woensdag 17 juni 2015

Why do I like LEGO?

Today, I`m going to put down an opinion peace after some more machinations of my mind, and some soul searching.  And it all was triggered by some rather innocent event...

You see, about two weeks ago I ran into Albert, someone from my wargame days over at TSA, and we of course got in some catching up chattering.  And then he asked this innocent question I have been thinking over for more then a week now:

So, what do you collect these days?

At the time, my response was `cool toys`.  But is this true?  Actually, I fear I have to be honest with myself, and the actual answer should have been `nothing really`.

Huh?  And what about all those StarCom posts, and vintage toy hauls and such?  What about those TCG`s?  And those Lego sets???

Well, if you see for example this collection picture I plucked of the net, I must say I would never even *want* to possess something like that.  Odd, I know, but this has been a bit my persona for as long as I know myself.

I love to HUNT for some things for a collection, do my best to try and complete series... but once I have them, my intrests tend to melt as snow before the sun.

The most recent example must have been the StarMax.  I hunted and traded around like mad to get it together and now that I have it... it just stands there, gathering dust.  I know that sounds harsh, but that is about the way it tends to go.  I changed wargame armies more then underwear back then as well.

And so in comes the Lego in this story.  See, what is great is that, like the haul I did yesterday, Lego is fully customisable up until the limits of your imagination.

Going through a superhero period?  There are a lot of sets out there.  Same goes for Star Wars.  They don`t have a range suited to your intrests? Build one...

For example, I always have been a `fan` of the American Civil War period, but back in the wargame days, I never could focus to actually push it in the club so that armies would be fielded and games played on a regular scale.  But last year, for the anniversary of the famous battle, I moc`ced together a Gettysburg Adress scene based around the Lincoln figure from the Lego Movie line.

It was on my shelf on display for half a year or so, then it got broken down to pieces.

The same goes for my `general intrests` of reading and watching.  I enjoy fantasy and I enjoy science-fiction, so when I `re-started` with Lego now back in 2012, I bought some sets of all genres.  At BrickMania Antwerp 2013 I `discovered` the Guilds of Historica and Eurobricks, and signed up there... and the rest is history.

For the past two years, I have been building mostly fantasy related builds for the forum stories that devellop on there.

Okay, some fantasies are different... and not for GoH, but never the less, I could just build it.

A few weeks ago, they launched a sci-fi counterpart for GoH, called Andromeda's Gates.  An Inspirational was dedicated to that past monday, but the bottom line is that with AG, I`m now building more into the realms of sci-fi, picking up on how to build spaceships and so along the way.

A lot of the fantasy builds have in the meantime been reduced to basic bricks again after BMA 2014, but that is the joy and greatness of Lego: you can just re-use each and every part, which is a great thing for a goldfish like me.

Of course, I do have some sets `as they come` on display, the Black Pearl and the Helicarrier to name a few, but like I love Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit, I`m also building display bases for them.  Big, build up scenes using nothing more then the sets `as they come`, arranged on baseplates with build on scenery.  It just presents them better on display.

So there you have it, the `Why I like Lego` question can be answered easily: Because it is fully re-useable to fit my whims of the day...

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  1. There was an interesting documentary on Lego on British TV last week. One man made 40 sets a week!

  2. Don't know if you can watch it from abroad


  3. Yes and no, found it on YouTube.

    Very intresting documentary I must say