vrijdag 31 juli 2015

Classic Lego Build: 200 Family

Today I have a very, very classic build to present.  Set 200, named Family, was released way back in 1974, and I just have happened to get my hands on this set last week at the auctioneering house.

I payed 21.60 for a set of 3 different old sets as you could read here past tuesday, so this knocked me back a full 7.20 for the set.  Pity it wasn`t sealed, then we would be talking a 100+ euro set which I wasn`t opening.

Dating from a pre-minifigure era, Lego characters back then where brick build figures, on a far larger scale and with a `fixed` torso and head assembly.  This set has the grandma, father, mother, son and daughter, all following a same pattern bar grams.  She can be made either standing, or as I did, sitting on a bench.  This also results in a bit of a different report today, as it would all be rince and repeat otherwise.

Now, the fading on the faces isn`t to heavily, and bar perhaps the white plate grandma sits on, the set is rather well cleaned.

The box is in a good shape, and the instructions are even in a great condition, considering we are talking an open, 41 year old set here.  Heck, it even `pre-dates` me by 4 years.

The models all start the same way: a flat plate, and upon that some bricks are `stacked` to give them all different heights.

Girls get skirts, which are created by adding two slopes opposing each other.

Grandma is seated by placing a white plate on two bricks, then here leg `bricks` are rotated towards the back and onto the plate.

It`s a pretty cool set, and definitly gives a special `feel` when you hold something so old in your hands!

Mark Your Calendars: Kicks and Bricks Brunssum

A Lego event to attend if you don`t have anything to do the second weekend of september, ideal to unload that first week of school stress with the kids.

Personally, I won`t think I`ll be able to attend, but at an entry fee of a single euro, if your in the vicinity of this Dutch village, hop by!

Because we all love watching our bricks now, don`t we ;-)

donderdag 30 juli 2015

Building The Knight

Another small set gets the `build report` this week, as I just got in today.

Again a set that these days would be labelled as a polybag promo, the Knight, set 5615, is from the Castle range.

Featuring basically a minifig and his weaponrack, this is like the medieval version of the Hawkeye polybag from about two years ago, and opening the small box, we an instruction leaflet and a small pile of bricks.

The Knight itself comes with a determined facial expression.

The weaponsrack starts out on a green plate, with brown cones for the `feet` of the rack.

Upon this, small shelves are added with hook parts for adding weaponry to the side posts.

The equipment is hung and placed over the weaponsrack next, and as such the set is completed.

And it even has a few extra pieces...

Not a bad buy actually if you can get it on the cheap these days, as you get a nice selection of medieval gear for your moccing efforts, and some general, handy elements in brown and green.

Next week, I`m moving to something bigger again, with the first of the Jurassic World sets I bought back in june when they came out...

woensdag 29 juli 2015

Minifigures Series 14 Leaflet

The leaflet of the newest Minifigures series, Series 14 and centered around Halloween, has shown up including the missing `blancs` of earlier.

And I must say there are some very intresting figures in the series, so as opposed to the previous Simpsons 2 series, I might buy a handfull of blind bags when they come out.

Even though most figures do have `some use` for MoCcing purposes, there are a few I would just like to add to the collection as is.

#4 The Witch is a figure I`m going to aim one time for
#5 Same goes for the Plant Guy, who I expect will become sought after as well on top
#6 the Fly is a model I don`t mind having half a dozen about to be used as some sort of alien trooper
#7 the `Dementor` like model is on my list for 2 - 3 copies
#9 Toger Girl is definitly the most wanted one, I could use her for another BDSM inspired build
#10 Gargoyle is the `troop builder` of my choice for this series, 10 or so will hopefully find their way to my collection
#14 the female ghost is also a recent revelation, and a model more then a few I`ll be hunting
#16 the Spider Lady is the other must have, great design, great hair piece and face

A very good looking and thematical series, and definitly in my sights!

dinsdag 28 juli 2015

Today`s Haulings: 40 year old Lego boxes and more

What a great day of hauls it was indeed, as I went to my local auctioneering house and managed to take home some amazing goodies.

But that wasn`t everything the mailman dropped by though, so here is the full range of `winnings` for this little geek :-)

The main prize of course are these three complete sets of lego, ranging between 1973 and 1976 in release date.  All are with box and instructions, the bricks are still clean, and I paid an amazing 21.60 euro for the lot

Also there, I picked up this 20 year old Star wars: The Empire Strikes Back movie poster for just under a 10er.

The mailman rang this morning with a `few` parcels, the first one containing one of my missing Lord of the Rings sets I managed to grab rather cheaply (and sealed) in... Estonia.

