maandag 8 juni 2015

Inspirational Lego 21

Another great way to start the week, as I`ll be strolling again past 10 of the most gorgeous builds I`ve came along recently.

This week is nothing specific, but next week I`m going in `special` mode for an episode, detailing some builds from the Eurobricks forum I`m involved in in a minor way...

With Jurassic World being released in 2 days, I`m kicking off this week with this awesome T-Rex break-our based on the original trilogy of movies.  You know, just to get in the mood of what must be one of deadliest amusement parcs in the world ;-)

Okay, bar perhaps Legoland, but the deadliness in those lies in the Lego store bill you bring home with you then...

Another quit amazing build is this MOC of Barad-Dur, the tower of Sauron from Lord of the Rings.  I still think it`s a missed chance for Lego that they didn`t bring out just one last wave to commemorate the final epicness from Return of the King.

Although an LDD designed build, I really hope this Ranger from Interstellar not only makes it through the support gathering process, but also would be selected then.  It`s a pretty ship!

This is not Poison Ivy dear DC fans, but a water nymph MOC, though yes, she could pass along as her sister.

Talking DC, this cubehead of one of it`s most beloved characters is just to cute.

Not cute, not loved, and probably one of the most hated figures in another franchise, this Moc of Jar-Jar Binks nevertheless is a great build

Now this, I love myself as a franchise.  The original Gundam RX78 from 1977, piloted by Amuro Ray.  Pure nostalgia for a Gundamisti...

From big robots we move on to microscale buildings.  Though the farmers better batter down as a twister is nearing their lands!

On a larger scale is this Roman styled building, including Poseidon statues and all.  Well looking and clean lines make this a stand out model.

Ending this week we do with this nice looking Vampire Hunter hide-out.  Oriental in style, it has great rockwork and the details inside the windows are darn cool.

Well, that is it for this week again, be sure to check back next monday for more shineys from over the internet!

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