dinsdag 23 juni 2015

Classic Lego Build: 6234 Renegade`s Raft

Today I'm posting up another small classic set build as I continue going through some oldies from my buddy Vincent, who is `liquidating` a heap of his older sets and they have to be checked before he goes on to have them try to be sold.

The set in question is the smallest one of the classic 1991 Pirate range, and should nowadays come as a polybag set, but back then they where still released in small cardboard boxes.

Probably the biggest attraction in this set is the back then novelty, the Shark animal with his opening jaws, and he is joined by a scruffy looking pirate.

The raft itself uses a 4x6 black plate as the base of where it is build upon.

The underside has two connector pieces to change the angle, and a lot of yellow cones to recreate the floaters.

It`s a very straightforward build, at 34 pieces, so needless to say the upperside of the raft hasn`t got many pieces left for use, consisting of a rudder made by an oar and a small pirate flag.  I doubt the use of the rudder, as it doesn`t have a sail to let it gain momentum.

A really simple build and not that great, but 25 or so years ago, in a pre-BrickLink / easy access to the Internet days, this was the cheapest and easiest way to get your hands on the back then new Lego sharks...

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