maandag 29 juni 2015

Minifigures Online is back

The two week downtime for the overhaul of the CMF game Minifigures Online has passed, and the renewed servers and game are back open.

And quite a lot of changes have occured in the interface and the likes.  And the very first you`ll see is that you can now have mutliple character slots...

Changed from a Free to play with microtransactions, it went to a buy to play model and gone are the diamonds (the currency for the transactions).  Existing accounts had them all reimbursed in stars (the skill points).  Together with the fact skills now `open` on a certain level instead of buying first that level for a figure, meant I had over half a million stars at once, and I managed to put all my 75 figures (my free monthly bag gave me one I didn`t have yet, the Galaxy trooper) on Legendary in one go.

Another change is a new tab at the top of the interface, Assembly`.  Here, you get a list of the figures you DON`T have yet, and how many of the needed parts for each.  Gone are the days you could change 3 for 1 random piece in the hopes collecting a figure, now all the pieces you have from completed figures go in the `Spares Box` and these can be exchanged for 250 stars per 3 pieces.

The game now has voices included, and there should be cinematics and changed and overhauled levels and dungeons, but that is something I`ll be exploring the coming weeks.  What I can say is that the new map style is far more arty then before.

Achievements have remained and for now, no new ones have been added, so on that field, there isn`t much to report.

But the last skill HAS been opened now on every character, so they can be upgraded to their maximum 8th skill set.

It`s basically a new game as such, so I`ll be hopping around in it soonish, first I have to do some more switches and changes in upgrades and skill lists ;-)

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