zondag 21 juni 2015

MiniFigures Online closed for makeover

The one MMORPG I have been playing (occasionally) in 2015 so far is closing for a while to get a total makeover.

The minifigure related codes are apparently going out, but there are some new changes on the way as well.

Most importantly, it seems to be changing from a Free to Play to a Buy to Play.

Diamonds are going out and you will get them refunded in stars, no idea how this will effect the acquisition of figures by buying polybags for diamonds.

Cinematics, storyline overhauls and voice overs are going to be included.  So I`ll have a whole new, fresh game to explore when it comes back end of June.

And I have no idea what it will be doing for the achievements, so it`s all going to be a brand new exploration for me as well...

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