woensdag 10 juni 2015

The StarMax Bet: update 4

Another month, and time again for a new update on this project, where I started out with 5 euro and going to grab myself a StarMax Bomber for the collection.

Right, let`s kick in the door as an opener...

Yup, that`s right, I got him!  Well, mostly at least...  He still needs a fresh right body gun as that one got broken off in transportation, but heck, that`s peanuts.  I know a Dash coming my way in the not so far future once I got that little piece sorted out.

In the end, I managed to exchange it for a Super Sentai toy I scored at the auctioneer house again.  the benefit I have there, as you can see by most of my hauls, is that I am about the only person there intrested in old toys.  As such, like recently, I can take along 2 or 3 full boxes of toys for a few euro and use those as great trade values.

I started out last month with this in the pool, but as I already have the ship now in my closet, you can imagine how hectic I have been e-mailing, group trolling and Facebook PM`ing around to get to this point.

1 Lion King Game
1 Kre-O Bumblebee kit
a set of 4 small toy cars
4 Dino Rider characters
a Dino Rider Protoceratops
4 GI Joe Backpacks
A remaining budget of 2.85 euro

As expected, it was mostly the Dino Riders that pushed the budget upwards.  With that, I managed to grab no less then 3 lots, including as unexpected budget generators the 1973 Faller racetrack which I managed to trade around with the track parts, and a heap of old Barbie Shelly dolls.  Add to that a box which had a LOT of old toy parts, and it was a full bomb...

I actually never expected parts to go that easily, apparently a LOT of people are out there trying to (re)complete old toys, and the counter kept going upwards as I managed to exchange those for some nice pieces, including but not limited to:

Of all of the above stuff in the pool, I only have Bumblebee and the Lion King game left, and now a whole heap of other little nifty toys and elements.

But the bottomline is, I managed to exchange some big size playfigures of *I dunno which japanese live action sentai series* for a StarMax, which had a value of about 115 Canadian dollars... which is ubercheap to begin with.

So what have we learned so far?

1. Wait long enough for whatever toy you`re looking for and eventually it`ll come along

2. If you put in a lot of effort, you can generate a big toy from a measly 5 euro bill lol.

There will be one last update in this series, detailing the ship in all it`s glory as soon as I have exchanged some loose parts for the missing one, and then Dash will be here as well, but until then, hunt on!

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