zaterdag 30 april 2016

The Haul Report # 27 - What a week!

What a week indeed, as it was filled with great hauls and some very, very rare items.

Of course, there was the May the 4th VIP event, which I already posted about this morning and you can read about here, but that was by far not everything I found this week.

The week started with the delivery of a store display I found, those tubes you have in stores and are normally not for sale.  But sometimes, they do pop up and then it`s just a matter of being at the right place at the right time, and so I got this City Police display in my hands.

I also visited my local Lego store earlier this week, to shop for some PAB parts, and the little thingies left or right.  This also left me with a Mr Freeze polybag, so far this year this is turning out to be one of the most sought after in fact, so that is great for a future exchange.

I also did some trading with the kid earlier this week, exchanging some of my Star Wars figures he is now after for some of his Lord of the Rings figures, and a Pirates of the Carribean redcoat.

A local toy store chain is now running an action that when you buy any sort of Star Wars set, you get a free polybag of the TIE Advanced with it.  So I picked up two microfighters earlier this week, each granting me an additional polybag.  I also managed to get a Dimensions Chima character at last, so now each and every game world is open to me.

BrickLink wise, I got a small order in for a voucher that was about to expire, and I grabbed a Gringott`s Kobold, for something you`ll see in about two months time on the exactly why I needed that little fella ;-)

These two Silver Mine Shootouts from the Lone Ranger range have been standing at discount on the shelf of a local toystore for ages now.  So I pulled on my brave boots, went in and said I "wanted to liberate them of the sets, what can you do for me?"  Well, let`s say they where very glad to move them at last, and the discount they already had was about doubled.

Talking finding old retired sets at discounts, these also came into my possession when I came by a small time store who quit doing Lego years ago.  Some nice things amongst these if you ask me, especially the Friends set is a high value roller!

Another Dimensions purchase this week was when I was out strolling with my mum, looking for sets for a mate (to no success) but I finally completed my Dimensions Lord of the Rings sets, who just hadn`t been purchased before for no evident reason.

The final Lego haul was yesterday evening, when I managed to obtain these polybags with that mate in a trade for a Hulkbuster set and some loose figures.

Oh, and I found this dvd on the very cheap as well, to have something to watch while sorting out my loose bricks the coming week...

So yes, this has been quite a spectacular hauling week for me, now to get trading around and build out more of my Tolkien material :-)

May the 4th be With You VIP Event

This morning saw the VIP event for this years Lego May the 4th event take place.

Reductions on selected sets, polybags, posters, but most importantly, a very, very limited set for collectors.

"Escape the Space Slug" is a set limited to 3500 copies worldwide, at a ratio of 28 per Lego store to be handed out.  This is highly collectable stuff, so scandalously enough there are at moment of writing already 14 listed on eBay!!!  Including 3 using the Confidential Watermark picture...

Now, the requirement for this set was that you needed to purchase for a certain amount, and I opted to get me the cool looking TIE from the latest movie at last, as well as the Final Duel set, for whom I Kickstarter purchased those led powered Lightsabers last year.

You also received the choice of polybag.  You could either get the First Order Stormtrooper, which will only be available through Lego and online Shop at Home, or the cooler Admiral Huxley, but who won`t be a May the 4th exclusive and will reappear in a promotion later on.  I opted for the Trooper because of the higher exclusivity, and I`ll get Huxley in the future then.

Of course, Mr Freeze came along to join in the fun...

You also got the new Lego-ised poster of the Force Awakens, to go with the 6 classic posters of last year.

The final goodie is a very cool looking, printed on sturdy cardboard artstyle poster from Star Wars.

I really, really love this one, and it will certainly be framed up and hung in the mancave, it`s artsy style makes it a real gem in my opinion.

Great stuff this year if you ask me!

donderdag 28 april 2016

May the 4th be With You mini build

Here he is, as shown in my local Lego store.

This mini build is for the monthly mini build event for the kids, and apart from the little beastie, it`ll also be this Poe Dameron`s X-Wing this month

woensdag 27 april 2016

Lego Special Build: Medieval Max

Well, this is the 50th build I`ve reported on this year, so that is something to scratch of my to do list.

And the honour goes to the combiner form of the Mixels I have been doing the past week, the Medieval tribe.

You can also check some of my thoughts on it here

Now, this set is made by downloading the instructions from the Lego site, and you will need all three Mixels from the series for the parts to build it.

The build starts with a round plate as the base for the beast we will be making.

On top of this plate, a coat of brown plates and connector pieces are placed to form the core for the limbs and head to move on.

At the front, those are some short claw like appendages, as we build up the body more.

The body contains the moving element for the catapult, which was also a feature of the Mixadel mixel from the series.

That catapult, once assembled and connected to the main body, forms the tail of the beast.

The underjaw is build next, using a red flag for the tongue, which I think is a nifty technique.

The upperjaw, which we build next, also uses this feature, but now the flags are used as the ears of the beast.

The final thing we need to build are the short backlegs, who are using a surface big enough to pose the beast in a stable position.

Add the golden wings from Palladum to these, and we have Medieval Max, a dragon like beast!

The set uses about half of the elements available, so that leaves us with a big collection of parts:

I`m really fond of the build, and I think it looks just great as a `finale` for a Medieval tribe.  Because as you get a `knight`, a 'catapult' and a 'horse' in the theme, it`s only fitting they all build up to a dragon!