya is the only one remaining awake.  He manages to break the seal though, and together with his newfound allies, he challenges the Nebula commander.  The pacifist faction is succesful in the end in overcoming the more aggressive approach part of the Nebula, and now they must prepare to face the return of the dragon in a few years time...

Jumping forward 5 years in time, Souya and his allies, amongst them the Earth Defence Force warriors (bar the old man, who passed away in that time) are preparing for the awakening of the dragon.  When this day finally comes, the alliance faces off against the beast, who is revealed to be a long lost People of Paradise.  They push him into a dimensional hole, and as the beast crumbles after coming to insight of it's ways, it's tries to corrupt Souya, failing to do so.  Souya returns to the hole though to save the others from getting out, but thanks to his brother manages to escape to his old home planet, where he is picked up by his friends.

So this was a mecha show, but not one of my tastes to be honest.  For me it was more Tokyo Mew Mew with battlesuits, then the next Aldnoah Zero of Gundam, but never the less we did finish it.  The time jump was okay, albeit the whole finale just felt to short and rushed.

zondag 16 juli 2023

The Haul Report 366: Chaos Dwarf "heroes"

 After a week of a holiday trip, it's time to see what goodies have arrived in the past two weeks.

And the first little haul is the model that will complete my 3.500 points army for the 9th Age tournament, in the form of a Warlord by Avatars of War.

I found him on Vinted for a cheap price, and a Mondial Relay trip later he is now ready to join the ranks and lead my force... once I get round painting him that is.

And the same goes for this guy, who will be a part of my Age of Sigmar rebuild force, an army I will be painting in the actual "classic" style of the Legion instead of my blue and golds for some diversity in the cabinets.

So that is some evil overlords ready to meet the painting brush in the not all to far future... at least for the top one.

zaterdag 15 juli 2023

On the Painting Desk 240

 As I was in The Efteling last weekend for the little guy, that meant no paint update.

But here we are, two weeks after the last entry in this series, and let's see what progress has been made!

It looks like I will be able to make it to finish this unit by the end of the month, and start on the next one, a really big block of levies, as well.  That way, it would give me 3 weeks in august to finish those, and september to finish the last warrior unit and the general.
Better not start slacking now then as we reach the halfway mark of the force!

vrijdag 14 juli 2023

Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind

 The third instalment of the Mortal Kombat Legends animated movies, this movie is a direct sequel to Battle of the Realms, whom I actually still must watch.

Taking elements from Deadly Alliance, Deception and MK11, the story in centered around Kenshi, a character with not so much screentime so far at all.

Long after the defeat of Shao Khan, Earthrealm has become a postapocalyptic wasteland.  The Black Dragon clan, along with an aged Shang Tsung, have annexed the cities in the wasteland, and are ruled by "king" Kano.  Kuai Liang has abandoned his title of Sub-Zero and lives a farmer's life, but when chasing thieves of the Black Dragon they enter a city where they are faced by Kenshi, a brash young warrior.  While he initially defeats them, they return and the young hero is beaten by Tremor.

Under the alias of Song, Shang Tsung convinces him he must look for the mysterious sword called Sento that is hidden in the Well of Souls.  Upon opening it, Kenji is blinded while Shang tsung rejuvenates himself on the souls and leaves Kenji behind.  But Sento speaks to him in his mind and with the sword he manages to free himself, even though his eyesight is lost.

Shang Tsung confronts Kano, but as he is all cybernetics now, is immune to the soulstealing.  He kills the treacherous sorcerer, as Kuai Liang find a wandering Kenshi.  He decides to train him to use his remaining senses, and reveals his past to him, and why he stopped being Sub-Zero.  When Kano takes over another city, Kenshi goes in but even while defeating a horde of opponents, is captured by the Black Dragon.

Kuai Liang burns down his farm to summon Scorpion and reassume his identity as Sub-Zero.  They join forces to free the young hero, and while they seemingly decapitate Kano, he survives.  He flees into his fortress to activate an hourglass to rewind time, but Sub-Zero kills him.  As he had promised Scorpion to return with him to the Netherrealm should he ever use his powers again, Kenshi is named the successor of the Lin Kuei and new protector of Earthrealm.

Okay, so this was a fun (and gory) animation movie, and maybe, just maybe they must adapt the live movies on these tales?  Well worth the watch if you like / love the franchise and the games.

donderdag 13 juli 2023

One Punch Man 2nd Season

 Our favorite reluctant hero Saitama is back, together with his student the cyborg Genos.

And in the second season, we also meet King, a low level hero who by encounters with Saitama is perceived as a top class hero.

When the city gets attacked by monster after monster, Saitama thinks it is something about King that attracts the monsters.  But in the maintime, other heroes are assembling various villains for helping out, as according to a prophecy more monster disasters will be appearing, putting the faith of humanity in the scale.  But a villain called Garo takes out all those present, including the three A class heroes.

