donderdag 18 juni 2015

Andromeda's Gates - Settlement in the Sand

For the first Challenge in the Andromeda's Gates game, the goal is to recreate just the landscape of a planet.

My selected goal, the planet Guinevere, consists of nothing more then arid deserts and lava streams, so I decided to try my hand at microbuilding and make a settlement located somewhere in the large oceans of sand...

*** Start Log ***

Junali 18th, AD 3815

Thesseus B. Von Geekington reporting

First scans of the planet Guinevere have been coming in.  This planet, which seems to hold the precious metal Gold in it`s crust, registers are barely live sustainable.

Arid deserts and fierce, hot lava streams cover it`s entire surface, and scanners are currently investigating if their are native lifeforms present, as we pick up Biomass readings as we...


Scans completed, and an image is coming through... well I`ll be damned.  So that is where those readings originate from....

For the record, I can now report that there is indeed indiginous life present, as we found traces of small settlements littering the desert floors.

Further investigation might be advised before starting mining operations.

*** End Log ***

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