There where also part 2 and part 3 of my order from AwesomeBooks, so I now have all Harry Potter books, and had paid 17 GBP for the whole series including shipping.  I love their `Magic Bundle` deals, having scored rather awesome deals there in the past as well.

For my The Burrows display project, Arthur Weasley found his way to my doorstep, together with a Chima figure for bulking out my army.

Talking Chima, I picked up the magazine earlier this week together with the Friends magazine.

The final score are these two glasses from local fast food chain `Quick`.  Take a heroes menu, and you get a glass with it, so both me and Chu went for a burger.  And the mother is going tomorrow to get me glass 3 of 5, the Flash ;-)

A pretty fantastic few days if you ask me, and some really, really great items :-D

Classic Lego Build: 6830 Space Patroller

Or as I tend to call it, the little droid plane...

Hailing from the Neo Space age of Futuron, this little set is a nice blend of what the explorers range back then was about: sleeker lines then classic Space, and some more detachable elements, in this case a bunch of small robots.

The set comes with one of the yellow uniformed Futuron minifigures, a colour due to popular scif-fi franchises of boldly going origins is in the fandom usually related to an engineer.

The first part of the build are the robots, two similar, rather easily assembled robots. 

The vessel itself starts on a 2x4 plate with black hinges for the swoopable wings afterwards

The pilot `pit` is then added, and to the back we place the holders for both robots, who do apparent double shifts as the engines as well.

As we start building the wing plates to the bodywork, the steering console is installed as well.

Using an early version of the now famous SNOT technique, the sensors are added to the front of the canopy.

This then connected to the bodywork, and the set stands completed.

All in all, not a spectacular build or a memorable set.  It has a Futuron pilot, but in the least popular colour in general, and not any super rare or special elements that make it stand out.  The robot gimmick is funny for a few play minutes, but bar that I`m afraid this is a set that will get relegated to the back of one`s collections shelves.

maandag 27 juli 2015

A Goal Completed: Kawashita Tag

Albeit a small one, that is one yearly goal I can scratch of the list (or better said, mark as `Completed` on the bar in the left) for 2015.

Last week I amassed enough credits to obtain my one goal in Andromeda`s Gates, the tag of my corporation.

This was as I said in my very first build the only real goal I had in the game, and now I can build on and off as time permits (and AoM allows) for the RBG without the self inducted pressure of `must build for credits` every week.

So now I`m sporting three tags on Eurobricks, not to shabby for my limited participation: Mitgardian Elite (basically handed out to those who are active for the guild), The Silver Dwarf for participating in the Mitgardian challenge for Book 2 of Guilds of Historica and the Kawashita Corporation tag for engaging in Andromeda`s Gates and getting enough credits to purchase that.

Now to try and secure the next one on there, getting my greedy paws on those last two Tolkien sets I`m still missing ;-)

Inspirational Lego 28

While the weather here is all wet and gray, that doesn`t stop me from trying to put a glare of awe on your face as I`m presenting another set of great builds I stumbled across.

Ranging from big builds to detailed micro scale works, there is so much eye candy out there on the internet that there is probably something for everyone`s taste.

Starting this week is this large medieval castle scene.  It is all dark and gloomy due to the use of the browns in the surrounding area, and truly a magnificent piece of work.

Lego builders are considered artists by some, and when they start building actual artworks, the results can be pretty amazing.

A popular subtheme of Lego is the world war 2 era, though Lego itself will never produce anything amongst those lines.  But a lot of `third party` sets are out there enabling you to recreate your favorite machines.

While Lego has Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, back in those movie days the Chronicles of Narnia where also brought to the movie medium.  This is one very excellent build of that magical world!

Microscale presents challenges in itself, as how to have small bricks represent large structures.  This rocket launching base is just fantastic looking, and I love the lift off effect made by the ice cream pieces.

There is also a popular `aerotech` subtheme out there, with Brick Journal even having spend a special around it.  Set in a fantasy ww2 era, these feature classic looking planes with more modern technology.

Warhammer 40k... even the popular game finds his way into Lego...

I wonder which beasties will be hiding in those eggs... Raptor?  T-rex? Or rather a brave Triceratops?  We will just have to wait until they hatch.

One of the recent builds during Andromeda`s Gates was this great eagle, from a challenge to detail the local fauna and flora.  It took the first place in the challenge, and rightly so!

We end this week with a true classic of television: Airwolf!

So this was my selection again, see you again next monday for more Lego eye candy found on the internet!