Saitama in the meantime faces off against Hellish Blizzard and Speed O Sound Sonic, both after him for various reasons.  When Garo takes down the S-class hero Tank Top Master, it dawns something seriously is amiss.  But when he runs into Saitama he gets beaten down easily, even though they have no idea of each other what just transpired.
In order to find out more about Garo, Saitama enters a martial arts tournament disguised as Charanko, one of the heroes beaten up by the "hero hunter".  Garo himself intervenes in Metal Bat trying to save the city from a dragon level Centipede monster.  As Garo takes down Metal Bat, more and more monsters arrive in the city (though I must say I like Princess Supersado hehehe).  Saitama in the meantime begins competing in the martial arts tournament.

The heroes are being pushed out, as control fears they might even be wiped out at the rate monsters keep joining the fight.  Even Genos is defeated under the amount of monsters as more S class heroes like Terrible Tornado are called in.  As the S class heroes arrive, they are starting to push back and take out some of the greater monsters.

Saitama enters the tournament final... worried about not losing his wig against favorite contestant Suiryu.  But when Suiryu scorns heroes, he gets disqualified for wearinfg a wig, even though he nearly took him out.  He pulled his punch, but Suiryu wants to continue the fight.  But all his attacks are not even harming Saitama, who after a whole barrage just realised he needed a cool finisher, before taking Suiryu out, who does still win the tournament on the technicality of the wig.  But a monster called Gokestu is on it's way to the arena.

He offers the contestants the option to become monsters, which some accept.  Suiryu steps in to confront them, taking a heap of them down.  But Goketsu is to much for him, and the contestants.  When Bakuzan, a contestant turns monster, is about to finish him, he finally understands the value of heroes and calls for their help.  Saitama answers the call though, taking Bakuzan out.  Suiryuy warns Saitama of the mighty Goketsu, trying to stop him to go after it, only to see it's head land in the arena moments later.

But when Saitama arrives in the city, the monsters have suddenly all withdrawn.  They kidnapped a high ranked official's son, and the Hero Association HQ gets a visit from a monster messager, just as Sonic has been tempted to try the monster cell.  Garo is cornered by a group of low level heroes, but not wanting to have the child he befriended in his hideout, he confronts them albeit covered in injuries from a random encounter with Saitama again.

While they have him cornered, he recovers and takes the heroes out, even protecting the child to be injured himself some more.  But as the child runs away in horror, Garo tries to recover as an explosion happens, Genos having come to an emergency beacon send by one of the low level heroes.  But their fight is interrupted as Garo's old master Bang arrives on the scene, who had vowed to bring his former pupil to justice himself.  As Garo is about to be defeated, the Monster Association extracts him, leaving Genos and the other fighting a giant centipede.  As they are about to be overcome, King and Saitama intervene, taking the monster out...

This was another fun season for certain, and now let's see how season 3 will be soon, and how it all ends up with Garo!

dinsdag 11 juli 2023

Lord Ipsqueeck's Adventures: The Efteling, my first amusement park

 Hello everyone, do I have a story of fairy tales for you today!

Past weekend, I went to De Efteling, a world of fairy tales and adventures, with mommy and daddy.  And we stayed in a true Landhuys to boot!

You see, this was my birthday gift from my whole family, a part of which joined me on my adventure on sunday, and as it would happen, my daddy also had his birthday this weekend.  So I got him this little present, because I know he loves exclusive beer.

Upon our arrival on saturday, we first went to "Het Sprookjesbos" or Fairytale Forest, where I met some fantastical creatures, but not after having my lunch first.  Daddies cap was also nice and big to keep the sun out of my eyes, so that was double handy.




After the forest, we went to the Land van Laaf (Laaf Country), where I rode a snail trail with mommy.


But enough of the calmness, time for action!  I`m not a lazy kid, let's rock some boats, or at least some classic carroussel like rides on the Anton Pieckplein.

The next ride we did was Carnival Festival, which took me along a tour all over the world, with dance and music.


We then went to check our hotelroom, and get some dinner (fries and chicken are the best!) before returning to the park.  

As it had late opening, I didn`t have to stand in waiting lines, which is great, and I sailed into the arabian world of Fata Morgana.


After that, we went to Symbolica, but not before putting mommy in a rollercoaster while I went to do some frog catching.  Daddy didn`t help me, and I grabbed my very first stuffed toy all by myself here!

After the beautiful Symbolica, I walked into a big portal door, and this was Droomvlucht (Dream flight) which took us along some magical elves.

And then it was nap time!  

After a rejuvenating sleep and a good breakfast, we met up with the rest of the family and I went back in for more adventuring.

First we went into the Fata Morgana again, but then I went for a car ride with daddy while others where in a rollercoaster.  Boy did I scare off some chickens!

After lunch (yes, moooooore fries hehehe) daddy actually went into a rollercoaster himself for the first time in 20+ years (and bought a souvenir to remember it) while I used all my boyish charms to have auntie Shefaly take me again to the Oude Tuf-Tuf track.

Next up, I went into the Piranha, a wild water trail and I was soaked afterwards, this was so much fun!

We then went again into the Symbolica, now taking another route then the day before (there are three possible stories to follow in there), before I went to take a nap as it started raining for an hour.  And then we returned back home, after a great adventure!

Mommy and daddy already promised we will go back next year, with grandma and granddad then as well, as this is such a fantastic and beautiful place!

Until my next story!