vrijdag 5 juni 2015

Light-up Lightsabers

Got myself a nice little parcel in the mail the past days...

... Lego Star wars light up Lightsabers.

A project that I joined over on Kickstarter, I went for the 2 Sabers pledge, giving me a red and a green one for when I get my hands on The Final Duel that Lego has just recently released.

As a bonus for some additional customers the project designer, 3direction, gained due to me having blogged about them, a third saber was also included.

LED powered, these are some very nice items if you ask me, and if you are intrested, he is currently running a few new projects for light up elements, so just head over to Kickstarter and look for the keyword `Lego`, then any projects load up by 3Direction.

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