zondag 7 juni 2015

A Great Haul Today

Often when I see what people post about flea market finds, I wonder what kind of markets they visit...

... but today, at the flea market, I got some big fish.

It all started with these two DVD`s which I got for free from... my nephews.  They didn`t know I didn`t have them, so I took them from their table ;-)

Next up, I got these gems: Doctor Blight from Captain Planet, still on card, for 2 euro

At the same stall, two still sealed boxed sets of Wild Wild West for 4 euro each

And these 4 action figures for 0.50 euro each.  Unfortunalty, Snake got an accident during the day resulting in his decapitation, a pity, but Lana Croft is just fantastic.

From the stall next to my family`s one, I got this Spider-Man wall decoration for... nothing.

So that was from visiting the neighbours stalls, I then went on a stroll on the market and found this big box of Lego for 5 euro.  The baseplate alone is worth that much, the rest is bonus.

I also picked up this complete boardgame of Batman Begins for another 5 euro.

And finally for the Smurf, I found the Kick off boardgame for 2 euro, a Harry Potter colouring book for 0.20 cents and 6 soccer player figures for 0.50 each.

A good day indeed!

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