woensdag 10 juni 2015

Man of Steel review

You will give the people of Earth and ideal to strive for... 

Ever since the first (okay, and perhaps the second) Superman movie starring Christopher Reeves, it has been a hard journey for the Man of Steel to become a medium again in movie world.

The problem I see with the character for this, is that he is oh so american and oh so flawless, super powered, alien etc... yeah, a notch on morals above even Captain America, and that is not easy to translate to the big screen.

But never the less, this movie does a very good job at it.  We start off by seeing life on Krypton in it`s dying days, including a failed coup by General Zod in an effort to try and save the way of life.  Jor-El, chief scientist on the other hand, has managed to send his son away to a suitable planet with the Codes, all of Krypton`s knowledge, grafted into his genes.

We get a great `growing up` story of Clark, or Kal-El as he is actually named, and his struggle to fit in, while never the less trying to help and save as much as he can without revealing his true powers.

When he finds a ancient scoutship of his people however, a beacon attracts General Zod and his followers to Earth, intending to terraform it and remake it into a new Krypton, wiping out mankind.  Now the cool thing is that it is actually the Kryptonian atmosphere and Clark`s non-adaption to it that makes him weak, as his body has adapted to Earth conditions and the sun`s radiation granting him his powers.

His new found power of flight is greatly done, but the manner of which that is filmed makes his battle with Zod later on just a bit unfollowable.

But with the help of the humans that at first mistrusted him, they manage to destroy Zod`s ship and suck it together with his followers into the Phantom Zone and exile, while Supes battles it out, and is forced to kill, his one remaining kindred... who also delivers a great `Pickett` moment.

It`s a good movie, but if you see the collateral damage this alien causes while battling, it makes the Battle of New York look like a scrimmage in the sandbox, and I can see why Batman isn`t to fond of having Kal-El around and on the loose... but that is something for next year ;-)

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