vrijdag 12 juni 2015

Classic Lego Build: 6814 Ice Tunnelator

In today`s classic build, I`m heading back to my favorite Space theme of all time, and while I did the big brother, Deep Freeze Defender, some weeks ago, I`m tackling the smallest of the family of today.

Set 6814, the Ice Tunnelator, was a small boxed set that back then sold for about 100 BEF, being about 2.5 euro these days.  But that was decennia ago of course.

The set comes with one of the cool Ice explorers (I still adore those visors, I think it are the best Lego ever made) in the fur lined, zip opened Ice Planet 2002 suits.

Now, the build itself is small, quick and easy.  It is based on a 2x6 plate, to which the wheel connectors are added on the underside.

A seat for the driver and the bumper are then attached to the topside.

This seat also houses the trans orange snowshoes the line carried around.

The big wheels are then added to the small car, and the only thing remaining is to attach the icesaw to the front, doubling as steering mechanism.

A truly easy and short build, but it remains so `cool` ;-)  *pun intended*

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