zondag 14 juni 2015

Game of Thrones episode 2 - The Lost Lords

Long overdue (episode 4 is out currently), but yesterday evening and this morning I got to play the second instalment of Telltale Games drama.

Again we are visited by the struggles of House Forrester, a bannerman of the fallen Rob Stark, and the events following the Red Wedding, as they struggle for survival by control of House Bolton and the Whitehalls, out for their ironwood trade monopoly.

This time, we get to play with a few new faces in the family: Aster Forrester, bannished across the Narrow Sea years ago and getting a living there as a sellsword.  His uncle has been send out to bring him back and become the ruling lord after the young brother was assassinated by Ramsay in the first episode.

But unbeknownst by them, Rodrick, the eldest brother, has survived the ambush at the Twins and returns to Ironrath.  Hideously wounded, he is called Rodrick the Ruined by the Whitehall occupiers, but you get to play him as he defies the occupiers and tries his best to return the House to his former status.

The other two characters we get to play with are familiar faces.  Eldest sister Mira Forrester is still a handmaiden to Queen Margaery, and works her best to gain support for her cause, forging a bond with Tyrion but finding out she is making enemies along the way.

And Gared Tuttle has arrived at the wall and enlisted into the Night`s Watch, though he does share his secret of trying to find the North Grove and help his House with Jon Snow.

Perhaps not as shocking an episode as part 1 was, this is clearly one that is laying down the foundations for the rest of the series to be build upon, as in this one we get to set various machinations in motion to secure the rise or fall of the House Forrester...

And Talia`s song at the funeral for her father and her younger brother is bone-chilling to say the least.

To be continued... (but after Lego Jurassic Park)

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