zaterdag 27 juni 2015

My current Lego WIP projects

As I`m slowly finalising what I`m going to want and build in the next year (as I should start saving up on bricks for them), I`m also in the process of slowly and steadily completing some projects.

Well, some where planned for this year, and of course a heap of them is from ideas coming during the year...

The first is one of those from the second part: the Super Sentai Machine Buffalo.  I grew up with those sorts of series, and when I got the toy of the vehicle from an auctioneer lot, I just knew I wanted to use it as inspiration one day.

So when Andromeda's Gates came along, I started building my AFV, with compartments for minifigs instead of loading bays, and used the Machine Buffalo as a starting point.  And hence why the white needed to be changed to gray.

The second thing I`m currently working on isn`t a MOC at all, but a straight build from the `Bouw je eigen Ruimte-rijk` book, the Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper, another icon from I was just a wee little bloke.

Finally I`ve also started work on the Rivendell display, the third I want to get compelted this year after Lake-Town and Weathertop.  The idea is that the existing set goes on a cliff where the grey area of plates is marked out, and on the right side there will be a waterfall.

The back would be build up with rocks as well, and perhaps I`ll be adding a small, high, bridge over the water as well on the left, not entirely sure about that yet...

The plan is generally to get them finished in the presented order above, so I keep you posted when they are!

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