dinsdag 23 juni 2015

Lego Polybag Haul: Jor-El and his pet Dinosaur

Some nice polybags got scored yesterday and today.

Okay, technically, the Jor-El was scored weeks ago, but due to circumstances I collected it only yesterday.

You see, a few weeks ago I traded for it with Vincent`s GF Ines, and she got a Harry Potter poly (the one with the train cart) instead.  I am planning to build something HP for next year (more about that in a far away post), but the Jor-El, whom I missed on when it was given out, was to good to miss for my superheroes collection.

The other one is the promo I didn`t get with the Jurrasic World PS3 game, as my store did the Dr Wu promo instead (who is tossed in my trade box as he is in the big set as well).

I do have JP plans in the future, but still not exactly sure wether to go for small set by set displays like my Lord of the Rings collection, or go for a larger layout with the sets interwoven into it.

Oh well, lots of time to decide on that anyways ;-)

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