maandag 15 juni 2015

Game of Thrones s5 review

Wait... what????  What have I just been watching for 10 episodes?????

Okay, a good looking, strong acting, awesome special effects fantasy show.  But not `A Song of Ice And Fire`, that's for sure.

The burning of little Shireen?  The death of Barristan Selmy???  Half the characters are either on the wrong place, or at the wrong side.  Where is the Greyjoy's sailing expedition?  The Dorne prince getting his ass roasted by Dany`s dragons?  Why is Jaimie in Dorne instead of Riverrun?  Hello, Young Griff, Dany`s half brother in process of invading Westeros?  And speaking about Danearys, how the heck did she end up in Rohan?  And really, World War Z??????

Okay, let`s be strict... this season the series has really veered of far (to far?) away from the source material.  So perhaps from now on, and into the future, it might be better to look at it from a different perspective.  The show and the series share some names and places, but that is probably about it.

So taking a look from that side, yes, it was a decent season.  Not their best, but it had some very strong emotional episodes, and intense moments.  Like said burning, or the `walk of Atonement`.

But overall, it was hard to watch this, what I`m feeling like a `transitional year`, season in hindsight while being a fan of the original material.  Did I enjoy it?  Surely, but that doesn`t take away the feeling I often had of `what are they doing now???` when seeing the season progress.

Well, we have a few months now to think about it all, let it sink in, and hope we can reach a mindset of being able to view the show as an entirely different entity from the books... but if Martin`s recent interviews give us any `read between the lines` hints, I wonder how the showmakers are going to solve the Jon Snow issue they just created for themselves....

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