donderdag 4 juni 2015

Building The Flash

In this weeks build report, we`re tackling the Riddler Chase, set 76012 from the DC Superheroes line.

And the great thing is that apart from the obligatory Bat-Man figure, you also get The Flash (who for `some reason` is getting a lot of love lately) and The Riddler (I loved how Jim Carrey portrayed him).

The first build we are making is the dragster of The Riddler himself.  Both he and Bats are getting a fast looking car in this set and Barry... well... he goes on foot.

The Dragster has a nice selection of green parts, the Riddler`s typical colour, and the base of the vehicle as such sports this colour.

Decals are the way to go in this set, bit of a pity as I love the well printed piece as much as the next guy.

That is one heavy duty looking engine...

Okay, and that is where we stop work on the dragster and start the job on the Batmobile.  This is because all the wheels and tyres are added to both vehicles right at the end.

Using Technic arches for the raised backside, we lay down the fundamentals of the car.

The axels, steering wheel and bumpers are then added, and Batman can take his place in his spiffy new set of wheels before we close up the bodywork.

The wings and engine compartment is then put together and added to the backside.

This can lift upwards to reveal the missile launchers.

The big wheels are added next, before the final step is done, clicking in the plating for inbetween these wheels.

The completed set:

And traditionally, a set of left over pieces...
It`s a pretty cool set I think, not just Minifigs with some bricks thrown in.  And it is actually not the most expensive either out there, so that`s nice as well!

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