dinsdag 2 juni 2015

Classic Lego Build: 6884 Aero Module

Another classic from the Futuron theme today, and this time it`s set 6884, called Aero Module.

Basically, this is a small vessel, clearly not designed for atmospheric entry and leaving, which houses a service drone for exploring the surface of whatever planet the glider like plane is deployed.

The set comes with one of the traditional Blue suited spacemen, which to my own tastes is actually the best looking uniform style of the Futuron range.

The droid itself is a simple 5 piece blue element build.

We start by laying down the `grille` foundation of the little ship first.

Plates are then added to the front and back of this grille to improve the size, and the control `pit` is inserted.

On the underside, we use black skiffs for landing gear of the vessel.

Small, able to be put in an open position, wings are then added to the sides of the vessel.

The canopy consists of a large transparent blue part, that will run over the bodywork front to back.

The final part of the build is a small car for the droid to command.  This can be stored together with the robot right behind the pilot seating.

The full set completed:

Like with the Crawler, I never been a real fan of the Futuron sub theme, and to be honest, except for the blue uniformed fella, not much rocks my boat in this particular set.  No, I`m more of an Ice Planet and M-Tron kind of guy me thinks ;-)

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