dinsdag 23 juni 2015

Andromeda's Gates - The Separator

Another week, another weekly build for the Andromeda's Gates RPG.

And this week, I`m back to trying to build a decent spaceship... using Brick Separators!

*** Start Log ***

Junali 23rd, AD 3825

Thesseus B. Von Geekington reporting

The Pale Lady has informed us that High Command wants us to go and travel to sector E-11, an asteroid belt known as The Fascini Cluster.

Scans have revealed this belt to be rich in Awesomnium ore, and we are going that way in order to set up excavations.

Using our deep space mining vessel, the Separator, we are arriving at the first rocks at this moment, and preparing to set up the mining gear.

*** End Log ***

So yes, we all are starting to collect a lot of those orange brick separators by now, as they come in about every Lego set of 50 EUR and above.  So why I was collecting the latest `heap` of them last week from the workspace, I started thinking about how to use them for something more practical, like, as the core of a spaceship ;-)

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