woensdag 24 juni 2015

Buying Lego for Charity

Recently, Fairy Bricks have released a Lego set with the goal to sponsor their charity, as the proceedings go entirely to the good cause.

They are in the `business` of buying children in the UK, who are hospitalized, Lego to help spending their days with and lighten their load.

Now, I decided to buy such a set from them.  They are selling them over eBay UK (look for
BNIB Exclusive Fairy Bricks to find it) at 20 GBP for a set.

It`s a 246 pieces set, limited to 500 copies, that builds into the Fairy Bricks logo of a magical, butterfly winged brick with a wand.  And each set comes with an individually numbered printed tile to show their limited edition number.

I`ll show more once it has arrived here with a build report.

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