maandag 1 juni 2015

Inspirational Lego 20

Another start of the week, and what better kickstart for this then a whole new set of great builds I came along on the internet.

In a few weeks, I`ll be doing some special of which I can`t reveal to much yet, but today, it`s a selection of builds large and small, but all sharing that excellence label...

Kicking off this week, we are boldly going where no man has gone before with this fantastic `classic` Enterprise build.  As a Trekkie myself, this build has a soft spot in my heart and it remains a gargantuan labour of love.

Remaining in space, did you often wonder what all those minifigs of Classic Space had to do in their freetime?  Well, they play Zero-G Spaceball when they are not out mining and discovering!

This viking village showed on a recent brick event in the States, and I love the look of the houses, especcially the roofs.  Definitly inspiration for my future AoM building.

It`s small, it`s yellow and it`s immensely popular these days.  What is it?  Yup, a minion!

Or is it still Pikachu that best fits that description?

We all saw the Avengers, we love the Hulk, but do you remember his stand alone movie?  It had Edward Norton instead of Mark Ruffalo playing the lead, and in a way it is actually the very first MCU movie out there, but often forgotten...

During the recent civil war in Guilds of Historica, a lot of great desert themed builds passed by, since it took place in Kaliphlim, land of mummies and sultans.  This one stood out taking home a `sigfig title` for best sand building technique during a particular subchallenge.

Okay, this is something special.  A MOC of a guy making a MOC of a guy making a MOC... now how cool and deep is that...

Elegant in desing and lively in colours, this praying mantis is a very lovely build.

Finally, we end this weeks overview with a classic from my youth.  Not that I ever got near driving one (I was like 10+ at the time) but I fondly remember the lovely purple and white TWR Jaguar as he steemed to victory in Le Mans.  I even had it in a regular model kit back then...

So that is it for this week, and hopefully now that new week has already been lightened a little :-)

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