maandag 15 juni 2015

Inspirational Lego 22: Andromeda's Gates

Today I`m doing a special on a new roleplay game that has recently started on Eurobricks.  Based on the Guilds of Historica `engine`, the story unfolds by the participations of builders (aka, the characters) making various creations in a wide range of settings to advance the glory of their Corporation.

The thing that is so fantastic about this whole sort of endeavour is that you get builders from every `layer` of skill, as you can get personal credits to evolve your own figure, and resources that advance your corporation, so there is something for everyone in those things.

Like for me, with my medium skills, I`m aiming for picking up some building skills left and rights, and for the character I`m aiming to get the 400 credits for obtaining the corporation tag.

There are 3 corporations vying for success: the well known Lego industrial group of Octan, the japanese styled Kawashita and MANTIS, an independant group of freebooters.

For this weeks inspirational, I`m going to be showing a whole lot of builds, in random order, of what has been passing by on the forum the past week mostly, so you get an idea of what these things are about.  Bit like the Guilds of Historica build specials I did in the past.

Intrested?  Hop over to the Eurobricks Andromeda's Gates board, create and register your sigfig and start building and having fun as your personal stroy unfolds!

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