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Wargame Tournament, Campaign and League results

All top results of tournaments since restarting the hobby in 2017, as well as some of the older events I could trace back on my blogpage... 

Tournaments Won:

Top 3 results Tournaments:

2002: Dices Day Leuven - 3rd Place - Emperor's Children (40k)

13th of october 2002: Overlord Tournament - 2nd place - Chaos Dwarves (WFB)

13th of february 2012: TSA Club Championship Fun Tournament - 3rd place out of 14 participants - Legion of Azgorh (WFB)

1st of July 2012: TSA Great Tournament for Small Armies 500pts - 3rd place out of 12 participants - Chaos Dwarves (WFB)

Leagues Won:

Top 3 results Leagues:

Campaigns won:

Top 3 results Campaigns:

August 2017 - June 2019: TSA Dux Britanniarum campaign - TSA Ekeren: 2nd place out of 11 participants - Romano British

Tomsche on Tour

In this next section of the page, I'm listing up all the Tournaments, Leagues and Campaigns I attended since the "reboot" into the hobby in 2017, and didn't end up in the "top" results above.  
While this might be a short list to start out with, as I'm still gradually rolling into the whole events scene, I'm pretty sure it will be growing strong over the years to come!

2019 Age of the Power Armour: 1500 pts Warhammer 40k League - TSA Ekeren: 12th place out of 28 participants, Emperor's Children

23/02/2019 Warp Storm: 500 pts Warhammer 40k - GW Antwerpen: 6th out of 6 participants, Emperor's Children

21/07/2019 Special MESBG Event: 450 pts Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game - De Kolonisten Turnhout: 9th out of 18 participants, Lothlorien

Flemish Hobbit League 2019: 29th place out of 40 participants, 44 points

02/02/2020 Escalation III: Warhammer Underworlds - The Playground Antwerpen: 10th place out of 12 participants - Zarbag's Gitz

2020 T3 National Tournament Ranking Belgium - Warhammer Underworlds: 22nd place out of 39 participants, 0.74 points

2020 T3 European Tournament Ranking - Warhammer Underworlds: 789th place out of 987 participants, 0.74 points

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