donderdag 4 juni 2015

Andromeda's Gates - Aian Sai Freighter

Well, I joined up earlier this week for the Eurobricks "Andromeda's Gates" roleplaying game with my space sigfig Thesseus B. Von Geekington as a Pilot for the Kawashita Corporation, so of course my first MOC for the game needed to be a spaceship...

*** Start Log ***

Junali 4th, AD 3815

Thesseus B. Von Geekington, freighter captain of the Aian Sai reporting.

Today, my trusty freighter of the `Liberty Rhino` class finally came out of drydock.  Having signed up for the Kawashita Corporation, my first mission is to travel to the planet Greater Direstan, located at grid B08 on the NavSat system.

My job there seems to be one of logistical support, doing what I do best.  That being, hauling the minerals the corporation can dig up from the soils of this large dispository of a mineral called Awesomnium.

So far, the journey has been tranquil, and I`ll be touching down any moment now.

*** End Log ***

Well, the build itself is a bit of a novelty for myself, as I never build spaceships in Microscale before.  Quite a fun experience. 

I based the freighter Aian Sai (meaning `Iron Rhino` in Japanese) on a spaceship I spend a LOT of time with years ago... the Liberty Rhino Freighter from the Freelancer videogame.

Hope you like it!

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